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Festival of neochristian guilt

These are just a few of the thousands of comments about the embedded video below on the new religion of Negrolatry (Black is the substitute for Jesus in this secular age):

• This is a new religion.

• The most disgusting display in American history.

• That worshipping scene in the street is scary as hell.

• No amount of self -abasement will ever be enough. This is a cult with no possibility of redemption for Whites.

• The worst kind of racist is the one who hates his own race.

• Remember kids, no one is coming to save us—we have to save ourselves.

• In a few years, the genocide of white farmers in South Africa will be common place in most western countries…

• I agree that voting won’t change anything, only revolution will.

• A full-blown race war is now inevitable, logical and preferable.

• This time is the turning point in history where whites need to come together, and rise up against this unequivocal assault on our race.

See Jared Taylor’s latest video about the Guilt Festival: here.

6 replies on “Festival of neochristian guilt”

A lot of people are awake since long time ago. They just didn’t have the courage or the means to do anything, or were comfortable enough with the current system.

Now that they have seen the real threat of Asian diseases (aka globalism) and negroes getting out of control, their minds are changing and this is happening everywhere. Only very indoctrinated cucks and foolish women still support this nonsense.

Is about dam time.

As funny as it sounds, 2020 might be the best year for the white race as a whole.

Liberalism is a mental illness that only seems to affect whites, especially white women. Jews and other non whites seem to be immune to it. No race that is not enslaved would submit to such a degrading performance as seen in the above video. Those whites deserve to die. Unless there is a fundamental change in its spiritual and mental outlook the probability that the white race will survive is low. It is only with such a change that a physical revolt against the system would have a real chance of success. Unfortunately, at present, it doesn’t look like the majority of whites are capable of the required change.

Liberalism is a mental illness that only seems to affect whites, especially white women. Jews and other non whites seem to be immune to it.

Surely you don’t know Spanish. If you knew, you could watch videos from television shows and learn that the entire Spanish-speaking world, including Mestizo America, is infected with liberalism.

My Paradigm (CQ) explains the facts, as only cultures derived from Christianity, although now secular, suffer from liberalism. This is because liberalism is a scion of Christianity.

You are right to point out Christianity’s fault in this but I think that the morality of the masses, of which some but not all whites are a part of, is a new product of the Judeo-Christian outlook which unlike Christianity, which only looks out for other Christians, seeks to unify all groups of people including the most degenerate and dangerous because of their love for humanity and the White Race has been the one that opposes this largely due to the fact that their genentically unlike the rest of “humanity” and becuase of this whites who subscribe to this moral thought will subject themselves to guilt in agreement to this incorreect worldview.

Liberals are mainly concerned with outward appearances and what their fellow libtards think of them. This is their way of compensating for spiritual hollowness inside them.

Western civilisation is collapsing because those whose duty to defend it are shirking that duty because they don’t have moral gumption to do what’s right, or even know what that is.

In one sense, we’re watching sixties retreads re-living their imaginary glorious youth, but, I’ll expect that their darkie pets will not buy their synthetic posturing anymore.

November third is the key date. When Donald Trump gets re-elected; this political storm should blow itself out. That’s assuming that Democrats haven’t started something that they won’t lose control of.

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