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Manosphere Sexual "liberation"

Yoga shooter was an incel revolutionary

by Andrew Anglin

Editor’s note:

On Friday, a 40-year-old man shot and killed two people and wounded five others at a Tallahassee yoga studio before turning his handgun on himself.

Incels [involuntary celibates] are deserving of pity, and no one is giving it to them. Instead, they are called losers and creeps, and told that their oppression is their own fault.

Historically, every man other than the very bottom of the gene pool got laid, because we enforced strict rules against sluts. In the modern age, we have no rules enforced against sluts—instead we have the opposite: we have rules enforced to protect and comfort sluts, to enable them to maximize their whoring beyond levels you can even begin to imagine.

And yet somehow, we are supposed to be shocked that some guys lose their nerve and can’t take it anymore and shoot-up a yoga studio?

Well, apparently, the chickens have come home to roost. The incel rebellion is in full-swing.

The way to stop this is easy: you bring back traditional sexual standards. But there is no will to do that, because the Jews want white women to be whores fucking niggers.

I obviously do not support or encourage anyone to shoot up yoga studios, and in fact think this is very ungood. But you cannot expect it to not happen. It is the direct consequence of the actions of the Jews in “liberating” women to be completely godless whores.

It’s all very sad.

58 replies on “Yoga shooter was an incel revolutionary”

incel is the adult form of child abuse that drives adult male sufferers mad. (john modrows book applies to this incel abuse, too.) here are two youtube titles worth watchin that show the raw emotion of the abused, at least to a degree some sufferers might relate to,
Phil Collins – In the air tonight (live), performed in germany
a song by collins about a camp counselor who abused him as a child. collins’ drumming in this performance is viscera and intense.
The Tragic Real-Life Story of Axl Rose a short 6 min bio-clip about rose’s emotional performances and his wrecked adult live, a consequence of chronic child trauma at the hands of his real father and even worse, his step-father. few will argue that axl raw emotions as frontman fueled g&r’s popularity in the 80’s & 90’s.

why i hold suicide as the final heroic act by the sufferer. (obviously, if one enjoys life, and is more happy than not, he’s not going to consider suicide. for some sufferers, it’s the only relief.)

It’s all very sad.

i take some comfort that fate plays a role. i think craig venter’s A Life Decoded relates more than several instances of the role fate played. was craig lucky? yes. one could argue that nature identified craig as a key player in the unveiling of the mystery of dna. when/ why/ who/ now? only fate knows.

and i take comfort in the biomimicry of seeds that fall from the trees. and plants: plants & trees produce countless more seeds than those that get germinated and even more, the germinated ones that successfully establish a tap root. only nature knows.

so us incel guys: take heart. (and yes, i was married to a perfect nordic in my youth, which now i credit fate for: because i was clueless as a young adult male when she came into my life and wanted me — i suppose for the success symbol i represented to her, as much as i wanted her for the sex symbol she was to me. at any rate, nature wanted our 3 boys, all exceptional mixes of her 100 % nordic genes and my 3/4 german, 1/4 english.) i played zero conscious role in making my marriage. the post-mortem? 100% fate.

hillsong united songs give me large doses of emotional intensity that i need soothe festering emotional wounds. (i care zero about their fantastical lyrics.) and the crowds at those hillsong concerts add to a certain emotional depth: other suffering humans calling out desperately/ wishfully for a fantasy father/ savior they never had in their psychiatrically violent childhood collectives.)

i presently crave psychic safety. to which nature has so far said “No.” (gee, how long do i wait for the curtains to come up on the next act? )

White men who can’t seduce/fuck/have a woman – ESPECIALLY A WHORE – are a fucking disgrace and lower than homosexuals. Let them perish.

Unreasonable, devoid of logic and unjust. If that’s how you translate the above.

Let those perish too.

That is the impression you are giving. How adept are you at getting laid Ezra? Even if you get laid often why does that make you think that you are in the position to spit on those males who have been trampled by Western society?

The question of “why can’t these guys just get a girlfriend?” is as ridiculous as saying “why is an inhabitant in the crime capital of the world not dead?” The answer is because life is not that simple. If you follow the trends, you will see that as promiscuity and loose sex has increased, the amount of males actually receiving sex has decreased substantially. Why this is the case, I don’t really know, but you need to think twice before you throw young White men under the bus because you happen to be a nymphomaniac.

What I have noticed is that those who brag or boast about how much sex they have and berate others because they weren’t so lucky are themselves deeply insecure about their own masculinity and potency. That is the impression you give off in your first comment.

@ Ezra,

Your first comment is the worst comment from yours I’ve seen on this site.

Haven’t you noticed that laws and rules and the very zeitgeist have changed 180º since I was a kid?

Marriage used to be the institution to have sex. But marriage has been abolished throughout the West.

I am not interested in ‘getting laid’. That’s for degenerates. I am interested in marriage, which has been abolished.

Therefore, even at my advanced age, I am an involuntary celibate (as the two women who proposed to me in the past are non-whites). And there are millions like me in the West.

Muslims are getting sex for the simple reason that marriage is still a solid institution in Islam. If you blame white incel males you have swallowed one of the worst guilts that the Judeo-liberal zeitgeist have installed (malware) into the Aryan mind.

rather than discussing the merits/ demerits of the social marriage institution, it may be safer to ask what is the biomimicry of the marriage institution? the reasons for marriage are multivariate. gail putney fullerton wrote a tome “Survival in Marriage,” c 1972. a sociologist, she covers the subject wide and deep, in the context of the boomer generation. reading it shocks one to see how much american society has changed and therefore the [shoe box] context to try to fit the present concept of marriage in.

Pity the children. as statistically, they suffer the long term effects of the emotional traumas accompanying america’s changing. for the worse? only the post-mortem will tell.

(and there will be many 20/ 20 hindsight narratives, as there are many on the causes of WW1 — which i side w/ germany on: britain started WW1, caving to its jew schizophrenia genetic weakness. (i tend to the agree w/ the commenter banned a week ago: britain and its corollary the United States have enough jew blood/ dna spread throughout that functionally, both can be considered jew. and russia, too. litvaks, all, having crept and crawled all across the world’s landscapes. fukers.))

“I hate women, but I want to use them for sex in the same way that I don’t want them to use me for money, marriage and children.” That’s the hypocrisy of these people, the incels, MGTOWs and men’s rights activists, in a nutshell. I’m guessing this guy had bought into the “all bitches are hypergamous whores” rhetoric. So many of these young men seem to believe that they have a divine entitlement to plough a field of young pussy and sow their seed. They genuinely believe that men should refuse to contribute to society unless each man is guaranteed a young wife who’ll sire his legacy. Hell, these men are even more loathsome and narcissistic than the “thots” they so despise. The days of grim Victorian-style patriarchy are over, but that doesn’t make the men of today victims.

No: if you don’t understand the war on extermination that currently is destroying your country, you are the loathsome creature; not the folks in the manosphere.

You don’t have a father figure and were raised by your mom. Your mind is thoroughly yin as can be seen in your Twitter account, where you use a pink colour and an avatar of a girl.

This is not a site for you.

Don’t come back please.

I’d be happy to let you stew in your esoteric little bubble, Cesar, but I can’t let you have the last word when what you’re saying about me is incorrect. It would be easier for me to leave if you didn’t keep misrepresenting me, obligating me to come back and correct you, as I am now about to do.

My mother remarried, so yes, I did have a father figure. I know how convenient it would be to shove me into the “feminised male” mould that you have prepared, but I keep telling you that my passion is for female beauty, hence my twitter avatar, and I chose pink because it complements her black hair beautifully. I believe this is the third time I’ve addressed this matter, but I have no doubt that you will once again fail, perhaps wilfully, to absorb it.

My mother would always vote for the BNP, the most far-right party in Britain, whenever the opportunity arose, and it was actually her who persuaded me to vote to leave the EU in 2016, since I wasn’t going to bother voting at all. So once again, the reality here is not as simple as your “it’s all women’s fault” narrative would have us believe. Would you or one of your followers here care to actually address the hypocrisy I spoke of, as opposed to attacking me? I see you’re still running with that “he must be a boomer or a woman pretending to be a man” angle. You try so desperately to contextualise what I say within your narrative, it’s really quite painful to watch.

In fact I’d say that if anyone here has issues going back to how they were raised, it’s you, Cesar. You seem to have an obsession with child abuse and psychiatry, which often seeps through in your writing, I’ve noticed. But if nobody here wants to discuss what I actually wrote, I’m happy to say cheerio.

Not a strawman, a logical deduction given the way you refer to them as “whores” all the time. Someone who adores women would never talk about them with such venom. Now, is anything I said going to be addressed or not?

That’s because, in your very bizarre mind, you believe that a woman being sexually attractive makes her a whore. Men usually like it when women are attractive, and since you don’t, and you *claim* not to be an old testament fanatic, the only conclusion I’m left with is that you must be a homosexual. I see no other explanation.

THIRD STRAWMAN in a row! (“That’s because, in your very bizarre mind, you believe that a woman being sexually attractive makes her a whore”.)

I have never said that, and never implied that. (And by the way, it was Anglin who used the term “whore” in the article that I didn’t write.)

I’m left with is that you must be a homosexual. I see no other explanation.

You really, really want to be banned in this site, right?

what biomimcry is there for human male homosexuality? i ask because the author john lauristen impresses me with his sensitive treatments of the subject. perhaps a merciful anomaly for a statistically small sample of adult males. (certainly, what’s the likelihood of there being more homosexual males than heterosexual? unlikely? if the universe conspires for its own survival, nature will not suffer the extinction of its male/ female design. though the litvaks have figured out how to capitalize it, along with all putrid shit that destroys aryan societies.)

still, i agree w/ c.t. on the child’s need of a loving/ safe/ stable-over the longterm/ father/ mentor, that the mother-father traditional family seems to be the perfect petri dish for. added value is fate’s kindness in granting some adults similarly loving/ safe/ stable longterm career mentors. those lucky adults usually flourish in their careers.

Who says I’m talking about this specific one? There are many entries in this site where you and people who write for you refer to women as whores, usually for pathetically trivial reasons such as wearing revealing clothes. A world wear women aren’t sexually attractive isn’t a world that most men (other than Abrahamic nutters) want to live in, so you’re dooming whatever movement you think you’ve got here.

Yes, the lord and master of the blog can ban whomever he wishes for whatever contrived infraction he can think of. Commenting here is a privilege not a right, etc. I’ve heard it many times before on many other sites.

Quote me a single time calling ‘whore’ a non-degenerate woman. (It is not even a common word in my vocabulary.)

Strawman, strawman, strawman.

That’s the whole point, Cesar. You’re definition of whore is so broad as to be meaningless. It means prostitute, yet you would use it for every woman who wears cosmetics, revealing clothes, or has sex when she’s not married. Look how casually you throw around terms like degenerate and whore, not to mention the ridiculous and utterly redundant “thot” term. I can’t take someone like that seriously.

You are still strawmaning. Just quote an instance that I use the word “whore” in any thread. It’s not in my usual vocabulary. You seem to be replying to Anglin, the author of the article as if I was him.

(But yes: I understand Anglin when he calls “whores” many western women who ride the cock throughout her youths and never marry.)

It’s 2:40 in the morning. I’m not going to trawl through this entire blog, which contains god knows how many entries, trying to locate uses of a specific word. You think I remember the name of every entry I read, or take note of who posted it? Of course not. I’m a human being, not a machine.

You are clearly in agreement with Anglin, that repulsive little gremlin, when it comes to women. The consensus here is clear. Unless they’re pumping out babies to be used as cannon fodder in your race war, they’re worthless whores who may as well drop dead. So much for your love of English roses. You will destroy them if you arrange for them to reproduce with hyper-masculine males. I warned you of that, and you can resent it all you want, but it remains true. Genetics is a bitch.

Simon Elliot claims to be a young man (not a boomer) and we have reproduced his pic and his female avatar in other threads of this site, not long ago.

I am not even sure if he’s lying. Jack suspected s/he is a woman. I don’t know and I don’t care. People like him are destroying England.

@Jack Halliday

Most of your reply seems inconsequential as I nowhere “brag or boast about how much sex I have” or “be a nymphomaniac”. I don’t care about such silly things.

Man’s goal in THIS world must be self-mastery, not running after pleasure(s). I work towards transcendental self-cultivation in artistic and spiritual aspiration.

Impressions do not always conform to reality. What the hell is “western society” to trample a being? External things are of no importance for real men. Life is as simple – or complicated for that matter – as you want it to be. You are your own master and responsible for your own destiny. I see human race as a failed species so naturally I don’t believe in propagating my genes as idealism is dead. It is only an accident of fate that I or You are contemporary of such mass of deluded slaves. Sex should be of NO importance if the final goal isn’t procreation – in fact maybe it’s better to quit sexual practice – it is degeneracy if one keeps doing it for base flesh values. Aim higher. Why do white men want sex and girlfriends and wives if they aren’t able to conceive of greater ways in this life other than being jew toys? Or not being able to rise at least 4 WHITE children? They are still degenerates and should be judged accordingly.

Want to fuck a woman once in a while? Big deal, who can’t do it is not worthy of the game called life and goes shooting people randomly. Untermensch! To have sex is easy and should be easy for any decent white man. The goal MUST be marriage and children!!! I agree this is hard but life is! Young white men have no excuses, they must do inner work if they want to survive and stop complaining about not being able to fuck some promiscuous girls. But maybe they don’t want to survive?

You want to have sex but can not because???, you are weak. You see sex as the ultimate goal in life and are in continual pursuit of it, call yourself sexually accomplished etc. you are still weak and lack the nobility of real men. Both unmanly manifestations of the shitshow called postmodernism.

How can a lunatic like Varg Vikernes do it and you can’t? Adolf Hitler conquered a nation, but you can not conquer a woman – regardless of who she is? And you like the Third Reich? And want it back throught white nationalism lol, I mean look at those cucks.

With that said, I do agree that the naivety of medieval chivalry serve no place or purpose in feminist “liberation” and disillusionment of withdrawn, contemporary existence. Generally, following the death of romance the truth seeker is bound to a life of solitude.

@C.T. I do agree that marriage has been abolished but white men allowed it by swallowing jew parasitic materialism and not caring for their folk – well WW2 brought unforeseen catastrophes for race traitors and I’m fine with what’s happening to anglo-saxons. Blame white incels for not being able to overcome the current state of things i.e. the judeo-liberal Zeitgeist. I don’t believe you would have not been capable of finding a decent white woman, marry her and have children. You just didn’t want it to be unnatural(!) so you just set up different priorities, correct me if I am wrong.

@ Ezra

Want to fuck a woman once in a while? Big deal, who can’t do it is not worthy of the game called life and goes shooting people randomly. Untermensch!

I CAN’T do it and I am no Untermench!

What am I supposed to do? Go to Gomorrah (e.g. a disco) and vomit listening to degenerate music? Going to the church and vomit because I am anti-Christian?

I cannot even get a decent job in Mexico because my family was so incredibly destructive in my teens and early twenties that I could not even make a career (don’t ask me how I am paying my bills).

If you have no money you cannot make a catch, let alone an Aryan gal in Mexico, who are far more expensive.

How can you blame the victim—all incel whites in the West? No man complained about involuntary celibacy prior to the destruction of marriage and the institution of revolutionary terror in sexual matters (Roger Devlin analyzed the subject so well).

Also, even if I won the lottery and could hire a white prostitute I would NOT do it. Even as a rich man who could move to a white country, I would find difficulties to find a decent woman.

Again, letting laid does not interest me—it’s for decadents. What interest me is to OWN a fair woman. And even a millionaire would have difficulties to OWN a woman (as even poor men previously owned them) in the current psychotic West.

I also agree with a lot of what you are saying C.T. you are both right in a sense. It is not impossible to get laid but for many men but you are right it is not really worth the effort right now for many men. I agree with Ezra that as a man you should be focused on things other than sex and if it comes it comes so to speak.

I would disagree with Ezra that if you find the current sexual marketplace difficult or impossible to navigate you are subhuman trash. I have known far to many men who have had serious difficulty with finding girls who were absolutely not untermensch so to speak.

The plight of many “incels” so to speak is very real, and many of them are indeed normal or even accomplished men who have simply been shut out of the sexual marketplace through sexual economics and the tendency of women to gravitate to a small minority of extremely sexually attractive males.

Your life was too fucked from the get-go so you are not to blame. Life can indeed be very unfair. I understand this.

You say you don’t want to get laid and that be the end of it as it is degenerate and I understand this too.

However, you are a man in your sixties now. What do you want at this age? A family I think not. A relationship that wouldn’t produce offsprings would be just as futile from your POW it seems. You didn’t do it in your 20s, 30s, 40s fuck even 50s. It is more just to resign, don’t you think?

I don’t blame all Incel Whites, only those who complain like “oh man how hard it is to have sex it’s harder than on the eastern front man” and start mistreating women like you know shooting them. These are untermenschen.

There are young women on this planet, you can still raise a family. They are not all whores. As a white man, if that’s what you really want and you persevere enough you will find her. I’ve met many a 16-30 woman of quality. But then you must ask yoursef a question: what for?

Ezra, you aren’t calling Cesar pathetic, despite the fact that by your own definition he is. The reason for this is that he would ban you in an instant and you are a coward with no courage to support your convictions. You say dumb shit worthy of a boot to the face then whine that someone has the audacity to call you out on it. And now your facade of being a wise old sensei is crashing down on top of you. Where are your sentences where you act like you are smarter than you are? If there is an idiot here, it is you. I am going to go a step further: You are a coward. If you were not, you would tell Cesar what you really think about him.

Your type is well known: Know more than everyone, read more than everyone, yet you can’t stand up and burn.

Ezra, when you call men pathetic because they aren’t having sex with whores comes across as boasting about your perceived sexual successes. You say: “I don’t care about such silly things.” and then make a comment where all the worth you see in males is dependant in how much sex they have. You are a disgusting degenerate; a typical narcissistic Westerner – “I can have loads of sex so you should or you are pathetic”.

“What the hell is ‘western society’ to trample a being? External things are of no importance for real men. Life is as simple – or complicated for that matter – as you want it to be. You are your own master and responsible for your own destiny.”

Could you please repeat this but in plain English? Otherwise, it has zero substantial meaning and is equivalent to white noise.

“Sex should be of NO importance if the final goal isn’t procreation”

This completely contradicts your sentences where you call men like the shooter above “pathetic”.

“Want to fuck a woman once in a while? Big deal, who can’t do it is not worthy of the game called life and goes shooting people randomly. Untermensch!”

Yes: You are a prissy little tart who condemns things which he has no real life experience with, how very intelligent.

“To have sex is easy and should be easy for any decent white man.”

Your source here is yourself. You think that because it is easy for you to get your useless penis wet, it is automatically easy for everyone else. Again: You are a typical narcissistic Westerner acting and talking all stoic like a Buddhist monk in order to sound intelligent. I honestly believe that perhaps you are in the boomer generation, which would explain why you say “what is western society to trample a being”. You are one of these Conservatives who believe that because they were forced to enjoy their mundane and empty lives that everyone else ought to or they are weak.

“You see sex as the ultimate goal in life and are in continual pursuit of it, call yourself sexually accomplished etc. you are still weak and lack the nobility of real men. Both unmanly manifestations of the shitshow called postmodernism.”

When did I imply this? What is the “nobility of real men”? How do you assess this in men? What if a man proves to be brave and glad-hearted in battle but hated by women? What of rape? Is the Golden State Killer a man as he has raped over 50 women, or does rape not count? Why not?

You see the problem here?

The conclusion here is that you need to meditate some more and think before you say things which you have no understanding of. Go and have sex with more women then and maybe you can whine about how sex is base and decadent. You are a degenerate and your presence ought to disgust any white person who isn’t heavily suicidal in their philosophy as you seem to be.

You are not even able to read, but misinterpret clear words in the worst manner. Stop replying me.

I’m sure Robert Jones got what I said as it is crystal clear.

For the record, you are not the master of when I decide to or not to reply, and I will do so as I see fit. Most comments of yours in this site are filled with pseudo-intellectual prose which is supposed to stand in for your lack of substantial thought. Some examples of this are when you say

“Man’s goal in THIS world must be self-mastery, not running after pleasure(s). I work towards transcendental self-cultivation in artistic and spiritual aspiration.”

“External things are of no importance for real men. Life is as simple – or complicated for that matter – as you want it to be. You are your own master and responsible for your own destiny.”

Such sentences are the rule and not the exception for you. What I am trying to get at is that the meat of your comment when we wipe it clean of general wannabe zen monk phrases is thus: “If you can’t have sex with whores and if you feel emotionally and psychologically oppressed and pressured by our society which is anti-male and anti-White then you are pathetic and subhuman.”

You sugar-coat it to make it sound profound and enlightening, but it is the same rubbish fed to us almost every day.

I got it, you people don’t want to fuck a woman for what is a woman to you? she delights not you. You want to have Isolde and fuck her too! But Isolde is going extinct. So just fuck a woman and stop complaining about this stupid world not allowing you to have meaningful intercourse with decent females and then have decent offsprings who in time will turn this shithole into the Fourth Reich. Your dreams will never come true ’cause Judah reigns Victor.

Or self-master, forget this failed species and transcend in death all flesh values for all eternity.

You didn’t do it in your 20s, 30s, 40s fuck even 50s. It is more just to resign, don’t you think?

I am not a virgin. But obviously, you are directing your criticism to the wrong target. Presently the millions of males who have not been able to get married are the victims of the psychotic West. And yes: a war would be easier on the Eastern front than finding the right woman. Or have you missed what I said in another recent thread?:

I just returned from an asylum after visiting a very old family white friend, who used to be wealthy but an illness handicapped him. His wife not only put him on the asylum: she never visits him!

The point is that both are very traditional Catholics. So traditional that they have ties with the reactionary Opus Dei.

BUT… the laws have changed even in Mexico. The woman gets everything: house, money and kids and you go to the asylum after she squeezes the hell out from your $$.

In other words, even by marrying the most conservative girl in town (an Opus Dei brat!) you are at the mercy of the anti-white, anti-male, feminist terror State.

How can you fail to understand something so obvious?

If there’s something I dislike about incels it is that (like WNsts) they don’t want to fight and get their civilisation back. But that is not exclusively a problem among incels. It affects all feminized western males.

If the HRWs started tomorrow I would volunteer, even at sixty. I am not a coward and am not afraid to die heroically. But marrying a woman or getting occasionally laid (I don’t use condoms) is presently suicidal for the male.

Incels and WNs can’t get “the right woman” as you say but you want them to get civilization back? When far greater men couldn’t do it with tanks, airplanes and guns?

“With the death of Adolf Hitler in the close of the 2nd World War in 1945 Western civilization, as it had existed and is still perceived DIED once and for all. The only thing that was left now was a gene pool.” —James Mason

“The fall of Stalingrad is the finish of Europe. There was a cataclysm. The core of it all was Stalingrad. There you can say it was finished and well finished, the white civilisation.” —L.F. Céline

On your own site!!!

He who is not able to have and educate woman – even those of today – will never accomplish anything of value in this world and should rather end his existence.

“He who is not able to have and educate woman – even those of today – will never accomplish anything of value in this world and should rather end his existence.”

It utterly amazes me that you have not an inkling of self-awareness. You say the above, yet say also that men should refrain from having loose sex and should focus of self-mastery, whatever that entails. So you speak from both sides of your mouth at every opportunity in an effort to sound like the next Julius Evola and thus humiliating yourself.

Who are you to say what is of value? What is your authority on this? Do promiscuous males have more value than male virgins? Why, if so? Why is it important to be a casanova, especially if it is decadent in your view? Please, just tell me. I would love for you to get me acquainted with what are, in the end, knee-jerk and arbitrary standards.

@Jack Halliday I thought we here talk about things from the POW of the survival of the white race.

So from this POW I don’t endorse promiscuity as I don’t endorse virginity. Promiscuous males are even worse than involuntary virgins because while they can have sex they don’t want to reproduce! To “have and educate woman” doesn’t mean to own a sex slave but to form a family and impose on your offsprings values that can in time turn the state of things in white race’s favor! That’s what I mean. Kid, you talk like a youngster who can’t even fuck stupid bimbos let alone be capable of raising a family.

YES, it’s hard to find a GOOD woman with whom to raise WARRIOR children for the future SHTF but it is still possible if you want it. Just persevere and you’ll get there. Or is that hobbit Varg Vikernes today’s overman?

“Kid, you talk like a youngster who can’t even fuck stupid bimbos let alone be capable of raising a family.”

Yes, there he is, the real Ezra. No longer do we have Ezra the wise gentleman who can write good English and speak like Mr Miyagi. After the phony facade is gone we have the real Ezra: The wannabe macho who boasts about how many girls he uses for his useless and weak sperm, yet then tells everyone to not be “decadent”. We have the fake casanova who is really insecure about the fact that he, himself, has probably never had sex in his empty life so attacks everybody else (over the internet) for falling into the same unfortunate trap.

You are degenerate trash who hides his lack of any substantial opinion behind a persona of good written English. As I have said before, you know more than everyone, read more than everyone, fuck more than everyone, yet you have nothing worthy to your own name, nothing to separate you from the lemmings. All you have of any value is “I can seduce whores, I don’t need to kill myself”, and so you expect a medal and think it puts you in the position to make assumptions about everybody else’s worth, which is just you projecting your own lack of self-esteem and worthlessness onto better people than yourself.

Who are you to say what is of value? What is your authority on this?
Why is it important to be a casanova, especially if it is decadent in your view? Does rape count? If I rape a woman does that mean I have worth? What if I can seduce negresses well, is that good enough for you? What about chinks? Does that make me more worthy? What if I get a girl drunk and have sex with her then? You can’t answer because, as I have said, your standards are knee-jerk and arbitrary and calling me “kid” is not going to change that, old man.

By the way, using CAPS doesn’t MAKE you SMARTER.

This site is a treasure trove of incredible information thanks to the hard work of Cesar. Let’s use it to learn and become better, not to bicker with each other.

No Robert.

It’s precisely because guys like Ezra, Simon and hundreds of WNsts fail to understand the current war against the white male what explains why they don’t fight together.

So the aspersions in this thread are wholly pertinent to the debate.

You may be correct. There is a lot of truth that is not fully grasped to say the least.

@Jack Halliday

I fail to see how your manner of commenting on here helps anybody understand anything or takes the discussion forward.

In a previous thread, I responded to Anglophobic comments on this blog and pointed out that ‘special way’ criticisms of the English and British peoples are offensive and are of no more help to us than similar criticism of Germans or Belgians or Norwegians. Nor are they accurate. I also pointed out that most anti-English sentiment is based on charges and accusations invented or exaggerated by Jews and Leftists.

This, a reasonable point, was then twisted against me by you and a user called ‘esotericism’ and others to make it look like I am somehow a reactionary or ultra-Tory defending the British Empire – which I am not.

Likewise, I see Cesar then came in and inferred the same by patronisingly saying, “At least I can reason with Andrew….”, but I agree with the PoV of this site and always have done.

Neither you nor Cesar nor others here show any sensitivity to the nuance of my comments.

Are you saying English people are Jews?

Should all English people be killed?

If not, then in what sense are we in disagreement?

If you are saying that white British people are cowardly and have other faults, then we are in agreement.

The point I am making is that I have the impression that you and certain others come on here looking for disagreement for the sake of it.

This blog has a problem in its comment section in that people are not always being given the space to explore alternative perspectives and ideas. Instead, certain people – including you – jump in aggressively and go straight into attack mode.

Turning to this thread, here you make valid points that I agree with, but you go overboard, again revealing that you are an individual with serious personal mental health issues and problems. Your comments are needlessly vituperative and personal.

I know already the sort of response I will get to this comment. You will be defensive, you will insult me and you will twist and distort what I have said – pretending, of course, that you are doing no such thing.

@ ezra91

Jack Halliday is nuts. Almost every problem in the comment section on this blog revolves around him.

I think you made your point clearest in your comment at 4.30 p.m. on 4th. As I understand it, you are saying that white men need to reproduce whites, and those who can’t may as well ‘die’ in the sense of not caring about anything. If so, that kind of seems sensible to me. We are freest in death, and death can have a figurative meaning. You can be ‘dead’ to society, turn your back on people. Maybe I am taking your point too far there and losing the sense of what you wanted to convey, but that’s how I interpret it. I think there is something in what Varg Vikernes is saying, but I dislike his strategic passivity.

These idées fixes, be it obnoxious Anglophobia, or my own resentment of boomers, are not helping things and probably make any sort of sane and sensible discussion impossible, but realistically the Nordic Race is a bundle of resentments, and ‘white nationalism’ is a rag-bag of different crankish beliefs. My view is that fragmentation and ethno-tribalism is the way forward. ‘Britishness’ itself and its sub-national components may need to be broken down further until people find communities that they can identify with. In my case, it will be a Community of One, as I can’t stand to be around people anymore.

I don’t understand how any man is supposed to respect his wife when she has an extensive sexual history, let alone when she is too stupid or arrogant to hide it. I get that men are also degenerate, and that men and women have to work together, but it so often seems like a dismissal of the behavior of women who are my peers. Isn’t it a contradiction to believe on one hand that men bear the responsibility for women, and on the other that men should not make decisions for women?

@Cesar I am well aware of this “war” but I don’t care anymore, it’s not my fault that white men prefer social climbing to their folk, it’s not my fault they keep the self-loathing degeneracy keep going. And post WW2 as nordic blood dropped so low I can not care, I don’t see much worth anywhere in this race. Let the jews have their mudblood world, there is no beauty in it anyway.

Jack Halliday writes like he’s just a kid frustrated ’cause he wants but cannot fuck Simon Elliot twitter girls lol. Has no higher goals. But if you want and can not do that why do you want to survive anyway? It is not normal nor healthy to shoot at women – low as they are – because you are an incel and can’t find “the right woman”.

@Andrew I agree with Varg up to a point, but then??? You know what I mean.

Yes, people are cancer nowadays. I prefer solitude too. I think Hitler and Zhuangzi (or Li Bai) offer the two greatest outlooks to life, life as eternal struggle or life as dream. Choose, but go to the utmost.

Not only people, but so much of the “culture” that surrounds us is so shallow and basically just empty noise. It is best to just not take part.

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