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Editor’s note: Many painters have imagined the agony in the Garden of Gethsemane with Semitic or mudblood characters. You can imagine the catastrophe for the Aryan psyche when handsome White statues and paintings of Roman frescoes representing Whites was abandoned in favour of Semitic models!

What I like about Fra Angelico is that he Nordicizes his characters. This, for example, is one of the panels of the Florentine convent of St. Mark. In any case, had there been no Judeo-Christian hostile takeover in the 4th and 5th centuries of our era, these medieval painters would have painted Nordic figures without the need of biblical passages.

Below, an old comment from a thread that the website Renegade Tribune removed:

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I could not agree more with this [Axe of Perun’s] article. I am regular listener of the Political Cesspool radio show, and while I like their pro-White message and pro-Southern message—I really do get turned off in a big way, when they start banging their drum for Christianity. These guys have even said that the pro-White movement has no chance of success, unless we all wrap that Jewish written, white racial suicide pact/dog collar around our White necks.