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Currency crash Peter Schiff

Last chance

These times represent the last chance for racially conscious white men to get some silver (or gold if you can afford it). The inflation we see is going to degenerate into hyperinflation until the US dollar turns confetti. Above I link to Peter Schiff’s podcast today. But those new to this topic should check out this documentary that the producer Tim Delmastro kindly sent me several years before it became freely available on YouTube.

2 replies on “Last chance”

If it assures you in any way, Cesar, I have bought some silver for myself if inflation strikes. Even if I had none however, I would continue striving for sufficiency as whatever trade I practice. I encourage others to do the same.

Agreed but I have a fear that the modern technologically ‘advanced’ system may somehow always find a way to save itself even though it should be collapsing under its own weight.
A lot of disasters have happened that have had their effect and continue to do so, but it always seems too small compared to what is supposed to be achieved, taking down the system.
But I believe we aren’t so ‘in chains’, as Ed said “A fate worse than death in which society can go on and on without becoming extinct, a world in chains, where we continue to suffer forever no matter what you do, a society where you can’t even kill yourself.”

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