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Blip on the radar

Finally, one white nationalist site, the webzine Counter Currents, has published a book review of the subject we consider most important, the destruction of the Greco-Roman world by early Christians.
I refer to A. Graham’s review of the 2018 American edition of Catherine Nixey’s The Darkening Age: The Christian Destruction of the Classical World (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt).
However, the commentariat of Counter Currents seems ignorant of Evropa Soberana’s eureka essay that I have been advertising in the masthead of this site (see especially these paragraphs). Perhaps a visitor of The West’s Darkest Hour may wish to link Soberana’s essay, that I translated from Spanish to English, in that thread of Counter Currents (for example: here)?
This is probably the most important topic of the whole white nationalist blogosphere. If Aryans remain ignorant of the very roots of Judaic infection they won’t be able to find a cure, as an incomplete diagnosis translates into an incomplete or imperfect medicine.

2 replies on “Blip on the radar”

I have just ordered the book myself, Cesar. I’ll will be posting excepts and maybe doing a review of my own on Volkish.org

All right, but as Graham said in his review, Nixey is not Jew-wise. We really need that Soberana’s essay is well-known in the WN scene. Nixey’s book is a stepping stone toward the other side of the Rubicon.
We are on the other side already. Even my translated paragraphs of Deschner’s book are chosen to redpill the visitor (in contrast to the purple pill in WN forums, as they largely ignore the CQ, the Christian question).

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