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Alice Miller Child abuse Hojas Susurrantes (Whispering Leaves - book)

Nobody wanted to listen

Six months ago a woman told me in the comments section of this site (one of the essays I included in Daybreak):

I read [Alice] Miller 30 years ago in an attempt to understand and resolve a history of abuse and tyrannical Christian teaching. I gave up because confronting my own past would have meant destruction of much on which my life has been built.

I am still unwell, but in advanced age am finally confronting the catastrophic link between the tortured son on the cross as a model for forgiveness and the cruel parent who demands forgiveness, who links pain and love.

Cesar you are a lone voice in a noisy world, but some of us are listening.

Soon I will begin to translate some chapters of the section ‘Nobody Wanted to Listen’, the second part of My Childhood, the third of my eleven books.

In order not to leave the reader in the dark, I would like to remind him or her that only the first of my eleven books has been fully translated into English. Day of Wrath only translates most of the fourth book, and in Daybreak you can read a couple of articles, ‘On Depression’ and ‘From the Great Confinement to Chemical Gulag’ that give an idea of what I say in my second book.

As Elenka told me half a year ago, this is a topic we all shy away from. It confronts us with the core of our pain. But feeling that pain again is the royal road to the healing of those of us who have been harmed by our families.

2 replies on “Nobody wanted to listen”

I am listening, CT.

I will buy and read Daybreak later this month.

No man who suffered for the sins of our ancestors has suffered in vain.

America delenda est.

When I wrote my third book, I didn’t even know that white nationalism existed. When I spoke of the fact that no one wanted to listen, I meant that no one among those close to me wanted to know anything about what was happening at home.

Yes: Daybreak has some articles about this subject, especially those written in 2019 and 2020.

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