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Destruction of Germanic paganism

On ‘Prince Valiant’

With regard to Vol. IV of Christianity’s Criminal History that deals with the Christian destruction of Germanic paganism, back in 1970 I used to see the illustrations of Prince Valiant that appeared in the newspaper on Sundays, translated from English into Spanish. At that time I was a child and knew nothing of the catastrophe that the conversion of the ancient Germans had represented for the mental health of Europe.

Above we see Val, the hero of the fanciest Sunday comic strip of yore, destroying the image of one of the old Gods and saying ‘Go to the chapel to hear the truth!’ With his art Hal Foster (1892-1982), the creator of Prince Valiant, thus contributed to perpetuating the falsehood that the destruction of the religion of Aryan Gods and its replacement with the Hebrew god was good for the West.

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And to think that just over twenty years ago a statue to the Constantine the ‘Great’ was placed outside York Minster in the capital of the pagan Danelaw: Jorvik (York). We have a long road ahead.

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