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Beware of vitamin quacks

At the beginning of the month I caught a terrible flu that made me spend most of my meagre savings on conventional doctors, inhalation therapy and alternative therapies. But yesterday and today I saw two videos debunking the latter—dietary supplements—that impressed me. The videos cover the fads like antioxidants in pills, Omega3 and Vitamin D but I’ll only say a few words about Vitamin C.

The recommendation from real science is

Skip it: It probably won’t help you get over your cold, and you can eat citrus fruits instead. The Vitamin C hype, as artificial pills, started with a suggestion that chemist Linus Pauling made in the 1970s and peaked with Airborne and Emergen-C but it’s just a hype. Study after study has shown that pills do little to nothing to prevent the common cold (and megadoses of 2,000 milligrams or more can raise your risk of painful kidney stones).

So get your Vitamin C, and the other nutrients, from natural food instead. Remember: our health models are Sparta, Republican Rome and National Socialist Germany—not the US. Pay special attention to what the videos mentioned above say about how the American FDA lost control of quack medicine (here and more formally here).

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“Remember: our health models are Sparta, Republican Rome and National Socialist Germany—not the US.”

Definitely steer clear of emulating the land of the Cuckold/Idiocracy (America)…”they” have poisoned our already awfully tainted processed foods with Soy (it’s in everything in one form or another… Isoflavones, Soyboys) then there are apparently synthetic Estrogens seeping out of many (if not all) plastics.

Adding painful insult to numerous injuries insofar as a biological sense (rather than cultural),much of the country’s water supplies are apparently polluted by birth control chemicals/hormones/whatever in the hell the Judeo-Christ_cuckold capitalists have cooked up that apparently taint much of our drinking water at high enough concentrations as to damage our increasingly unmanly bodies & annihilate our testosterone levels.

That is just one layer/aspect of just how poisoned we are here in America.

I like the sarcastic-mockery approach, by the way. For example, the sticky note of worshipping the Jewish god possibly manifesting a real shitty nightmarish hell on Earth in which to be born. An inverted dystopian hell. It’s no use trying to win Americans over with logic & sound appeals for decency.

We are sludging through shit in this open air asylum trying to distract ourselves & escape this hell to the best of our ability on a moment by moment basis, as things progressively deteriorate. Fuck the Boomers, & Lincoln, & the “American Nationalist” cucks. Fuck even talking about it, that’s cuckoldry as well, tbh.

However, i am convinced that if we suddenly had Adolf Hitler as our president (backed by loyal security forces) or Hadrian The Great that even most of us lost young Aryan American men could be redeemed after a ruthless purge & cleansing i pray i were capable of implementing were enacted. Not the Evangelical American Boom-cucks tho.

If the mass media culture shaping colusus were all suddenly under the control of well intentioned patriots, even we could probably be redeemed after a lot of work, same as the Weimar tainted Germans.


Which is why one of the cornerstones of good health is a quality water filter apparatus combining steam distillation with a carbon filter. If possible, a whole-house system too. Water is fundamental.

And when sick with say the flu, the most wise thing to do is to fast, to abstain totally from food. And that that’s where water becomes even more important.

It’s a bit silly to link to some quivering, nervous shill (in your second link) as a source. Honestly try looking at the comments to the video. Yes, mega-doses of vitamins to treat what-ails-you is quackery. That doesn’t mean that vitamin and supplement formulations can’t sometimes be useful; at any rate, despite the valid critisisms that can be made about this industry, the criticism usually doesnt come from a good place but has the purpose of undermining the business rivals of regular drug companies. Serious sude effects from natural supplements are exceedingly rare (the main issue being inneffectiveness/waste of time and money), yet iatrogenesis, mostly arising from side effects of correctly prescribed drugs, is by many estimates the third-leading cause of death in the USA. No word on flu shots? I suppose it would be a good time now to ask you if you have a clear stance on the vaccination issue…*

When you say that Spartans/Roman’s should serve as health models it brings to mind a certain Ori Hofmekler; he’s an Israeli health guru who wrote a diet book which he claimed derived inspiration from his research into the habits of those groups. The book was called “the warrior diet”, the basic premise of which was intermittent fasting, which he claimed was the way of the ancient civilizations, with his book being a first exposure to the concept for many before IF became fairly mainstream in recent years.

Anyway, a quote of his comes to mind which could be extrapolated to our situation: “Not actively surviving is passively dying”.

*Is your position that vaccination works and that the benefits outweigh the risks, and should probably be mandated (the conventional view) ?or
Vaccination is quackery, like psychiatry? or
Haven’t done your research and don’t have the time to, so agnostic on the issue?

I only read until your phrase: ‘Honestly try looking at the comments to the video’ because, when writing the article, I was precisely planning to use those incredibly dumb comments as proof of how stupid people are. The real issue is that, since 1994, a shameful law banned the FDA from using scientific methods to verify the science in the supplements (actually quack) industry.

It seems pretty shortsighted to ignore a whole comment like that, if you read on you would see that I basically agreed with you. Just adding some additional perspective. I agree with the comments that he’s a shill, see, not that everything he says is wrong.

So if you’d like to read the rest of the comment-what is your stance on the vaccination issue?

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