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'all of you Christ idiots…'

Editor’s note: In addition to the series ‘All Christians are cucks’, recently excerpted for this site, the blogger Axe of Perun wrote a couple of other articles containing the following quotable quotes:
Well, it is time to write a little something about Christians again. For those of you who haven’t yet, I advise you to check out the All Christians are Cucks series of articles. Once you digest the information there you should not be able, that is to say, you shouldn’t have the willpower, to call yourself a Christian Nationalist anymore…
Anyways, let us get several points here straight:
Jesus was a Jew. He was a Jew the same way that Paul, the Jew who brought you Christianity, was a Jew. Both were circumcised on their 8th day according to Jewish Law. Both were Hebrews, both knew how to read the Old Testament in Hebrew. Both were Israelites, both were Jews. It can’t get any more obvious than that. Jesus and the story about him claims that he is the Jewish Messiah, which is—who would have guessed it—a Jewish concept and finds its basis in the Old Testament. Jesus reads from the Old Testament. Jesus quotes about Yahweh, the Old Testament God.
Jesus observed all the Jewish ceremonies and holidays which celebrate the murder of non-Jews and are anti-Nature by their definition. Jesus praised Moses, the Jew. Jesus was a god damn Jewish Rabbi and the Book even calls him that.
For all you people out there who still refuse to accept this simple Truth—you have fattened just the way the Jews love you: You are the perfect sheep, in perfect form, with the perfect amount of fat and foolishness that another Bolshevik takeover seems to be imminent. Only a Nation of fools can be taken over by a small organized gang of criminals. And Christianity, when applied for long enough, turns that Nation into fools. If you don’t believe me, look around you and tell me if there is any real sanity to be found anywhere…
The biggest struggle of this century is not only the fight against the Jewish Race and their Biological weapons of mass destruction. It is the fight against the personal Jew which all of you Christ idiots have [red emphasis added]: the same Jew which all of the Liberals, Communists, Leftists, Marxists, etc., have. As long as this ridiculous mindset of Christianity exists among us we will never wake up, we will never be free and nothing will ever change.
Read the articles: here and here.

4 replies on “'all of you Christ idiots…'”

Compare Axe of Perun’s words in red with the epigraph of ‘Rome vs. Judea; Judea vs. Rome’:

This is precisely why the Jews are the most disastrous people in world history: they have left such a falsified humanity in their wake that even today Christians can think of themselves as anti-Jewish without understanding that they are the ultimate conclusion of Judaism. —Nietzsche

These words were written 129 years before Perun’s essay.

Christians as white nationalists? Conjures up thoughts about Manchurian candidates and Trojan horses.

There are really only two facts we have to accept if our race is to have any hope of survival: 1. The Jews are our enemy. 2. Christianity is the disease that the Jews used to successfully infect Western Civilization withs its levelling, equalitarian, death wish.
As our enemy, the Jews are only doing what comes naturally to them. I can understand that. I can deal with them as our natural enemy.
Christians are infected with this Jewish disease, most of them beyond recovery, and their dogma and doctrine must be eradicated or the infection will ultimately destroy us all. I’m of the inclination to believe it’s a waste of time to try helping them; most of them are beyond hope and don’t want to get well. If, as a race, we are to have a future, it’s only because we at some point have succeeded in inoculating ourselves from this disease.

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