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About meaning in Game of Thrones

by Vig

(an original for this site)

I am really amazed by this whole fascination for Game of Thrones. I consider myself lucky not to have wasted my brain cells on digesting this TV series.

As a regular Youtuber I have seen snippets of this series and seeing it convinced me that I had to do with degenerate stuff. I have to admit that in spite of this I am fascinated with powerful myths.

I saw a filmed edition of The Nibelungen and it inspired me to make a few paintings.

Commenting on this platform and other blogsites made me aware that it is better to ask essential questions instead of blurting out opinions, which after all is like a fighting match, you get counterblows instead of understanding.

What is the fascination with GOT really?

The massive popularity and then the following anger as things were not to the expectations of a lot of watchers are puzzling. It looks like that there is a deeply unconscious dissatisfaction that the average watcher cannot get ready with.

In my view Cesar’s understanding of this phenomenon is the deepest by referring to the anima and the animus. Here comes of course the work of the German psychologist Carl Gustav Jung in the picture. But we Europeans have chosen to neglect him after it was clear that before the war he said some positive things about Adolf Hitler in his essay about Wotan.

It looks like “we” are massively attracted to some thing that we pretend to be opposed to. What is it? In any case it has the appearance of schizophrenia.

Could a philosophical genius bring the answer here? No, not at all, philosophy is exactly the problem here. This whole issue falls totally out of the domain of intellectual and rationally comprehensible expressions. That is why it is nagging us.

As a visual artist I am very much bent on perceiving the “Gestalt” in things and happenings, that means the overall pattern, which comes down to the visual and spatial aspect of things. Exactly that is what Jung in his later work came to see as the essence of the anima, our hidden shadow of the mind which expresses itself in images.

In spite of the awkwardness that verbally expressing myself is as a visual thinker, I want to raise questions about the meaning of the Gestalt in GOT and other Youtube videos that I have seen, and I am curious to know how other commentators will see that.

First of all: The heroine of GOT the queen Daenerys is blond, decisively blond, and has intricate braids in her hairdo. Did one know that German educational advisers warn for schoolgirls having braids because it is interpreted as a sign of right wing extremism? No kidding. Jewish scriptwriters?

A dominant actress here having very blond hair is not without meaning, however unconscious of himself the scriptwriter may have been.

What is the meaning here?

In a lot of other movies with Jew scriptwriters I found some patterns over and over again, the details of which you can find in Renegade Tribune.

It is so remarkable to me that in these endless repetitions of the same dumb Hollywood clichés the girl saved is always BLOND!

Blond seems to have the highest status in the world and that is why the Jew likes it. How all those Jewish and coffee coloured women must hate everything that has blond hairs, because that is what their spouses actually would have liked them to have had. No wonder that a lot of darkies and negro females are conking their hair and dying it. This is one more reason for them to hate whites.

And then the movies about the Nazi terror! This category is in the chapter of sado-masochistic semi porno movies in which the Jew excels. You know the stories of hidden concentration camps where prisoners are tortured by sadistic SS members.

And, Lo and Behold, the female SS officers who like to humiliate male prisoners are always stunningly beautiful Aryan blond females, and the male officers who like to rape the females are always the perfect blond Aryan types.

What is the meaning of all this?

Did we hear the word “projection “ here?

And where would the whole Hollywood film industry be if they would not have had the fearsome enemy of the German soldier of the Third Reich, especially the Waffen SS? Their war movies would be terribly boring and make no money.

If you can pretend at least in the image that you have defeated an enemy whose military glory is without precedence in human history then you must be a super hero !!!!!

The dumbed down whites take it for entertainment. This is really perplexing.

It means to me that the image itself, let us be precise all images in the eye of the beholder (!), have become devoid of direct meaning, they are not nurturing the heart anymore. Only on the instinctual level, the level of sex and violence there is a resonance.

If this is true it means that the white industrialised man has lost in his psychological functioning a faculty that has to do with the giving of meaning to visual images, including the images of his own body and his race. There is no identification on the feeling level, it is either rational and verbal, or it is instinctual. It sounds extreme but I would say that modern man has incapacitated his nervous system significantly by his degenerating lifestyle.

Let us look at the state of contemporary western art. In the last decades the absence of the development of new styles and new themes clearly in the visual arts but essentially over the whole front of western art signifies the absence of real creativity. It is spiritual emptiness. It supports my statement above.

The only real question is: can this incapacitation be healed within the lifetime of one generation? If yes there is hope, and with a proper spiritual inspiration work just has to start, but if not, the process of extinction for the white race and for all the ethnicities who are going to be in the same boat like the Jews is inevitably going to happen.