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Western suckers

Statistics data about the Chinese virus comes from the World Health Organization (WHO), which is a sort of spokesman of China.

This day I used several search engines with the words ‘fake Chinese stats coronavirus’ and was surprised. Is it possible that everyone except Chris Martenson, who starts his videos saying that Chinese stats are unreliable, are suckers?

Apparently they are. Not for a second am I going to believe that the coronavirus deaths in Italy have surpassed the Chinese. Yes, we know what the MSM is. But it is a shame that social media also trusts WHO or a regime capable of involuntarily performing organ transplants from dissident Chinese.

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I don’t understand the Jewish media of the West. On the one hand, they believe the Chinese (and SKorean and Japanese) lying numbers. On the other hand, they peddle constant anti-Chinese propaganda concerning Tibet and human rights abuses (Falun Gong are a terrorist cult).

But Western men are all spineless simps. I have just learned of a pizzadare subreddit – where American women take their ordered pizza from an unsuspecting delivery man naked! And the critique of that place amounts to… it’s sexual harassment of men! Not that it’s whorish!

The behaviour of Western men is unbelievably cucked. I’m not even talking about how they shrug off seeing their women walking without male guardians, without burqas, or with non-white husbands.

In a word, this is the Age of Cuck. Modern historians are trying to ban the word Anglo-Saxon (google “ban Anglo-Saxon”). And they have already banned the term “Dark Ages” because it’s offensive to Christians. The train of madness has no brakes!

Yes, but why even WN forums are swallowing WHO (i.e., Chinese) propaganda is a mystery for me.

WHO Director Tedros Adhanom shakes hands
with Chinese President before a meeting in Beijing.

I’ve been following Taiwan news sources for information about China. They noted in late January / early February that, for at least a week or two (I don’t know if it continued) the number of fatalities China was reporting from the virus each day was always a mathematically precise 2.1% of whatever the number of new cases was for that day.

Which of course is not possible.

Viruses don’t keep track of their own new infections and calibrate their kills to correlate.

Human beings, however, certainly do make up numbers out of thin air.

When I passed this information on to my father, he said “Oh, good. I was pretty sure they were faking it and it would be stupidly obvious somehow, but I was feeling lazy and didn’t want to have to actually analyze the numbers and figure it out myself. I’m glad someone else did the work.”

I’ve seen this from the beginning; mark my words. I hope I’m wrong, but…

The purpose of this manufactured crisis is to create a pretext for adult vaccine mandates. It should be glaringly obvious. It’s the elephant in the room that this website hasn’t addressed.

I’m truly surprised that you would express such a credulous stance on this issue, with mine being that vaccination is a branch of medicine just as fraudulent and pernicious as biological psychiatry. Your comment is also fairly ironic in the context of the above post.

I’m not even sure that you’re not making some kind of joke by embedding that video; an extremely superficial sales-pitch type presentation from the YT channel of a vaccine-making DRUG COMPANY? (Conflict of interest much?)

I’ll try to be concise as I want to adhere to the 400 words rule:

Firstly; Your statement hinges on a well-defined logical fallacy; namely the Appeal to Consensus (Or Appeal to Authority). Consensus is not the same thing as science. Medical Doctors are beholden to the Medical associations which they belong to, which have financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry. In short, Doctors are not free to speak their minds on vaccines, they can be and are subjected to censure and job loss, etc. for publicly criticizing vaccines, so it’s unfair and nebulous to invoke consensus here (this is NOT hard science we’re dealing with here).

Secondly: you’re fond of invoking Occam’s Razor and so I ask you: What is the most plausible explanation for the decline in the prevalence of infectious diseases that occurred throughout the 20th century:

Improved quality of life entailing modern sanitation; including water sanitation, modern sewerage and waste removal infrastructure, indoor plumbing, flush toilets, hand-washing etc; Plus better availability of food (less acute poverty and malnutrition), indoor heating, etc.


Pus/chemical injections (vaccination)?

Finally, you like to speak of listening to the Prosecution and the Defense to come to a fair conclusion about any contentious topic. So to what extent have you given the “Prosecution” a fair hearing on this issue? Here I would provide a number of links and names of books written by medical professionals on this issue, but I might be running out of space. So what I’d like to say in conclusion, is that since I’m assuming that you have not in fact done any serious study on this issue (and you obviously have competing priorities right now so you don’t have the time to attempt to), then the wise thing would be to take an agnostic stance on this issue, rather than siding with the pro-vaccine side out of prejudice.

P.S. I hope I managed to hyperlink the book title properly, I found the tutorial confusing.

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