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First of his name

‘First of His Name’ is the fifth episode of the fourth season of HBO’s fantasy television series Game of Thrones, and the 35th overall. Here we see Bran Stark north of the Wall in this episode. In the following seasons the stupid directors cut off his hair very short, robbing him of virtually all of his jovial charm.

The first scene that I disliked from the episode was seeing Arya practicing one morning with her small rapier called ‘Needle’. Many white nationalists have not realised the extraordinary damage that feminism is causing to their race. Perhaps it is pertinent to quote what James Bowery said a couple of days ago in the comments section of The Occidental Observer:

Civilisation’s dissolution of the masculine is a regression to the precambrian more-feminine life pattern. The appearance of multicellular predators thence male intrasexual selection—mano-a-mano—did more than merely select for skeletal remains that give the appearance of an explosion in the fossil record. Male intrasexual selection created boundaries within which speciation could occur more rapidly. Thence, the Cambrian Explosion of life forms.

Throughout evolutionary history, the more successful attempts to extend mano-a-mano violence to group violence have ended in females parasitically castrating their offspring to produce sterile workers as extended body parts—eusocial species: Ants, termites, bees and naked mole rats that engage in perpetual war. Civilised man is clearly heading in that direction and is doing so at the expense of the most individualistic races—especially the heterosexual men of those races.

Any racial appeal to the individuals of an individualistic race must emphasise the moral superiority of their race as an individualistic race—a race that says ‘Yes!’ to that which created not only them, but the diversity of life.

Tonight I’ll watch one more episode to write something tomorrow morning about Game of Thrones.