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The mountain and the viper

‘The Mountain and the Viper’, the eighth episode of the fourth season of HBO’s fantasy television series Game of Thrones, begins when Mole’s Town is sacked by the wildlings near the Wall. Among the wildlings is the beautiful redhead Ygritte. Because of her leptosomatic muscles all the scenes in which they put her as one more murderer among the male raiders are unreal. Ygritte doesn’t even have the body of a Valkyrie like Brienne: she’s a slender woman in the prime of her age for childbearing.

While characters like Ygritte are audiovisual creations to destroy the Aryan race, or more precisely to brainwash the Aryan male, later in the episode we see another redhead, Sansa Stark. As I have already said Sansa is the only main character who at least until this season assumes a feminine role, as medieval women really were. Here we see her in her room at the Vale.