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Aryan beauty Painting

Nymphes et un satyre

Nymphs and Satyr is a painting, oil on canvas, created by artist William-Adolphe Bouguereau in 1873. The piece is currently on display at the Clark Art Institute located in Williamstown, Massachusetts.

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I César , it´s me again. Let me reccomend you a youtube channel Atlantean Gardens , by Robert Sepehr , LINK you must watch the entire youtube channel in this pandemic lockdown , it contains awesome information about history. Regards!.

Cesar, I have a question for you.

Do you think we’ll end up like the solutreans?


Given the situation that we are entering into a new Dark Age period (hate speech censorship), our collective suicide and the incoming collapse of our information age (no more electronic toys) I imagine a scenario in the future where the Europeans who have survived might rediscover America (again), give it a new name and exterminate the remaining hybrids hordes (who they might call Indians again) that may still be living in the ruins of big cities.

Then they will study why these coloured savages were living in what was supposed to be a great civilization in the past that obviously they did not built. They might speculate that the original authors were “blonde and blue eyed” (like they are, I hope) and were once the most powerful force in the world.

Then they might wonder “What happened to them? Where did they go and where did these multitude of dark and ugly sub humans came from?”.

End of context.

Well, that’s just a glimpse of what I’m thinking might happen in the future here in America. A possible scenario and sustained by our own historical record and stupidity.

What do you think. We’ll end up like the Solutreans? I find this question sickeningly funny.

You’re not going to weigh in, César? It’s a sickeningly funny question after all.

As a “counter-companion” of Bouguereau’s painting:


If I understand your post aright, Caesar ))

In any case, I hope you’ll appreciate the performance and furious “Judith” ))

Damned Vivaldi, the man of genius! All rock, metal and other piles of today’s musical rubbish suck in comparison with this one mind-blowing and unsingable thing. How on earth could someone possibly make it vocally?

“Armed with torches and serpents,
come forth from your blind, foul kingdom,
you savage partners of raging frenzy,
Furies, come to us!
In death, scourging and slaughter
we will follow you:
teach us, whose hearts are enraged,
to avenge this murderous deed.”

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