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Karlheinz Deschner Racial right

Anglin’s playground

‘History is the mighty Tower of Experience, which Time has built amidst the endless fields of bygone ages. It is no easy task to reach the top of this ancient structure and get the benefit of the full view. There is no elevator, but young feet are strong and it can be done’, wrote Hendrik Willem van Loon in The Story of Mankind.
In theory, if there is anything that should matter those who want an Aryan nation, it is the facts. History should be considered the most important of the humanities, yes: the tower of experience. But I do not see much interest in the white nationalism forums for ancient historical facts in Europe, especially those facts that explain why the white race is going extinct. (What we see in most of the forums are opinions and news comments; these days for example, Trump meeting with Putin.)
When are they going to be interested in their roots, the old history of their race? What is it that prevents them from reading William Pierce’s only non-fiction book (and let’s not talk about heavy treatises like Deschner’s)? Could it be that both Pierce and Deschner were anti-Christians? Could it be that they are clinging to their parents’ religion like a baby with a pacifier? Are not yet prepared to digest strong meat? Will I continue to be talking to myself with these Deschner translations because they’re still in Anglin’s playground, like kids living in the present?

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Being someone who spent a good deal of time around these people, I can safely say that it’s because they’re reactionaries at heart. They’re the conservatives of the fifties. In many ways, they want back the prejudiced, capitalist, Protestant Christian man of the fifties back. The man who firebombed German civilians without a second thought or hint of remorse.
Say what you want about IronMarch, but they hit the nail on the head with “Zero Tolerance’.

Yes: that article was spot on and I even abridged it for this site.
But my point above is that the Alt-Right & WN types really don’t want to delve deeper than the latest TV news. They lack the gravitas not only of the Spartans, Romans or NS men but also of the mature scholars and historians. It’s unforgivable that most of them have not even ordered a copy of Pierce’s Who We Are.

Your questions are understandable and reasonable. But you put them to a lumpen proletariat of the nowaday digital era. They are politicomaniacs indeed. The superficial newsfoam is their bread and wine. The most insignificant incidents turn into conspirological events of a whole cosmos scale. There is no sense to go deep into the past, because the current kaleidoscope of vacuous information provides their hunger to egoistical forum-commentators’ activity. This world is moved by exceptional persons only, not masses, even the latter could take an interest in history or racial researches. And if a few of them will read those worthwhile books, their reading becomes another brick in a postmodern quote-and-meme wall.
As you thyself said, discuss serious and hard matters with Aryan males only, so it’s stupid to appeal to AR & WN. Do you consider them Aryan enough? I mean Aryan in its meaning as noble and decent. They are imitation, not the kids with a pacifier. Kids will grow up and someday throw away it. The white imitations are old marasmoids with iPads rather, in spite of their different ages. They will die with iPads in their hand, while posting some pathetic shit. But they won’t hear your call.

I think this is primarily due to the fact that America is a deracinated, melting pot of a nation. The earliest family histories on the continent go back to the 1600’s. Even my own family bothered to do very little digging prior to that time. The second their ancestors step upon American shores they cease to be European: they become Americans. As American as any shitskin who did the same. Couple that with the incessant mixing of various nationalities and this is the end result.
Nationalists across the pond, while still lacking in many areas are at least aware of their own ethnocultural history.

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