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Sons of the Harpy

‘Sons of the Harpy’ is the fourth episode of the fifth season of HBO’s fantasy television series Game of Thrones, and the 44th overall. For personal and selfish purposes that have nothing to do with religion, Cersei empowers an army of religious fanatics. After two centuries of inactivity she revives the Faith Militant: the military section of the Faith of the Seven (see pic: here), now led by the High Sparrow.

Today these militants would be like a kind of Antifa and BLM combined. Just as Jesus drove merchants out of the temple, after Cersei’s empowerment the Faith Militant drives out merchants from King’s Landing who sold liquor and other profane things, and break into Littlefinger’s brothel where they castrate a sinner. They differ from the Antifa in that they are very puritanical, but the fanaticism is of the same intensity as what we see today.

In another story that runs parallel, this one in the cold north, the writers don’t refrain from degrading the male before the female. After Melisandre tries to seduce Jon Snow in Castle Black, she tells him exactly the words that the now-deceased Ygritte used to tell him: that he knows nothing about life.

But it is in the desertic Dorne where see one of the most offensive feminist scenes in the entire series. Ellaria Sand reunites with her daughters and together conspire to do something that sparks a war between Dorne and the most powerful kingdom in Westeros. The episode shows them as extremely masculinised female warriors, true Amazons although located in an environment similar to the Islamic! Except for the Faith Militant parallel story overseas, the plot is so incredibly stupid that sometimes I think the only thing worth watching are certain shots, like the one below where we see Dany from the top of her pyramid at Meereen.

After this senseless task that I set myself, watching a daily episode of Game of Thrones to comment on it the next day, it will be very refreshing to read some SS pamphlets that I’ve just requested.

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