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Mother Nature’s revenge

No visitor, to my knowledge, shares my philosophy (or religion should I say?) of the four words that I explain by the end of From Jesus to Hitler and, more abbreviated, in Day of Wrath.

One of the most relevant passages of this religion of mine appears in the introduction to my second volume, where I mention that a cute little animal was worth more than the millions of capital residents who drive through the freeway where I live, as they are negatively evaluated in my value scale; and the beautiful forms of life, positively.

Although I would like to burn the Bibles, using Christian metaphors it is as if the first trumpet of the Book of Revelation had already blasted around the four corners of Earth in January and, more recently, the contents of the first cups of wrath begin to be poured out on the sin cities.

Although I rarely watch the television of a culture I wish to be destroyed, recently a 60 Minutes commentator told the great truth about the crisis we are going through: ‘I think this is Mother Nature’s revenge’ (see this pic of bats sold as food in China: a snapshot of the 60 Minutes documentary).

I had been waiting for the shrill trumpet blast since May 1976 (cf. my 1st autobiographical book, the translation of which will appear this month, and even more the 11th). I don’t know if I’m going to die or not because of the Chinese virus. But these days I have been happy because, at last, the revenge will apparently begin to reach these exterminable Neanderthals.

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I think you would find interesting that biggest groups recently who are putting their lives at risk are religious ones. A message from the Greek Orthodox Church stated that “Jesus Christ isn’t a carrier of microbes” and muslims went to lick doorknobs. Crazy.

My understanding of it is that Abrahamic faiths tend to raise virtues to the absolute. Christianity turned the purposeful suffering of the Romans into suffering as a virtue in itself. Shiite Islam’s carelessness from this PoV seems to stress fearlessness.

But of course, keeping a quarantine does not make one a coward…

Ibelieve the virus is lab-created, courtesy of Israe/CIA, with the Chi-nee as their stooges. The Chi-nee myth of superior intelligence has been exploded for EVER.

That said, after seeing those “wet markets”, I SINCERELY want EVERY Gook on EARTH to die a horrible death .

I think the philosophy of the four words is both noble and beautiful. Filling the planet with perfect nordics and reducing suffering among animals might be the only way to redeem a rotten world.

Howdy Folks

Here’s a boots on the ground Corona Virus update from flyover country, USA. I just talked to a friend of mine who has kids in a private university in Ohio. They are coming home as the University has closed down due to the Governor order or request. Here’s what I have been able to find at this point concerning Ohio:

“Governor DeWine Signs Emergency Order Regarding Coronavirus Response”

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(Sorry C.T I still don’t know how to do links as you like them. If you or anyone can direct me to instructions on how to do so it would be appreciated. I have been very busy in meatspace so haven’t learned yet.)

Cases have been found in Indiana also, so it’s spreading all over the the Midwest apparently. Shit’s sake. If this ends up killing a bunch of people, I hope it takes out a bunch of niggers, who have high rates of diabetes, heart problems, and are susceptible to doing stupid shit, especially under stress, that puts themsevles and everyone around them in danger.

Sorry C.T I still don’t know how to do links as you like them. If you or anyone can direct me to instructions on how to do so it would be appreciated. I have been very busy in meatspace so haven’t learned yet.

Simple: never link anything, just quote the title and leave the interested reader to google it.

Here are a number of quotes I have chosen from Savitri Devi to suit the End Time feel of the present.

“It rouses in us the yearning to see the end — the final crash that will push into oblivion both those worthless “isms” that are the product of the decay of thought and of character, and the no less worthless religions of equality which have slowly prepared the ground for them. Never mind how bloody the final crash may be! Never mind what old treasures may perish for ever in the redeeming conflagration!”-Savitri Devi, 1948

“There is no hope until this humanity, as we know it only too well, meets its doom in some final crash. Until then, man as a whole is bound to become more and more monkeyish, and to follow the latest suggestion of the death forces with increasing zeal.”-Devi, 1949

“The forces of disintegration were and are bound to win, I say. But only for the time being—only until this wretched humanity meets its unavoidable doom, and the new Day dawns.”-Devi, 1949

“And if a New Age is to begin, if there is to be a world catastrophe,
after which a New Age is to begin, it can only begin in an
Aryan victory. But when, I don’t know. And through what ordeals, I
don’t know either. There will be a terrific ordeal.”-Devi, 1978

“After the Third or Fourth World War—I don’t know—when the Dark Age will take an end, there will be
a new world, fewer people. There will be Aryans and non-Aryans, all
right. But the proportion between Aryans and non-Aryans will be better
in favor of the Aryans. Because a great number of people will be dead.
A great number of mongrels will be dead. The best will survive.”-Savitri Devi, 1978

I would refer to this letter when citing Savitri Devi.

Regardless, applicable quotes. She’s rejoicing at the congregants of El and Yeshua contracting coronavirus!

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