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Have people woken up?

I cannot believe it. Last month I briefly discussed Stefan Molyneux’s dishonest video on the synagogue massacre but had not looked at the comment section of that video. This morning I’ve taken a look at it and am very surprised to see that so many people have woken up on the Jewish question. The fact is that Molyneux, a gatekeeper from our side of the psychological Rubicon, a steppingstone from the side of the normies, got completely crucified in the comment section of that video. These are only a few comments. Keep in mind that the subject matter was precisely the JQ:

• His most dishonest video yet.

• You’re intellectually dishonest. This is not how a good philosopher acts. The JQ shall set you free.

• This was a disgusting display Stefan. I write this as Jean-Francois Gariépy wraps up his response stream. I dare you to debate someone on this topic. JFG wouldn’t be a bad choice. Others have naturally suggested Kevin MacDonald as well.

• This video exemplifies what many of us have been saying for ages. Stefan is a fool, and anyone who believes his C rate acting is also a fool. It is painfully clear why he refuses to debate anyone of real intellect, and sticks to the safety of YouTube.

• This was just embarrassing. Stefan, Mr. “Not An Argument” delivers non-argument after non-argument here. He must have thrown out his back bending over backwards to misrepresent the JQ. For someone who likens himself to the philosophers of old, he sure does seem to know who to not criticize.

• Stefan has put himself in the corner here. It’ll be interesting to see if he addresses this comment section in his next video or if he’ll try to pretend it never happened.

• He won’t even bother with damage control. What can he do, lie about his heritage once more and avoid the JQ again?

• How stupid will he look though if his next video is just “let’s talk about why atheism is so smart again” or “let’s talk about how great capitalism is again”. Edit: looks like he already put up another video [unrelated to the challenges presented in the thread], typical kosher cowardice.

• The goyim know Stefan, it’s too late to shut it down. Address the JQ or lose your integrity forever.

• Reconsidering my donation subscription after this video.

• I never thought I’d see the day when so many people are aware of the Jewish question. Holy shit.

• Great video Stefan, give me more of those blue pills baby. They’re delicious! Yum yum yum yumyum. No more JQ hallucinations, yay, I’m cured!

• Ugh, you just gave up and showed your soft underbelly Stefan. I used to recommend you, now… I’m un-subbing, you are simply cringe worthy now.

This is only the tip of the iceberg in that comments section. How hilarious! I didn’t expect that within my lifetime so many people, apparently outside the hardcore of white nationalist forums, were red-pilled on the JQ.

If this awakening continues there’s still hope…!