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The United States must die

At 4:05 of this YouTube clip President Trump said regarding Bowers et al: ‘Those seeking their [the Jews] destruction, we will seek their [great emphasis in the president’s voice] destruction!’ No head of any Western nation had made such a remarkable statement before!

Dear American racists:

Wake up. Uncle Sam is the wickedest creature that has emerged in modern history.

Do you honestly believe that, if whites had not embraced Judeo-Christianity since Constantine, they would be suffering now from the most extreme form of ethno-suicidal philo-Semitism?

When will you start awakening by taking seriously the masthead of this site?

Don’t you see that, compared to Evropa Soberana’s essay (and Tom Goodrich’s book), everything you see on other pro-white forums is almost irrelevant?

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There are two major schools of thought on President Boomer. Your short piece summarises one of them, which is that Der Trumpkampf and political activism within the framework of the ‘Western’ nations is all next-to a waste of time. And I am not going to say you are wrong, either.

Let’s say you are right: what now? I mean ‘What now?’ in terms of actual practical steps that ordinary but ‘conscious’ people like us can take day-to-day and in the medium and longer term. Is it just a case of spreading the message and hoping for a critical nucleus?

You can become rich by saving precious metals now, which value in purchasing power will increase a tenfold after the dollar crashes, and then buy guns (both steps perfectly legal in the US).

OK, thanks.

I don’t know how far you allow us to comment on tactics here, so if I do post something inappropriate, let me know or edit/delete the comment.

My personal view is that the Alt Right has been of some use (I adopt here the pragmatic principle of nothing is useless or pointless). They have succeeded in helping to shift the intellectual debate in a rightward direction. However, the Alt Right lacks a cutting-edge and it’s clear to see that there is now a vacuum where a veritable Action Man (i.e. postmodern Rockwell type) should be.

Maybe the infection/education work needs to step up a gear and the Alt Right core now needs to be radicalised along Nietzschean lines with the aim of transvaluing (usurping, rejecting and reversing) neo-Christian ethics in favour of natural ethics. That will never fly with the general population, but it could with the core, who could then work out how to use the techniques they have already learned to first undermine, then reverse the ethical framework of receptive whites. In other words, you need to educate and radicalise your own radicals before you can radicalise the community.

I believe we can influence the normative community towards a transvaluation of values on the basis of political pragmatism. A lot of the mundane issues in politics such as foreign aid, healthcare and local government, have solutions in a nationalistic/tribal attitude to the world. There needs to be a pragmatic political initiative, starting with community politics. Here I borrow from two diversely different strategic thinkers: Ted Sallis and Joe Owens, both of whom advocate for community action. I think community action is an essential prerequisite for the execution of what ACTUALLY needs to be done, and also has a propaganda value in its own right; furthermore, involvement in the community is educational for activists – in some cases, our men need to be socialised among the ‘normal’ masses in order to understand both the limitations of whites (the Nordic Problem) and also for the purpose of developing leadership, maturity and community organising skills.

If we have a competent presence in communities, moral understanding and support from ‘normal’ people, and an emergent leadership cadre that can seize the political machinery, then we have the basis of a movement that could go down the insurrectionist path in some sense.

I think we will always be outsiders and I draw something from Varg Vikernes’ videos as well. I agree with him that the committed among us need to withdraw to the countryside, but where I differ is that this would not be for the purpose of permanent secession, but simply as a base of operations. The operations may be political, commercial-financial, subversive or paramilitary. The normative community should be viewed not as a separate country or different world, but as a battlefield and we must plan and plot how to ‘capture’ the minds and loyalties of the ‘normal’ people from the enemy.

In short, I am saying:

(i). capitalise on what the Alt Right has done rather than reject it, and use their techniques to radicalise the microcosm still further;

(ii). the radicalised microcosm can then influence a wider community, using traditional political techniques;

(iii). rather than secede and build our own normalcy, we seek to influence and lead the normative community away from the enemy to side with us instead out of rational self-interest;

(iv). with support from some of the community, we can pursue insurrection.

tee bees in every living room neuter involvement in the community, and its corollary, community education.

@ Andrew,

Yes: I see the Alt-Right as a stepping stone extremely helpful to cross the psychological Rubicon.

IMO things will be far easier for us (the hardcore) after the financial accident makes normie whites furious.

Even in the UK you may start preparing for the revolution by saving the coins of gold or silver that you can afford.

How different the world would have been were the United States wiped off at the beginning of the 20th century. So many of mankind’s misfortunes would have been avoided and some REAL progress would have been achieved.

USA, UK and every anglo nation should perish and will perish, there will be no redemption for these people.

One should stop expecting anything from these nations, stop calling these idiots as Aryan or even european for that matter.

start calling them shabbos goys. Most of whites are mixed with atleast 10% jewish blood, also most of them are spiritual jews. Nothing better can come from them.

Yes, I forgot to mention that UK is even worse. Those slaves have stood in the way of European Unity for centuries. The existence of Shakespeare, Handel, J.M.W. Turner and english roses can not atone for that. Hitler payed a great price for not annihilating them at Dunkirk, maybe he didn’t fully realize there were no knights there anymore, only jew tools.

First Clown
Cannot you tell that? every fool can tell that: it was the very day that young Hamlet was born; he that is mad, and sent into England.

Ay, marry, why was he sent into England?

First Clown
Why, because he was mad: he shall recover his wits there; or, if he do not, it’s no great matter there.


First Clown
‘Twill, a not be seen in him there; there the men are as mad as he.

And this is 1600. Shakespeare had such an Aryan soul.

Do you have any evidence for this assertion that most whites have significant Jewish admixture? Not saying you’re wrong and it’s not a facetious question, I am genuinely interested to know the basis of it. It wouldn’t surprise me if it is true, including even for myself.

Most of modern genetic evidence relies on sampling studies, they where different haplogroups originated and how these DNA markers are found in the sample population.

Europeans are not Aryans, europeans are jews, there is no difference between modern day jewry and europeans. Europeans share no cultural or spiritual commonality with any Aryan religions or faith or any traditions.

Europeans are spiritual jews but much of european blood is mixed,this is why anti semitism is schizophrenia , because europeans are jews ,killing jews means killing one selves.

White europeans are not Aryans, This word Aryan was never used in any old european texts, you will find it in Iranian texts and indian ones. Europeans are Jews , this is why hitler and other idiots who brought alien concepts like Aryan race theory were rejected by other european societies.

@ Devan,

You should not confuse the hardware (genetics) with the software (Xtian ethics).

‘10% jewish blood’ seems like a wild exaggeration to my ears.

‘Aryan’ is a perfectly legit term because it was used by the Nazis.

@C.T : Software ( Christian ethics ) can only installed when there is hardware compatibility ( genetics) , without such compatibility software cannot be installed.

Nazis were misguided , they have borrowed wrong ideology ( software ) Aryan racial theory in order to run their nation without understanding that truth that Europeans are Jews and most compatible ideology ( Software) is full acceptance of Judaism which is true European religion , Yes Christianity is a malformed virus of the original software ( Judaism) , but Virus can only exist when original software becomes outdated or has problems with compatibility.

The path to European spiritual renaissance is not some vague Aryan theory that nazis adopted, but full embrace of Judaism and celebration of Jewish identity, this is what European elite have done, they have intermarried with jews and became part of Judaism.

Aryan racial ideology today belongs to low class whites, sodomites with swastika tattoos .

Among different European ethnic groups , Jews are the only ethnic group who maintained their purity, All confusion in European mind is by product of embracing a non Jewish identity.

Europeans are spiritual Jews, European culture for the past 1900 years is Jewish culture, European myths are jewish myths, Europeans name their children after the Jewish holy men.

Europe is Jewish in blood and in myth this is why anglos believed they have closer affinity to jews than iranians or indians.

You are wrong. Many Swedes have zero kike blood and they have embraced ethno-suicide—because of Christian ethics.

If you live in Germany, why are you not honoring the Nazis? Are you a mixed Aryan?

@C.T – There are 12 tribes of Israel , Anglo Saxons, Germans, swedes are all Israelite themselves , Jews are even a distinct group among these 12 tribes.

It all depends on sample study of population group, I believe every European has at least 5-10% Jewish blood in them.

Upper classes of Europeans have at most 40-50% Jewish blood in them.

Anthropological word ” Indo European” is a wrong , it should be renamed as Judeo European which is most appropriate word.

There are 12 tribes of Israel, Anglo Saxons, Germans…

So you are either a CI buff or an advocate of British Israelism (also called Anglo-Israelism). Please don’t post another comment here.

Devan – I do understand your hatred of the dreaded Anglos – but Germany is the place that Jews fled to when they were booted from EVERY other country. Always. Jews have been in Germany for a THOUSAND years. Why haven’t your brave Teutons taken care of THE ((problem)))? Germans were openly complaining about Jews all throughout the 19th century? Just complaints. No action. What was the problem?

Hitler payed a great price for not annihilating them at Dunkirk

yes, good german that hitler was, he made the ultimate fatal mistake in reading that fat-faced drunken scheming shabbos goy churchill wrong. he should have killed him in person at their first conference meeting. how could hitler not have been uttery overcome with disgust in the presence of such a stinking blob of rotting tissue. hillary comes to mind.

Why do you ban me, you are no longer different to Jews who censor the truth.

Why you insist europeans to adopt a fake Aryan identity , an identity which no one ever used it in reference to their ethnic group before Nazis did.

If you insist in being recognized as an Aryan , why is it the culture,religion and every tradition of europe is closer to judaism and far away from the morality in Vedas or any sanskrit texts.

I have never insisted that ‘europeans to adopt a fake Aryan identity’. I was referring to Nordics and Hitlerism.

You don’t belong to this site (e.g., this claim of yours that most whites are mixed Jews).

Please find another forum for such ideas.

Thank you and good bye.

Nordicism is a good idea, sad that hitler has equated it to Aryan race theory.

Yes most whites today are mixed jews, atleast in spirit they are Jews and as depressing as it is nothing can be changed.

Europe was – because it doesn’t exist anymore – repressed Judaism? This is what you are trying to say? Crazy.

David Lane called the USG “a travelling murder circus since its beginning.” They murdered Dixie, Kaiser’s Germany, the 3rd Reich, the branch davidians… etc.

I am no National Socialist. However, I have no aversion to the Roman salute, or the other decorative aspects of the third reich.

American Nationalists chose the Butcher’s Apron, the star-spangled banner, over the swastika, even though USG has now admitted what we already knew: it wants Jew-critical White nationalists dead.

Not JUST to be fatalistic; albeit i belive a modicum is required at this moment in time, you neednt adress the lone wolfiness of it… all that needs be done is a focus on #HAIS.

We are, in fact, the agrieved party… right? Thats why im here. I seek redressment of my grievances. This is my nation, maybe yours, and i cannot sit by and “allow communist subversion, communist infitralion, communist indoctrination and the international communist conspiracy to sap and impurify our prescious bodily fluids…”


Trump means stasis for white interests in the USA, as “we” think he is on “our’ side, and wait in hope.

However Trump speaks to all groups WN, jews, blacks etc as he’s their best friend as he needs their VOTE. Trump is a capitalist-civic-nationalist with faint pro-white tendencies.

The only good Trump is doing is exposing the insane leftists and anti-whites so more people realise what we face over the next 3-4 generations it will take to clean up the mess we’re in.

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