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Racial right

On Anon’s comment

The reason whites are dying out can be seen in what an Occidental Dissent commenter said about me today, using not my real name but the nickname one of my nephews used with me when he was six:

‘Chechar is a christophobic, godless, insane fool. Avoid him’.

Although the subtitle of Occidental Dissent now reads ‘Nationalism, populism, reaction’, a few years ago it read ‘Western cultural and racial preservation’. But the truth is that the Christians who comment there are not preserving their race: they are attacking it. If they were defending it they wouldn’t use adjectives like christophobic, which implies that it is irrational to feel a phobia towards the son of the god of the Jews. This is analogous to the hackneyed tactic of the left in labelling ‘phobias’ healthy mental states such as homophobia or Islamophobia.

The same can be said of John Anon’s adjective about calling me godless. Remember the culminating part of the masthead of this site, the essay on how Judea seized the spirit of Rome through Christian subversion. After Emperor Theodosius II, only Christianity and Judaism—religions of Semitic origin—were allowed. Everything inherently Aryan or that came from classical culture was forbidden throughout the empire.

The anonymous commenter calls me godless as if I didn’t admire the archetypes that represented the gods of the Greco-Roman pantheon, or the gods of the Germanic peoples who should have conquered Rome instead of being conquered by Rome. (Remember, in a recent instalment of the Christianity’s Criminal History series, how the proud Visigoths had already succumbed to one form of Christianity before they were reconverted to another type of the same religion, Catholicism.)

According to the theology of John Anon, and I suppose of other commenters of that forum for American racialists, one must only honour the god of the Jews (or they call us godless), and follow the precepts of his son Yeshu (or they call us christophobic and fools). But who are really the fools?

The point is that American racialists practice doublethink by claiming to be aware of the Jewish problem when, figuratively, they continue to kiss Yahweh’s feet (see the footnote of my previous post).

One reply on “On Anon’s comment”

In the same Occidental Dissent thread, a couple of days ago Kerdasi Amaq commented about me:

He has the idee fixe that Christianity was created to destroy the Roman Empire. He also believes that everyone should think like him with no debate allowed. Although, his website does have some useful and challenging ideas.

Regarding his first sentence, while that is the idea one is left with after reading the essay by a Spaniard on Judea vs. Rome, which I translated to English, the more I add entries on the series of Christianity’s criminal history (we are already in instalment #135), the more it seems to me that we must blame the inordinate will to power of whites who adopted Christianity to subdue other whites (see for example what we have been saying about the House of Constantine, which also includes the Roman empire that Constantine’s sons inherited).

Regarding Kerdasi Ameq’s second point, has he read my last December articles? Those threads were full of comments of diverse commenters, even those who had already been banned on this site. That month I explained that for ten years this was a very open forum, but now my time is limited. A whole decade of a forum open almost to all comemnters was more than enough to discuss with those who think very differently from me.

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