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Columbus statue

The statue of Christopher Columbus that was removed last year in Mexico City’s most famous avenue will be replaced by a statue of an Amerind woman.

The most disturbing thing is that those Mexicans who phenotypically look Spanish don’t give a damn about this change.

What happens in the neighbouring country to the north with the statues happens south of the Rio Grande. Only the nations that were Christian suffer from this anti-European cultural revolution.

As I have said countless times, in the red giant-phase of Christianity everything good, European and racially white, is set ablaze by this inflated star.

One reply on “Columbus statue”

In the only comment on the article linked above, Rollory told me:

You don’t get links because you don’t do quick catchy hot takes on current events. You also don’t offer anything that can be immediately acted on; but rather advice and models for changing the overall way of thinking, which is necessary in the long run but not clear in the short term.

I didn’t answer. But the next year I did it with a whole entry, ‘Why I don’t talk about the news’. (The above post is an exception, as this statue replacement is happening before my nose.)

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