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A Gedankenexperiment

I would like to add something to what I said in ‘Bloodraven’s cave’. In the comments section of Occidental Dissent the commenter PsychelonB posted a comment of more than 700 words of which I will only quote the following:

Pro white christ cucks insist they can endlessly promote their Jewish cult (from Judea) and spew massive insults towards anyone even silently skeptical and not literally delusionally schizophrenic about the cowardly madness of worshiping the Jewish volcano demon while also framing oneself as a great ‘opposition’ to Jewry.

Hunter Wallace replied:

Not really. Those people are self-marginalizing cranks who have zero political support. My Protestant religious beliefs make me normal.

Wallace doesn’t really understand the issue and the best way to explain it is through a Gedankenexperiment. Since I have lived in Mexico for more than half a century I think I know Latin American culture, including its history, better than monolingual English speakers. New Spain existed from the conquest of the Aztec Empire in 1521, exactly half a millennium ago, until 1821 when some traitorous Criollos joined the independence cause that, originally, had been led by the Jew Hidalgo and the mulatto Morelos.

Let us experiment with the imagination. Let’s imagine that we are one of those Spaniards who migrated to the Americas. The experiment is somewhat unreal in that there is no biographical record of what I am about to imagine. But imagine that this 17th-century Spaniard is alarmed by the massive miscegenation going on in the Americas, approved by a papal bull since the 1530s.

This man realises that the factors responsible for continental miscegenation are not only the greed that acts as a magnet for adventurers from the Iberian Peninsula, but also the Counter-Reformation that has conquered the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking parts of the continent. This hypothetical Iberian white wants to save his race from genocide through ongoing miscegenation, but he runs against the zeitgeist that once ruled the West.

Con la Iglesia hemos topado (literally ‘We have bumped against into the Church’) is an expression derived from a passage of Don Quixote that has become a colloquial expression in the Spanish-speaking world. It is used to express that old Spaniards should take care when discussing Church matters because they are powerful. The expression denotes helplessness or resignation in the face of a situation. It could be translated as ‘You can’t fight City Hall’ or more exactly ‘We’ve run up against some powerful forces’. In the old regime of Spain the power and influence of the clergy and their institutions were far superior to that of any other social group, and anyone was scared to face them. Criticisms of the Church appear in the Spanish literature of the Golden Age, although it had to be through analogy, metaphor or anonymously.

Let us suppose that this racially conscious Iberian white realises that the ultimate perpetrator of miscegenation is Catholicism (from the POV of this universalistic religion, we are all equal in the eyes of God). Then he has to redpill his co-ethnics who haven’t yet mixed. He anonymously tries to disseminate the surviving fragments of the book of Celsus in order to start a movement that will eventually bring about the general apostasy from Catholicism on the continent.

What chances would he have of starting such a movement in a world where the Spanish crown had already opened a branch of the Inquisition on this side of the Atlantic? Imagine then that this Iberian white tried to transmit his thoughts only with close friends. What would he think if someone who read his private pamphlets said behind his back: ‘That person is a crank who marginalises himself and has no political support. My Catholic religious beliefs make me normal’.

That is the question. Although also aware that miscegenation will stain the Iberian blood on the continent, the fellow who thinks this doesn’t want to see (1) that the Church’s universalism is involved in mass miscegenation and (2) that if the peninsular Spaniards and their Criollo offspring don’t wake up, leaving Christianity behind, their blood will become stained in the New World.

In other words, the crank is not the Iberian white that wanted to translate Celsus as the first mustard seed that grew, over time, in a generalised apostasy to save his own. The crazy people are all the Iberians who came here with an ethno-suicidal cult.

The same can be said of the northern Protestants. What Wallace calls normal is, in reality, a madman. As a commenter put it on this site, ‘Whatever you want to call it, thinking you can aid in saving the white race while, at the same time, bending the knee to Jewish deities (Yahweh and Yeshua) is some kind of combination of insane, dishonest, cowardly, naive, or very stupid. To bottom line it, it won’t and can’t work’. Another commenter, PsychelonB, who has also commented on this site, seems to have been influenced by the masthead of this site.

As a final thought I would like to say that the passage that most impressed me from John Stuart Mill’s On Liberty was his assertion that, by confronting an opinion cherished by an entire civilisation, the dissenter has a fifty percent chance of being right. In other words, the Protestantism that Wallace considers normal in the US has half the chance of being wrong compared to our isolated voice.

9 replies on “A Gedankenexperiment”

Braindead communists with their 6 million different pronouns aren’t as absurd as self-proclaimed anti-Semites who cling to a jewish, made-up religion.
Which kind of makes sense considering that Frankfurt school indoctrination only started about 60 years ago, when XT indoctrination started more than a thousand years ago.
To me they’re further gone than someone chopping up their genitals. (Well actually that’s what a lot of XTs do too…)

I consider XTs to be en par with MK Ultra victims. Think about this: A XT doesn’t even have to know the scripture to be XT, let alone historical truths. To be kept in this mental and spiritual bondage, the thought of the possibility of the volcano demon being real alone suffices. This is what makes a Christian: FEAR. Any attempts by XTs to rationalize their beliefs by pointing to scripture is just an afterthought. Nobody becomes a XT through studying (on the contrary). You become XT through mental and spiritual abuse in childhood. These people can’t be helped I’m afraid, they have to help themselves.

Anyways, I think the statement “Those people are self-marginalizing cranks who have zero political support. My Protestant religious beliefs make me normal.” is a dead giveaway. It’s an “appeal to normies fallacy” and it shows a) schizo Wallace’s feminine mindset of wanting to appeal and essentially submit, and b) he apparently hasn’t read or understood a basic law of nature (as outlined in Mein Kampf for example) that big tents & compromise never go anywhere. It shows that it isn’t about Truth and principles at all, he doesn’t care about that, he only cares about what people think of him. Can you be more enslaved and emasculated than that? Such a man will always cuck and compromise.

I’m glad that in Europe we don’t have such a christ cuck problem in nationalist circles. From what I’ve experienced XTs get ridiculed or kicked to the curb. Unfortunately Americans are much more dysfunctional. I seriously have to wonder if circumcision makes them more susceptible to the jewish trauma cult.

It is funny how the Utah Outcasts, Communists, cite physical abuse by their parents as a key part of their deconversion.

From Abraham circumcising 13-year-old Ishmael—homosexual mutilation and paedophilia—to Jesus Christ killing the children of the whore of Babylon… The bible represents a child-abuse manifesto. The Great thing about the internet is that I discover that I am not alone in hating my physically and emotionally abusive boomer parents. Even Communists hate them!

Have you read my Letter to mom Medusa (or at least the child abuse section in my Day of Wrath or even my article ‘On Depression’)? Adult children who fail to process their pain through autobiographies cannot fully heal.


I find it absolutely astonishing how much Racialist Christians have in common with those who suffer from substance abuse disorders. Just like an alcoholic reaches for the bottle to drown out past trauma such as the death of a loved one or a bad childhood experience, so too does the Racialist Christian reach for the Cross or the Rosary.

Nietzsche did say Jesus and alcohol were the two great narcotics of the white man (and he was probably thinking primarily of his fellow German men, conquered by Christianity via Charlemagne in the 8th century, who, after a brief period of forced liberation from Jesus via Hitler, relapsed into the Christian psychosis more intensely than ever in 1945).

And LK is most likely right that what makes a Christian a Christian is fear. Fear of being sent to hell by Yahweh the bully. I’ve thought fear is what keeps most people Christians for some time now, after all “fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom” lol.

It appears that since the 1940s, upon being confronted with the choice of choosing between Jesus or Hitler, the vast majority of whites have chosen Jesus and subsequently have been (and are) engaged in a mass suicidal death cult (such as what was seen at Jonestown) in which they have a subconsious longing to make their race extinct so they don’t have to be racist and accept Hitler was right. It seems most whites actually fear survival, because racial survival means they will, sooner or later, be forced to give up their Christian delusion/psychosis and face reality instead. Our race seemingly prefers extinction to giving up the Big Jew Jesus and all of the utopian ideals of world peace, equality, love and brotherhood derived from Jesus.

Regardless of whether our race continues to survive or goes extinct in the 22nd century it seems clear to me that Hitler’s defeat has played a necessary role in cornering the white devils and forcing them to choose between the Jewish yoke of Christianity (and with it extinction) or Aryan Hitler (and with him racial survival). As we can see from the 76 years that have passed since Hitler’s death, it is all too clear that the vast majority of our race has opted for extinction rather than survival.

a jonestown cult

Take up your cross daily. i.e. commit suicide. Build your own funeral pyre. The white race has shouldered the gibbet and gallows of the cross for 2,000 years which is why it is nigh extinct.

Turn the other cheek. Go the extra mile. i.e. betray your nation to hostile occupiers.

Even most atheists don’t ever criticize the distilled evil that is the sermon on the mount.

Cesar, do you have references to physiological studies or something like that addressing Judeo-Christianity as the source of toxic parenthood?

So far, the only criticism I have seen is that from Susan Forward at the beginning of her book “Toxic Parenthood”. I want to learn more.

I think you are right. Child abuse might be the reason why white people today become liberals and thus follow a suicidal path.

You can read the sections about childrearing in Christendom in Lloyd deMause’s The History of Childhood or The Emotional Life of Nations.

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