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Hitler vs. Hood

In his most recent article on American Renaissance (republished by Occidental Dissent) Gregory Hood tells his fellow Americans:

Different variations of the American flag flew during the Revolution, during the conquest of the West, and during the rise to superpower status. It’s the American flag on the moon. Must we abandon that? My head says “yes,” my heart says “no.”

Hood believes his nation was only recently corrupted. If we imagine a DNA of an alien body-snatched pod of not double, but triple helix, we find that the axes that formed America are Christianity, Capitalism and Enlightenment dogmas (‘We hold these truths to be self-evident…’). If we add Jewish influence in the media, these factors explain the current psychosis Americans are suffering today.

Hood and those who are commenting about his article on Amren and OD have to be more than blind not to see that their country was a freak from the moment of its conception, not that it has been corrupted recently. What Hitler saw about the US in the last century, why can’t American racialists see?

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