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Racial right

Flawed Guyénot article

Above, Antinous as Bacchus, a sculpture presumed to have been from Hadrian’s villa in Palestrina: the second image that appears in ‘How Yahweh Conquered Rome: Christianity and the Big Lie’ by Laurent Guyénot, published this Christmas on The Unz Review.

Many years ago I asked Paulina, the only person who knows me, if I had a character flaw. She replied that I was very mocking. And indeed: as my previous post today shows, sometimes I am.

But I am beyond redemption. Take, for example, the article I had started reading today. As soon as I reached this sentence—:

What else can you expect from an institution that has always invited the Jews, and declared that they cease being Jews the moment they receive baptism? And so Christianity is a dead end. It is now part of the problem, not the solution. It may have served us well for some centuries [emphasis added]…

—I stopped reading. It is a disgrace that racialist intellectuals don’t read this site, as I have shown more than once that Christianity never served us well. And I’m not just talking about the masthead on this site, but the translations of Deschner’s work that we’ve been accumulating (we will soon be translating instalment 133 of Christianity’s Criminal History).

There is no way I can overcome that mocking spirit unless I am taken seriously, even if it is to refute me (in case I am wrong).

4 replies on “Flawed Guyénot article”

“It may have served us well for some centuries, but in the long run, it has been an instrument of Gentile enslavement to Jewish power.”

Should read as: “It has always been and was designed to be an instrument of Gentile enslavement to Jewish power.”

CT, been following your sites for years now. Appreciate your insight and work (especially putting together TFRDH). Rome vs Judea especially has driven my own research into deconstructing Abrahamism.

I know you liken Christianity to malicious software (an apt comparison) and I believe along the same lines that if it can be encoded it can be quarantined, decoded, deconstructed and broken.

I started my own path against Abrahamism in earnest about a decade ago. Am glad to have found your work not long after I started that path.

Hail Victory.

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