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War without end

by Sanguinius

‘Eternal struggle, within and without, until the end of the journey. It is not the fall toward the abyss nor the rise toward the heavens that spawns the great. It is the endless war, that bridge between the two that creates the greatness of Aryan. We are tested, and we should not break from the path to the Sun’.

3 Replies on “War without end

  1. Hello, I just discovered this blog. As a man of mixed hispanic blood from Latin America, I would like to do my part in the struggle against the eternal Jew for the survival of the Aryan race, of which most of my blood is from. However, I realize that I am an anomaly, and that most other mutts are quite essentially a slave race who only think in terms of either christcuckery or materialism. By experience I know that trying to make these people see the truth about the world is a pointless endeavor, they do not care. And the rare, fully white person I meet over here is too scared to even think in racial terms to entertain any right-wing thoughts.

    What could I do, in this case? Is moving to North America to participate in the eventual, inevitable race war; knowing full well I might be killed by the people I am trying to join the only way forward? I do not fear death, much less in battle, for it is likely the only way to freedom from mixed blood, but I would like to know your thoughts on this matter. Is there any other path to take that is even close to righteousness?