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Unhistorical Jesus, 1

Romulus appearing to Proculus Julius.

I have read the first three chapters of Richard Carrier’s book, On the Historicity of Jesus, in addition to the later chapter on Paul’s epistles. In my entry on Thursday, about the dark night of the soul suffered by the Aryans in general and the white nationalists in particular (including the so-called revolutionaries), I mentioned the finis Africae that was in the tower that housed a large library in Umberto Eco’s gothic novel. Following the plot of the novel,[1] if there is a book that a latter-day Jorge de Burgos would like to destroy, it is precisely that of Carrier.

Last Monday I said I was tempted to start reviewing On the Historicity of Jesus for this site. The first pages of chapter 4 convinced me that I should do it.

In ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ I said that all white people are heading to Jerusalem, a metaphor that must be understood in the context of the first paragraph of ‘Ethnosuicidal Nationalists’. How Christianity managed to invert the moral compass of the Aryans, from pointing at Rome to pointing at Jerusalem, is discovered by researching the motivations of those who wrote the Gospels (remember: there’s no historical Jesus, only gospel authors).

Keep in mind what we have been saying on this site about the inversion of values that happened in the West when whites, including atheists, took the axiological message of the gospels very seriously. Based on this and the crucial part of Evropa Soberana’s essay on Jerusalem and Rome, let’s see what Carrier says at the beginning of chapter 4 of On the Historicity of Jesus.

In Plutarch’s book about Romulus, the founder of Rome, we are told that Romulus was the son of god, born of a virgin, and that there were attempts to kill him as a baby.

As an adult the elites finally killed him and the sun darkened, but Romulus’ body disappeared. Then he rises from the dead.

Some people doubted and, on the road, Romulus appears to a friend to transmit the good news to his people (see image above). It is revealed that, despite his human appearance, Romulus had always been a god and was incarnated to establish a great kingdom on earth (keep these italicised words in mind in the context of the quotation below).

Then Romulus ascends to the heavens to reign from there. Before Christianity, the Romans celebrated the day when Romulus ascended into heaven. Plutarch tells us that the annual ceremony of the Ascension involved the recitation of the names of those who were afraid for having witnessed the feat, something that reminds us of the true end of the Gospel of Mark (Mk 16.8) before the Christians added more verses.

Carrier comments that it seems as if Mark was adding a Semitic garment onto Romulus’ original story: a Roman story that seems to be the skeleton on which the evangelist would add the flesh of his literary fiction. The phrase of Carrier that I put in bold letters convinced me that On the Historicity of Jesus deserves a review in several entries:

There are many differences in the two stories [the fictional stories about Romulus and Jesus], surely. But the similarities are too numerous to be a coincidence—and the differences are likely deliberate. For instance, Romulus’ material kingdom favoring the mighty is transformed into a spiritual one favoring the humble. It certainly looks like the Christian passion narrative is an intentional transvaluation of the Roman Empire’s ceremony of their own founding savior’s incarnation, death and resurrection [page 58].

My two cents: White nationalists are still reluctant to recognise that what they call ‘the Jewish problem’ should be renamed as ‘the Jewish-Christian problem’.


[1] The 1986 film The Name of the Rose featuring Sean Connery betrays the real plot of the novel. In the book the bad guy was the librarian Jorge de Burgos and the Inquisitor, Bernardo Gui, a secondary character. In the novel Gui burns the beautiful semi-feral peasant girl at the stake whereas in the Hollywood film the girl’s life is spared. In no way I recommend watching the movie unless the novel is read first (Umberto Eco’s only good novel in my humble opinion).

20 replies on “Unhistorical Jesus, 1”

What Carrier says in the quoted paragraph reminds me of what the Jew Mitchell Heisman said: that his tribe’s nasty little habit has been to invert the values of the cultures where the naïve gentiles host them. In the words of Heisman:

The Star of David, the symbol of Judaism:

▲+ ▼= ✡

This conceptual inversion of Egyptian social order is at the very heart of Judaism’s monotheistic revolution.

The triangles, of course, represent the pyramid and the inverted pyramid.

Never heard of Heisman, but have written extensively on this very concept. This is the perfect summation of the Star’s meaning to the elite Jews. It represents their first successful use of infiltration and cultural inversion to conquer and destroy an advanced host civilization.

Most depictions of the Star are two, interlocking triangles that create a three dimensional image, highlighting the intertwined, inextricable nature of the parasite with its host.

This is exactly what can be witnessed in every white, western country today. Jews have had some practice in destroying cultures and races. Professor Jan Assmann’s book, “Moses the Egyptian,” goes into detail of how the Torah’s Moses character was the first example of this idea being put into practice.

All other histories of the star, like the magical, mystical “Merkabah,” are pure hogwash to fool stupid, gullible goyim and lesser Jews bent on such mysticism.

As for what Carrier says at the beginning of chapter 4 of “On the Historicity of Jesus,” this sounds amazingly like one many such descriptions seen in the movie “Zeitgeist” .

I have said many times on this blog, European mans greatest desire is to be a Jew – Spiritual Jew and in some cases biological Jew ( most of elite are intermarried with Jews ), that is the first desire that made him to convert to christianity, in christianity europeans have seen a religion which offers them worldly power and moral superiority.

This is why you cannot overcome Jewishness when most of europeans are bred with Jews, i believe 85% of them have some jewish genes in them.

Modern europeans are not Aryan, Aryans were killed off by europeans -Spiritual Jews.

Whites almost all them should perish, there is no undoing of this process anymore.

Worry not about the extinction of whites and Christianity. Just stand aside and let Jews finish their murderous destruction of every last jot and tittle of the white man and his western civilization.

Here Artwork depicting a crucified Ronald McDonald remains on display in Israel despite protests and calls for its removal from the country’s Arab Christian community. (Note the color of the WP’s media mouthpiece. Soooo minority monolithic it’z!)

And here (filed under “biting the hand that feeds them”)

BREMERTON — The Salvation Army’s assistant director of social services has been removed from her position after allegations from community members that she was proselytizing during meal times and discriminated against clients at the organization’s government-funded winter shelter on Sixth Street.

Other than Jews, who might have imagined the day when the Salvation Army would fire one of their staff for proselytizing!!! Doing so at the behest of cretins they are helping!? Note also how we now find homeless people are “community members”- just like the people running the place.

Allegations surfaced about the employee earlier this month in a Facebook post by a community homelessness advocate.

Note how it is a “homelessness advocate” and not a member of the Salvation Army that brings out the allegations – on Facebook no less.

The employee would project Christian imagery on the walls using a projector, play loud Christian music and walk around praying and preaching in the shelter’s common area during breakfast and lunch, according to Siebens.

Wailing and gnashing of teeth follow, “Oh Vey! The horror! The horror! Can you imagine the horror? Worse than A Nightmare on Elm Street it’z! Freddy Kruger with a crucifix, that assistant director!

Jew wordsmith tacks on the good old, works-every-time, “dis-crim-in-a-shun” meme to shade and cement the allegations. Of course the real reason Jews are pushing this type of action lies in their vicious hatred of Christianity.

Kimmy Siebens — a practicing nurse who also runs a nonprofit that aids homeless people and their pets — said in the post that the employee had preached loudly during meal times at the shelter, told homeless people to look at staying in hotels, escalated situations with mentally ill people and referred to LGBTQ people as “demons.”

LGBTQ people as “Demons?” Gasp! The Jewed horror of it all!! One can bet their last shekel, this report has been thoroughly twisted by Jew trained wordsmiths. Sounds like a feud between a disgruntled nurse that had it in for the Assistant director and saw the Jews’ classic anti-Christian meme as the perfect weapon on which to base her actions.

Of course, the predictable reaction, firing, happened without hesitation or review.

Here’s a thought – MacDonalds is a major icon of American “culture.” So here we find Israeli Jews having it displayed as being crucified like Jesus on a cross.

Think this might be one of those sneeringly clever, sideways hints Jews so love? Might this be a visual display of the Jews’ planned mass murder of the stupid, gullible, ignorant American goyim and their horrible Christian culture?

I’ll bet you a silver shekel it is just that. Christianity? White nationalism? Not to worry, Jews work hard everyday destroying everything not kosher.

arch, where are you going with your anti-jew tirade? some reflexive thoughts, though little to do with the themes of this blog,
– the twitter who got fired should refrain from being a nusiance. feed and cloth the folks, measurable actions — though useless for the most part. stop w/ imposing on others. at least w/o their consent. (reminds me of reports of bill johnsons bethel redding. the con job that the church calls Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, send its students into surrounding neighborhoods where they do little more than make nuisances of themselves, more wrecking the peace for the local citizens, similar to this S. A. rogue evangelist. poor redding. once an ok northern CA city. now not. and billy boy johnson has the prominent jew features: telltale nose, billboard narcissism and love of big $$$.)
– most of us regular readers don’t need/ want your weird fugue of christian and anti-jew themes woven throughout your commentaries. just stick to connecting xtianity — as well as all other belief systems — w/ utter nonsense. beliefs systems (no empirical basis) show the profaning & misuse of the one of many brain systems, the imagination.

Comments such as this, assure the doom of the white race is sealed. However, I knew that long before I read your comment. I have been dealing with diversion and misdirection since I first became enlightened to the Jews’ presence, along with an inkling of what their influence has done to this world.

Jews are the basis of all ~ ALL ~ our woes and have been for millennia. Wake up! Jews destroyed Egypt thousands of years ago and have been destroying cultures ever since. Dear sir, tell me, where were those Christians when Jews were destroying ancient cultures like Egypt, Sumeria and Babylon?

Jews have been the prime force behind every revolution over the last four hundred years and others beyond. Jewish revolution was one of the major problems for first century Rome, but it was the same problem for Nebuchadnezzar, 600 years before Jesus. Jews murdered 66 million Russians after that revolution. Jews created and own the Federal Reserve that has been behind every economic and political calamity since its creation. This included the so-called great depression that starved some three million Americans to death and the funding of America’s two global wars.

Jews fomented two of the bloodiest wars in human history. Jews forced their allied proxies to firebomb Germany to smoldering ruin and then slaughtered over a million and a half German civilians and POWs – after the war! Jews were the murderers at the Katyn Forest massacre. Jews starved some five million Ukrainians. Jews invented and funded the atomic bomb. Those nuclear bombs, along with relentless firebombing raids, murdered millions of Japanese. Japan lost somewhere between 2.1 mil – 2.3 mil soldiers during World War II. Besides these, there were a further 550,000 – 800,000 civilians deaths due to the international Jews’ crimes against humanity.

In the process Jews managed to irradiate the world with more than two thousand nuclear tests between (((their))) host proxies, the Soviet Union and America. Jews created the terror of the so-called “cold war” to keep their stupid goy worker drones designing, developing and deploying these weapons of unbelievable mass ~ MASS ~ destruction at a wartime pace. Next, Jews were the prime force behind the sixties “revolution” that destroyed traditional American culture. The confusion created by that revolution enabled the Jews complete takeover of the country.

Jews handed white Africa to the Negroes so they could buy up the valuable resources for cheap ho’s and bling as opposed to the fair market value whites insist on. And now, white Afrikaners are well on their way to extinction.

Jews false-flagged the trade Tower Attacks, exactly as they false flagged their attack on the King David Hotel. The result of the King David Hotel lie was the removal of British rule from the region and then the state of Israel. The Trade Tower lie led to America’s Soviet style, terrorist police state, with its centralized umbrella agency, the Department of Homeland Security, along with the complete loss of what little freedom remained for white Americans.

Of course, there are those who will say Jews could have never done any of this without willing Christian accomplices working for them. That’s like saying a murderer is hard pressed to murder unless he has the proper weapon with which to murder. There is not enough room on the web to list the Jew’s heinous crimes against humanity. Yet I am supposed to b believe Christians are the problem?

The “Christian problem” no different than the “Negro problem” or the “gun problem.” The answer is to always get rid of the weapon instead of the Jews pulling its trigger. If we just get rid of the Christians/Negroes/Guns – get rid of anything and everything but the god-damned-Jews and everything will eventually turn out all right. Ya sure, you betcha!

Anyone not seeing these obvious facts is blind to the reality surrounding the Jews’ noose rapidly tightening around their necks. Those diverting from this obvious fact are barking at the moon. Chasing the Jews’ religious chimeras will never change anything. I’ll stop pointing out the Jews’ murderous psychopathy the day the last Jew is strangled with the guts of a rabbi.

The major problem however is rapidly becoming a matter of identifying an A.I. NPC from a real person actually commenting – and I’ll bet you can’t guess whose behind that new wall of confusion.

Your thoughts?

Jews are the basis of all ~ ALL ~ our woes and have been for millennia. Wake up!

Many times I’ve told you this is not a monocausal site, yet you continue to comment here despite your promises never to comment here again.

I try, I really try, but occasionally I find comments so inane as to trigger my Jew reflex. (It’s like a gag reflex that happens when a psychopathic Jew gets stuck in my brain.)

Frankly, I’m no longer certain why I waste my time in this manner. It is truly a waste of time, as it is useless to discuss any of these matters any longer. In fact, I wonder why any of us continue wasting our time in this manner.

I keep promising myself I am going to quit posting, all posting, and do something more useful, but what else is there with the days of our lives growing so short? I have however reduced commenting by at least half and fully intend to quit entirely, but then alcoholics swear they’ll quit drinking.

And now, one cannot even tell if they are wasting their time on a real person or a Jew robot troll. We’re dead, all dead. (((They))) killed us long ago and most just don’t know it yet. Our race, our nations, our cultures, our entire civilization are dead and there is nothing anyone can do about it now but rearrange the deck chairs for a better view of the funeral.

I’ll try again not to hinder your efforts at exposing the other reasons for our demise with my monocausal comments. The problem is your website is one of the few remaining sites worth reading, so I read it on a regular basis. Despite our differences, I recognize and appreciate your insight on many matters. In fact, I have often linked to your site in the past.

Many times I have bit my keyboard and moved on, but It’s like that old Sufi story where the lamb asks the lion, “why do you keep looking at me so hungrily?” The lion replies, “why is it you look so appetizing?”

@Arch – are your mentally insane? , if you love your concocted rabbi jesus so much, then please visit some pedophile parlor (church) and prostrate before your beloved dead Jew.

We have no interest in him, if there is some one who destroyed west and made european race a subservient one to Jewish interests, its you christ cucks who did it.

You and your fore bearers are the source of the problem, we cannot face the Jew ,let alone win against them as long as you filth exist among us, since you are spiritual Jews.

If you have an iota of shame left within you and christ cuckery has not contaminated your blood, please refrain from posting nonsense comments about how mentally insane Christians being persecuted by your gods chosen children.

Christianity is a form of mental psychosis,if you are not strong enough to overcome it, find some solace among the ” Meek rapefugees” and some pedophile priests, and leave us from your insanity, leave healthy whites from your disease, stop polluting the minds of little children with your Jeebus stories, you have poisoned the minds of multiple generations, enough is enough .

The war cannot be won against Biological Jews by joining the hands with Spiritual Jews ( Christians, liberals etc.) , one should stop associating with both.

The lack of commenter insight on the web has become truly astounding. When I first began posting at VNN, more than seventeen years ago, people read, listened and provided thoughtful replies to my comments.

Of course, in those days it was a relatively small group with the savvy to use the web effectively. Here is a typical response I received for my efforts in those bygone days.

Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2002 11:31:16 -0800
Subject: Power

Thanks Arch. I’m going to run this as an article, not a letter. It’s good to hear from you again, and I know the readers will benefit from this.

I stopped posting at VNN when Alex turned the moderation over to someone that began editing my posts. I have no problem with minor editing of my comments, but when the aim of the content is changed, that’s a different matter.

Today all I find on the web is continual rebuff, i.e. “If you do not march lock step with our beliefs then go away. We have no desire, or need, of any solidarity with your views and will not listen to them.” But then, I have never marched lockstep with anyone.

As with politics, the web is all about building walls. What does anyone expect to achieve with such divisive attitudes? There is no denying how well this attitude serves the Jews purpose at effectively dividing and conquering the white goyim by use of the most niggling issues. “Is so! Is not! Is SO! IS NOT!”

Over the years, I have seen Jews sow these divisions among, not only among white groups, but between the races, sexes and age groups; not to mention political issues like drugs, abortion and “gun control.” More than once, long before the web existed, I was personally affected by such sown division. Now I find it overtaking the web.

Of course divide and conquer is as old as the Jews’ story of the Tower of Babel. Division and dissension is what Jews sow among all classes and groups outside there own. Just look at the recent shutdown of the government due to political bickering and infighting over a stupid wall destined to fail, doing so at great expense to the stupid ignorant goyim being tasked to pay for it by adding to the pile of already existing debt. How is a government going to accomplish anything when it is so thoroughly divided by design?

“A house divided against itself, cannot stand.” – Abraham Lincoln.

But there is a new twist in the Jew’s technique for sowing division among people on the web, the Hasbrat’s A.I. troll bot. Along with deception and misdirection, division is the aim of the Jews’ troll bot (are there any Christian troll bots sowing dissension among the masses?) Such division, confusion and misdirection only increase the level of anger and intolerance of other people’s views. This anger and frustration prevents people from achieving meaningful connections with others.

I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are a real person and not an A.I. NPC. You have obviously judged my work before actually reading what I have written. How can I be certain of this? Because of the inane idea that I am a Christian and it is heavy Christian influence lurking behind my work. You have taken a few statements I have made about Jesus and based your half-baked opinion on those words alone. Yet those words were intended to jar the conscious mind, programmed by the Jew.

Obviously, I did not have sufficient understanding of the Jews’ highly advanced programming techniques. The fact is, nothing could be further from the truth, but of course, you will never understand that because of your half-baked opinions about things which you actually know nothing about outside perhaps at best a brief scanning. It is from this skewed viewpoint these half-baked opinions are formed and then brought forth to dismiss my work out of hand

You assume you know what I am trying to convey, when in fact you have not the slightest clue. This effectively demonstrates the Jews’ programming of the “soundbite” mentality. “If you cannot say it in a paragraph, then I don’t have time for it.” As I wrote previously, anyone truly dedicated to opposing the Jews’ rapidly expanding agenda of destruction is wasting their time and effort.

Before returning to that ivory tower, where commenters here bathe in the luxury of sensible discussion over how many Christians it takes to dull a pinhead, look at the real world collapsing all around you. Take a good look at Europe, Africa, the Americas. Ask yourself, is it functional at this point to run around with blinders on while trying to pin the tail on the Christian?

As I wrote to Cesar, our time is wasted in these efforts. I wasted time on my efforts and he wastes his time because no one of any consequence listens. They do not listen to me, they do not listen to Cesar. In fact, they do not listen to anyone other than Dan Dickbreath on their nightly J-news, never realizing Dan is owned lock, stock and barrel by Jews paying him huge sums to lie.

The attempts I see being made on the web are nothing more than teaspoons of Aryan holy water attempting to quench the Jew’s raging, out of control, fire consuming our way of life. All a waste of time because stupid, ignorant goyim are programmed for division and dissension.

Goyim – cattle. Mindless, unthinking herds of bovine-like creatures programmed to march willingly to the slaughterhouse. Jews sure got that word right. With such attitudes prevailing among the stupid goyim masses, there is not a snowballs chance in hell of overcome the Jewish Juggernaut marching them towards their doom across the entire planet. Yesterday the nations, tomorrow the world screams the Jew in your face. The reply? “Who’s playing in the big game this weekend?”

G.L Rockwell once tried working outside the box with his National Socialist iconography in the hopes it would jar the sleeping masses into wakefulness. What happened? He was murdered by one of his own disgruntled people, dissatisfied with a problem that was never really determined. Jews then turned Rockwell’s efforts around to create hatred, terror and revulsion among the stupid goyim that had fought Jew war two. In the end, Rockwell served the Jews’ purpose far better than his own. Today people actually infer Rockwell worked for the Jews.

Shoot the messenger is the Jews’ favorite type of target practice and here I have been provided with yet another example of that thoroughly Jewed mentality. You people desperately need a wake up call. I would suggest obtaining a good dose of acid, mescaline, or psilocybin that will enable you to step outside your small, mental boxes and take a good look at your overweening egos. Otherwise, as we used to say in the Corps, you can “bend over and kiss your fuckin’ ass goodbye.”

(A note of caution: Psychotropic use in America was initially employed by the government in their mind control programs. When the results became evident, the government outlawed these substances – there’s a clue. For most individuals, the use of psychotropics presents a “consciousness expanding” experience. However, one must be cautious as this very often leads to temporary dissolution of the ego. The loss of ego can be highly uncomfortable or even destructive to those with little or no awareness or control over it; but can be deadly to “egomaniacs,” leading to suicidal tendencies.)

In the Apocalypse, which is quite gnostic Christ is “… the Lamb, which was slain from the beginning of the world.” Challoner DRV. I think that Carrier here would argue that Saint John the revelator is speaking of a purely mythical crucifixion that happened aeons ago.

Here is an article you might find interesting. Another Jesus was someone else. This time he is an Egyptian, Jehoshua Ben-Pandira

“He forced us to ask how the four Gospels of the Christian canon could be the biography of any Messianic personality living in the first Christian century, when he traced their texts back to Egyptian documents that must have been venerable even in 3500 B.C.”

“The personal existence of Jesus as Jehoshua Ben-Pandira can be established beyond a doubt, Massey wrote. “He was born more than a century earlier than the date of birth assigned to the Jesus of the Gospels!”

“As the son of a rabbi he fled with his father to Egypt because of a persecution of the rabbis during a civil war in which the Pharisees revolted against King Alexander Jannaeus around 105 BC. His familiarity with the history of the times allowed Massey to conclude both men were declared sorcerors and executed.”

It is Ben-Pandira they mean when they say they have another and a truer account of the birth and life, the wonder-working and death of Jehoshua or Jesus. This repudiation is perfectly honest and soundly based. The only Jesus known to the Jews was Jehoshua Ben-Pandira, who had learnt the arts of magic in Egypt, and who was put to death by them as a sorcerer.

My apologies for missing your earlier references.

who had learnt the arts of magic in Egypt

any reference[s] listing what these egyptian magics are? walking on water? multiplying physical entities (food stuffs)? physical projection from one set of global coordinates to another? and if documentation exists that says these jesus acts of the N.T. are in fact ancient egyptian magic arts, the how did the recipes for performing these magic arts get lost. (i’d love to live in this kind of magic. if a master was presently alive that demostrated this stuff, i’d pack my bags tomorrow and give everything i owned to get to the masters residence and hound him for mentorship. honestly, as an old man, the magic of “jesus” still gets me worked up.)

alas, for all of gerald massey’s digging about into the egyptian magic arts, he did not learn how to perform some signature pieces such as walking on water and holo-porting his physical manifestation to various locations? well, can’t fault the guy for not trying, i guess. still, w/o concrete demo, a waste of one’s limited life’s resources. (these supposed invisible –yet powerful — alien constructs are nasty little/ big buggars to get hold of.) (i hypothesize they invented and continue to invent viruses. and other as yet unknown nasty mortal enemies of human cells.)

@Arch Stanton “Jews have been the prime force behind every revolution over the last four hundred years and others beyond. Jewish revolution was one of the major problems for first century Rome,”

Two simple words to refute you: India and Mexico. Both were Judenfrei, both fell.

“This included the so-called great depression that starved some three million Americans to death and the funding of America’s two global wars.”

Wait, really? I’ve only heard about it from Russians, but Russians also talk about nuclear Napoleons and non-existing Armenians.

“Jews starved some five million Ukrainians.”

And those Jews were far more pro-White than the modern ones. But nobody cares…

“Those nuclear bombs, along with relentless firebombing raids, murdered millions of Japanese.”


“designing, developing and deploying these weapons of unbelievable mass ~ MASS ~ destruction at a wartime pace”

And now we don’t have enough of those to exterminate all non-Whites in one swing. Those Jews think so far ahead! (Fun fact: MAD does not apply any longer.)

“Jews false-flagged the trade Tower Attacks”

Oh no.

“The Trade Tower lie led to America’s Soviet style”

Soviets pumped a lot of babies and glorified war. Americans are faggots and blue-haired feminists.

“Yet I am supposed to b believe Christians are the problem? ”


“get rid of anything and everything but the god-damned-Jews”

CT has repeated quite often that he hates Jews, too. You seem delusional.

“Our race, our nations, our cultures, our entire civilization are dead”

As long as they are in the process of dying, hope remains. Not over til it’s over.

“I have seen Jews sow these divisions among, not only among white groups, but between the races, sexes and age groups”

Aren’t Jews uniting all the races? Diametrically opposite of sowing divisions? Now you sound like a hippie on drugs.

“Just look at the recent shutdown of the government”


“How is a government going to accomplish anything when it is so thoroughly divided by design? ”

Jesus fucking Christ, what good are you expecting the government to accomplish?

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