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I don’t know if I’m going to start a series about George Lincoln Rockwell’s books, but yesterday that I read Chapter 12 of White Power some ideas came to me.

I realized, even then, that talking and educating are useless unless they are directed at the only worthwhile political goal, power. (page 297)

In other words, everything white nationalists do today is almost useless. With the exception of Harold Covington they don’t even have a plan on how the United States will be reclaimed (well, in the case of the late Covington, at least part of its territory).

Although it is made to appear so, the battle between the “conservatives” and “liberals” is not a battle of ideas or even of political organization. It is a battle of force, terror and power. (page 299)

Completely true: as we can see in how the System used the Charlottesville event to imprison innocent young whites.

As long as the right-wing confines its fighting to being “nice”, the great masses of the public will bow down like sheep to the left-wing which is not nice—which uses smear, economic persecution, legal harassment, and finally physical terror to maintain its domination of our national life and culture by force. The force is disguised, of course, in checkbooks, judge’s robes, rigged party conventions, etc.—but it is still either the force itself, or the threat of force which has America down and afraid.

No amount of papers and pamphlets, were they all masterpieces of propaganda—and no amount of talk and meetings can stop this growing left wing force… (page 300)

It is amazing that these words were written in the mid-1960s! Rockwell was not a ‘white nationalist’: a term that didn’t even exist when he lived.

What exasperates me greatly when reading the real white nationalists is that since Rockwell’s time they have lost their manhood. Of the notable racialists currently active, only Alex Linder speaks as a man. And with the exception of youtuber John Mark, the vast majority have been so emasculated that they are not even able to talk about revolution within the limits of freedom of expression allowed by the US government.

Any man who spends thirty or forty years pretending to imagine there is such an easy way while our country and our White Race go down and down and down—is not a dreamer—or ignorant. He is a coward! (page 302)


Before a mass of people will rise up and do anything effective and forceful about a tyrannical situation, there must be built up a certain emotional pressure. (page 304)

Since today’s whites are degenerates, only the convergence of catastrophes can save them: the coming collapse of the dollar and, later, the gradual energy devolution throughout the century due to the growing oil shortage. (Hopefully, an international exchange of nuclear strikes during the chaotic societal circumstances will fulfil Little Finger’s ‘Chaos is a ladder’…)

There are plenty of people already awake in America. They are afraid and they are frustrated by their inability to do anything about the terrible evil they see growing.

Mercury magazine did indeed “inform” a lot of people. So does the Birch Society. But we don’t need any more informed people who won’t stand up and fight to oppose tyranny!…

As Hitler puts it so masterfully, “eight lame men walking arm in arm do not make one gladiator”. These weak rightwing leaders, who, for forty or fifty years have been preaching a million different tricks to avoid the desperate, dangerous fight which is always the price of any victory, are approaching the end of the road. (page 305)

This reminds me of something else. Pace Rockwell, it is impossible to fight with defective people. Rockwell played a very risky gambit in the recruitment of soldiers in his movement, like that shirtless young man who entered his barracks and eventually became a good element. The risk was that one of them killed Rockwell in cold blood simply because the assassin was already suffering from a previous mental disorder.

Of today’s revolutionaries, unlike the retired Norman Spear, who in the past had connections with the Covington group, the James Mason fans who formed cells have suffered fatal in-fight shootings (such as the fatal shooting Rockwell received by admitting an insane person among his ranks). In other words, only sound-minded revolutionaries will be able to do something for the cause, and it is almost impossible to find them among Siege fanatics (remember Mason’s lacrimae lunae of which I spoke in another recent entry).

The people already sense this. But they do not yet want the all-out, bloody battle, in which they would probably lose their color TV, their two cars and their electric lawnmower. They still hope they can win by some easy way. (page 316)

William Pierce saw this in his two novels, which every revolutionary racialist must read to understand what is happening.

How long before our masses of great Americans get mad enough to say, as we must, “To hell with all the pretense and fancy talk!”…

Racism is not only not “evil”—racism is our only hope! America will soon be ready for a leader who has gone through hell to preach pure racism, to fight for our White people, as a race, without any pretty excuses or cover-ups. (pages 317-18)

If the approach of Mason’s epigones is defective, Nick Fuentes’ approach is defective too. Christian ‘optics’ has been tried before and did not work. For example, just for an innocent joke from Fuentes about the holocaust, the media is now trying to assassinate his character as a ‘holocaust denier’—completely ignoring the core of Fuentes’ message: the cultural and ethnic changes by mass migration; the charlatanry of American conservatism, and the return to moral values as far as sexuality is concerned.

To conclude, the System will always label us as Nazis and Holocaust deniers. If so, why not, once and for all, speak with brutal honesty as Linder speaks? Why not abandon shy white nationalism in pursuit of Rockwell’s neo-Nazism?

It makes no sense to worry about optics while the only optics endorsed by the System is that of those who, as Rockwell said long ago, is enforced by totalitarian leftists.

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“No amount of papers and pamphlets, were they all masterpieces of propaganda—and no amount of talk and meetings can stop this growing left wing force”

Well said. The only propaganda worth a damn in a war is that which disables the slave morality of xtian Rabbinism and instates the new morality of the anti-christian Herrenvolk.

Recently the nationalists in England did a documentary called We Were Never Asked. They went out and asked the public about their opinion on becoming a minority. The vast majority of British were against it and saw it as a negative thing. Also, the nationalists who did the polling said that most people seemed nervous or reluctant to answer the survey.

I have no problem with the documentary itself, or the survey they did, but my only question is; what did it change? They’ve been constantly saying that the majority of British are against mass immigration and they were never asked. Neither of those things still stopped their politicians from flooding the country with immigrants.

In America, Richard Houck wants to start a legal organization for whites, like white people’s ADL or La Raza. That at least is something concrete, but at the same time he talks about “waking more people up”.

As far as the nationalists go, I think it’s only Linder who is saying that they already have the numbers, everyone just refuses to do anything with those numbers.

Rockwell had his own problems, but Fifty Years of Failure was certainly a good read. Today it would be A Hundred Years of Failure, though.

After taking the time to listen to about a little more than half of that “Guerilla Radio” podcast, I can only say that Mason is either pretending to be a CI nut for the sake of subversion a la O9A, or he has completely gone senile and reverted to the most imbecilic of cults. One would have to be less intelligent than a dog to believe that the mere Hebrews and their tribal microstates from the year 900 B.C somehow gave birth to every single European nation/tribe in the span of -200 years. The most elementary understanding of philology and/or genetics instantly pulverizes such superstitions. He may as well have claimed the Paleo-Eskimos were the forefathers of the Kalahari bushmen and he would be just as correct.

Yes but what about the normal, non-CI Xtians in the movement (remember my Tuesday epigraph)?:

‘Christian anti-semites, evidently too stupid to know that the man they are worshiping is a Jew, have got to be some of the stupidest people ever to contaminate the face of the Earth’.

Normal Xtianity is worse than CI, especially among white nationalists and southern nationalists.

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(New Weimar Order; New Mud Man)

The Parasite versus the Aryans in West-Block, Canada, Australia

I’m glad that I happened to stumble onto your site quite by chance a short time ago; it has really good content and your advocacy for our peoples is to be applauded.

Initially, the mere mention of the National Socialist Worker’s Party movement was almost always met with the cold shoulder/brick wall response. In the last two or so years, it seems to me, that the barriers to this blind hatred have been lessened to a degree, with some noticeable support and affirmation. That is really telling, in a sort of way. In no way will this new perception be mainstream, but it is still worthy to note. The larger point is that change is in the air, and it seems if the right person, or the right situation presents itself–on purpose or by mere chance–an epic struggle could result in this most tense of times.

Succeeding generations produce leaders and revolutionaries throughout time, and this time is no different; what remains a question is will any concerted and strategically led movement arise in these decadent times, or will it have to wait until such a time when it is sufficiently necessary to do so because the situation at hand could not be any less favorable?

Sacrifice is a necessary element to the struggle of one’s one people–which was well understood in ancient times, but less so today. AH sacrificed everything for his own peoples!!! Parents sacrifice everything for their children; what of nations for their own populace…what does this say about the new generations?

Here are some nostalgic clips of the Great One (AH):

“The most precious possession you have in this world is your own people. And for this people, and for the sake of this people, we will struggle and fight, and never slacken, never tire, never lose courage, and never lose faith.”


Yes, what you state is true, there are actually a couple of primary reasons for why the NSDAP Programme and National Socialist ideology in general are becoming more acceptable and mainstream.

First and foremost, the Allied Propaganda that has been pushed and sustained since 1945 is actually breaking down as it has come into conflicts with itself, so rapidly people are losing belief and less interest is posed towards this Propaganda. In fact, so much that the Allied countries, especially the USA and its veterans are grasping at straws trying to continue to win people’s opinions of them over and over, because if the truth is discovered, the world will want to hunt down every last one of those who fought against the Germans and volunteers for the Axis.

The USA can only remain as a world power so long as people continue to believe the nonsense, but if that reputation is challenged, they will find the world armed to teeth against it.

Secondly, the processes now in place which are particularly affecting the USA and UK is that Germany’s destruction is in the process of taking revenge against the West, but especially the USA and the UK. The USA and UK escaped trouble and prosecution for their war crimes by the use of their wits during WW2, but it was even prophecized by the Nazis that if they lost the war, that surely enough a new world war would one day break out in which the downfall of NS Germany would also bring about the downfall of the Anglo-American Empire.

On the Corporate Level, we can see this occurring with the breakdown of Capitalism. On the street level we can see the evidence all around us with the Anti-fascists, including the extreme hysteria and noise everyone on the Left is making about “Fascism” and “Nazism”. This can only mean that those with any kind of vested interest to understand the truth, or why everyone who does not agree with the Leftists are labelled as “Nazis”, it should prompt any thinking brain, including the Police Forces now being labelled as “Nazis” to research and investigate for themselves as to why they are being called Nazis and to come to understand that the same enemies we have here in America and Europe are the same enemies that Hitler and the German people were faced with.

Sooner or later the world will recognize that Hitler was right, and that until or unless the West accepts this fact about Hitler and the righteousness of the Third Reich and National Socialism, that they will continue their on-going destruction. Either way, massive destruction is unavoidable, because those who waged war and still continue to have hatred towards the Germans, must pay a massive Karmic Debt.

At present, the system is able to continue its destructive program because it isn’t being disrupted in any major way. However, if there were several concurrent disasters, human and/or natural, then the system wouldn’t be able to cope. The world is so interconnected and the populations of most civilised societies are so dependent that there would be a major breakdown of civil society in short order. The foundation that everything sits on is food production. The vast majority of people in the western world have very little or no ability to produce their own food and even have very little knowledge about how the whole system of producing food works. It is extraordinarily vulnerable to disruption and it would only take a couple of weeks for the whole system to collapse into anarchy if there was a major interruption in the supply process. Even people who know how to grow their own vegetables and who have a few chickens or animals in rural areas would struggle to survive. I am not describing a localised disaster which can be contained, but a series of world wide disasters which cannot. Even something as grave as the Black Death in the 14th century wasn’t enough to overthrow the system. Of course, the great majority of the people then were peasants who had to be self sufficient to survive. That is not the case today. Apocalyptical science fiction imagines all types of scenarios of what could happen and they are mostly plausible. In the current environment, with the system being able to focus on its program of enslavement, it appears unlikely that the white race can mobilise to save itself. But, should the environment become truly chaotic then there could be a chance for real resistance to the program if there are cadres of aware white leaders to take advantage. Whatever the outcome it is likely to be a very painful process.

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