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In my soliloquy of yesterday I was thinking something I had thought about before. If there is something that unnerves me to see is that my capacity for hate seems like a volcano compared not only with normies but those who, on the internet, advocate the white race. It has always been an astronomical mystery for me to understand why my hate is so abysmal and why the modern westerner lacks such a feeling.

The conclusion I have reached is that my tragic past led me, naturally, to a tragic sense of life; and that even most internet authors and commenters have not suffered an iota of what I have suffered. But if I had not had that tragic life, would it cause me infinite hatred, anyway, to see a black man with an Aryan woman in the street with their mongrel son? Is my past really linked to my feeling of today? I have not been able to solve this question and I cannot resolve it because I do not have a window to that parallel world (where the adolescent César was not tormented).

One thing is clear: recovering the West can only be done with people whose hate is such that they hate the enemy more than they love their own lives. With people like that the System will fear us, and not us them. I mean the approaching civil war.

We must return once again to the animal spirit of the ancient berserks, giants of hatred (and then lesser men invented the legend of the giants). We must become animals again. Even in pop TV dramas this reality has been recognised (see YouTube clip: here).

I wait for the day when my face is as splashed with war blood as the above fictional character.

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The so-called ‘battle of the bastards’ that precedes that scene is the best battle ever filmed by the way. It can be seen by itself without knowing the context of the plot.

I haven’t read your Whispering Leaves yet CT, but I don’t think an alternate youth without suffering would have erased your blessed hate.
It would have surely lessened it, but never extinguished it. You are a truth-seeker at heart. And the truth reveals many reasons to despise humanity and reject civilization.

Can one learn to hate without suffering? Even without trauma and truth, one can still feel the existential pain of nihilism. I would even suggest that it’s all a subconscious rebellion against the degenerative weakness brought by the comfort of modern life. A spiritual struggle against slow death. It’s all in the blood. You are a Med, but I’m absolutely certain you have Aryan ancestors. Yes, many genes have been called, but your Aryan genes have been chosen. By Wotan, by the gods of our European blood.

I am reminded of Kai Murros’ speech on Hate:
“Hate is good. Hate gives structure to our lives, gives us a reason to exist, a focus, something to strive for, an identity. Hate is energy – pure energy, provided by Mother Nature herself. Hate enables us to see through lies and pretense, helps us concentrate on the essential. Even the rich and powerful cannot hate more than their slaves and subjects, and soon, hate may well be all we have left.”

And of Pentti Linkola’s metaphor on hatred of Life:
“What to do, when a ship carrying a hundred passengers suddenly capsizes, and there’s only one lifeboat with room for ten people?
When the lifeboat is full, those who hate Life will try to load it with more people, and sink the lot.
Those who love Life will take the ship’s axe and sever the hands that cling to the sides of the boat.”

@ Mauricio:

Thanks for your comment.

> ‘Hate is energy – pure energy’

That Murros quote is very resonant with my own metaphor of comparing my hatred with a nuclear plant. As long as you use hatred properly—just avoid a rash use of that energy like in Chernobyl (what happened to poor Nietzsche in 1889)—the energy source seems infinite.

That’s why I cannot stop blogging. And I won’t stop.

Remember my first cousin who committed suicide a year ago? Let me translate a paragraph from the introduction to From Jesus to Hitler, my last autobiographical book:

Pau [a diminutive—the ‘female friend’ alluded to: here] also made the observation that I was not prepared to detect my cousin’s depression as my defence mechanism is to exterminate the Neanderthals, and that suicidal depression is the exact obverse: to exterminate oneself. Then Pau told me that she, who has harboured suicidal ideation, would have been prepared to detect the seriousness of Octavio’s [my cousin] mood.

In other words, hate is not the opposite side of love, but of depression. He who hates will never commit suicide: he has quite a few accounts to settle with mankind!

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