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Millions of Chinese could have died

Further to my post ‘Western suckers’.

Recently twenty-one million cell phone subscriptions disappeared in China. Why did this happen? My educated guess is that the official number of Chinese deaths from coronavirus to date—3281—is BS. The actual number could reach millions of gook deaths.

In other words, what’s happening in China, and throughout the stupid West that believes that only 3281 Chinese have died, reminds me that Chernobyl scene: ‘It’s not 3 roentgen, it’s 15000’.

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In March 8-16 of 2019, 23 people died in Bergamo.

In March 8-16 of 2020, 330 people died in Bergamo.

For six other towns in northern Italy, the totals are 73 deaths in 2019 and 613 in 2020.

That’s a death rate TEN TIMES higher than normal. Not a 1% increase as the “just the flu” people are claiming. And the death rate isn’t even the worst of it, you have ten times as many people getting seriously ill for weeks.

It becomes more clear why every single semi-rational government on the planet is reacting in panicked fear and terror.

I honestly did not believe the 20m possible dead figure until I started looking into numbers like this and doing my own calculatioins. Now, I do find it entirely possible.

In the USA, there is a VERY large contingent of right-wing patriots who, since the media say this is bad, are convinced it must be nothing at all, and since the government says to stay home, are convinced that going out and circulating a lot is obviously the required action. There seems to be, from what I’ve seen, a fairly large overlap between these people and Christian beliefs, whether honest or a convenient pretense. For example Anglin is running his mouth about this being nothing much.

I’m glad I never donated any money to him. He’s proven less and less worthy of it over time.

Also if you haven’t seen it, a good writeup from an ER doctor’s perspective of the symptoms and progression of the disease: link

Anglin has good feelings but he has the IQ of a typical American boy. There are smarter white nationalists in the US but, as I said in my ‘Nietzsche’ post, I don’t feel any respect for them. Like Anglin they stick either to Christianity or to Xtian offshoots, as says my quote of Sunic today.

There is always someone smarter than the next guy.We should never discount that guy because of our perceptions .I too have the typical American boy I.Q. ,i don’t quite know what that is.We Americans have been spoon fed courtesy of our educational institutions on how we should think and feel, thankfully through websites such as yours we are awakening and that may be the catalyst for those who rule to keep worldwide panic as ,the status quo.Keep up the good fight, we need everyone.

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