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Racial right

Der Movement

‘Every doctrine of modern political correctness can be traced back to a Christian, New Testament source’. —Robert Morgan

Morgan’s response to MacDonald in my post yesterday reminds me of something vital. While I respect the studies of race realism that Jared Taylor has been publishing for decades, all of that is secondary. The primary thing is that we should hate non-Aryans just for being non-Aryans, even the mudbloods. That’s the tactic that other races follow. Jews detest Aryans and blacks alike. The so-called Hispanics don’t like them and that’s all too normal. Only whites are mandated to love their neighbour, in the Samaritan sense of loving someone outside their own ethnic group.

I don’t even look at IQ studies. What matters to me is the physical and spiritual beauty of the Aryan, as can be seen in the sidebar of this site. The rest—fighting for an ethnostate, etc.—follows from that fundamental premise.

What white nationalists don’t realise is that, by pointing to the uncivil behaviour of other groups and not the threat they pose genetically, they subscribe to the axiological system that is killing them. The concept of transvaluing values to the times when the Greeks were unmixed (as in Sparta) or the unmixed Romans (during the flower of Republican Rome) is alien to them. Furthermore, once one revalues values such elemental projects as the Nazis’ Master Plan East are taken for granted. If American white nationalists were like the Nazis they would fantasise about a Master Plan South once they conquer the state.

Hunter Wallace is a typical example of this blindness. He has just finished a series, ‘Der Movement’, in which he reviews the American white nationalist movement. But it doesn’t even occur to him that those same parents who put him in a mental hospital for a while were carriers of the most poisonous religion of all time. It doesn’t even occur to Wallace and company that they should become familiar with the liberal studies of other Christians, like the one I linked to today excerpting Ian Wilson in my latest post on Game of Thrones.