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Hate Poetry

The beginnings

What distinguishes me most from the forums of white nationalists is my ability to hate. It reminds me a little what I said to Jez Turner in one of the podcasts, referring to the nationalists in general, ‘Where’s your fucking hate?’ Turner did not seem to tune in to my emotions and commented that one should not ‘do something silly’, presumably referring to something illegal. But now the decent and law-abiding gentleman is keeping Tommy Robinson company in jail…
I currently barely visit the sites of white nationalists. I would do it again if they were able to feel, at least, some of the hatred I feel. This, for example, is Rudyard Kipling’s poem about the wrath of the awakened Saxon:

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Just to continue a point I made to Jack yesterday about the way the English used to behave, in India in 1857 there was a rebellion of the sepoys, Indian troops trained to fight for the British, and at one point the sepoys butchered 200 British women and children they held captive in an episode known as the Bibighar massacre. They disposed of the bodies by dismembering them and throwing them down a well. There was even a few surviving British women and children who were thrown down the well while alive. In retaliation the British looted and burnt the local populations houses because they had done nothing to stop the massacre. Captured sepoy rebels were forced to lick the blood of the slaughtered British off the floor while being whipped. If they were Hindu they were forced to eat beef and if they were Muslim they were forced to eat pork. The Muslim sepoys were sewn into pig skins then hanged and the high-caste Hindu rebels were humiliated by being executed by low-caste Hindu street sweepers. Most of the sepoy rebels were hanged while others were shot or bayonetted and a minority were strapped to cannons that were then fired.
Compare the behaviour of the British in that one episode (and there are many other similar episodes from the history of the British Empire) with their reaction (or lack of reaction) to indignities perpetrated against them by brown people from the Indian subcontinent in their own country today! It truly beggars belief. Are they so degraded and lost to manhood and self-respect that they will take anything from the brown-skinned filth? When General Dyer massacred 1,000 Indians in the Amritsar massacre in 1912 the House of Lords awarded him a sword inscribed with the words “Saviour of the Punjab” and Rudyard Kipling claimed Dyer was “the Man who saved India”. That was only 106 years ago. The English have to hate again because if they don’t they will lose everything including their very existence as a biological nation. If they don’t recover from their perverse death-wish then the 8th May 1945 was the beginning of the end of England and their declaration of war on Germany on the 3rd September 1939 marks the suicide of the British.

You were listening what I told Jez. Why he missed my point? I was trying to convey the feelings of my shock and anger and hate for what I saw in England. Instead, he continued to talk as a gentleman like those you see in Downton Abbey: the times right before the treason of 1945 you talk about.
Point is: why haven’t supposed nationalist Britons developed the feelings of hate that I have had for so long?
The same at the other side of the Atlantic. WNsts give Greggy enough money for his international travels. Such positive feedback from WNsts makes Greggy feel that he’s doing something good. And so on with other main WN sites.
When I saw The Time Machine in the early 1970s with my family I’d never have imagined that the English would really be behaving like the Eloi within my lifespan. (No hate no action….)
Since you just continued the point you made to Jack, I also will continue my point in previous posts: Today’s whites are worse than the jews; traitors are worse than the external enemy.
Not even Blake, the guy who says he’s following my lead of making T-shirts of Himmler could see something so obvious.

I remember your conversation with Jez and he just didn’t get what you were saying at all. It was slightly embarrassing for me to listen to. He couldn’t answer your question about hate because he doesn’t feel the hatred himself so he couldn’t identify with what you meant.
I do understand the hatred somewhat, however I don’t know why the English no longer hate. If the English did hate it would have been impossible for the treasonous UK government and the Jews to begin allowing foreign races to settle on British soil after WWII. The English would have rioted against the Blacks from the West Indies to drive them out of their neighbourhoods like Americans did before 1945. None of what’s happening today would be possible if Whites hated their enemies and the traitors within their own race.
But the question of why Whites aren’t hating is really part of the broader question of what the hell is wrong with Whites which your site and so other writings have tried to analyse and answer. And we still don’t have certain answers.
Today’s Whites are worse than the Jews in a number of ways. Jews are scum but they are just behaving as Jews have always done. For one Jews are racist and loyal to their race unlike Aryans. And Jews have killed more non-whites since 1945 than white supremacists have managed to kill. Jews have a stronger will to survive than Aryans do at the moment. It is Whites behaviour today that is the exact reason why Jews are able to thrive at the moment. Monocausalists will say Whites behaviour is caused by Jewish influence. But they ignore the responsibility Whites have to NOT allow themsleves to be influenced by Jewry. Whites are not innocent victims. They are, or at least were, a highly capable race that were masters of the entire earth not so long ago. They have in many ways been complicit with Jewry throughout the millennia. Whites bear the real responsibility for their behaviour.
In war a traitor is worse than the enemy yes, but also someone who doesn’t fight i.e. a coward is worse than the enemy. And nearly all Whites are cowards today, when it comes to killing their racial enemies. The dead-end activism of the White Nationalist movement (with 73 years of proven failure) is the exact reason why our race continues to perish. But I can’t criticize without sounding hypocritical as I haven’t undertaken any direct action myself. Harold Covington admitted he doesn’t have the courage of a Joseph Paul Franklin or a Bob Mathews or Joseph Stack to risk his own personal safety for his race. I think I can say the same about everyone who’s ever posted on this blog.

Okay, but the very first step is hatred (after such internal Jihad comes external Jihad).
Hatred is the result of an internal Jihad: realising that it’s not a sin (that it is a sin is precisely the Judeo-Xtian psyop) but a natural feeling we must feel toward the enemies.
Whites have largely repressed their hatred because of Xtian ethics, MSM propaganda and especially consumerist comfort. That’s why we need an internal Jihad, or to use a non-Semitic metaphor: a long night of the soul.
But WNsts are not doing this. Stagnated as they are right in the middle of the Rubicon they are trying to compromise between Xtian ethics and racial preservation. They’re in no man’s land: you cannot found a movement stagnating on a stone at the middle of a dangerous river.
The big question is if those who, for example in America, have guns, will one day use them.
What Piece said (quoted by Will Williams) is most interesting: that South Africans surrendered their country to niggers basically because of Xtian ethics. In the Williams’ comments I recently posted Pierce sounds like a B-type bicausalist!
Well, at least some Aryans had a good grasp of the Problem. It’s a pity that there’s no substitute for a Pierce in the US today.
But I’m glad that, at least, you understood my desperation while trying to convey something obvious but un-communicable with Jez. It’s alarming that even visitors to this site are unable to see that the Judeo-Xtians have implanted an ethnosuicidal virus in their own minds—the WNsts’ minds—: the slander that hate is a sin.

Hate clouds the mind with irrational thoughts. One of the primary concepts of the martial arts is to disassociate oneself from all emotional attachment while in battle. This is so one’s mind remains clear on the objective, i.e. the defeat of the enemy. Strong emotions, such as fear, hate and anger irrationally cloud one’s judgement and actions.
Jews are the people of hate. Once they have the upper hand, their hatred gives way to overweening arrogance. This is when the Jews’ Uriah Heep obsequiousness towards their host evaporates and the gloves come off. Then Jews begin openly assaulting and killing the people they hate, as presently seen in Palestine and Gaza. If anything spells the end for the Jews, it will be their strong, irrational emotions.
The Jews’ chutzpahtic arrogance is beginning to show world wide as they believe the battle against the white goyim has been virtually won. Only time will tell if they have once again made the same mistake as their ancestor, court Jew Joseph Süß Oppenheimer.

I will clarify:
If the hate that the Jew feels toward Whites were to be their demise, then they would no longer exist. Think about the early Apocalypse for Whites articles. The Jews were so hateful of the Romans that they rebelled throughout the entire empire at the same time, killing thousands, if not, millions.
Yes, this was a sort of kamikaze move on their part, but they never died completely, and managed to pick up where they left off.
What will kill them now is not their hate but, rather, their arrogance and their restfulness. Essentially, they would have thought us beaten and set back to relax. This causes people to do stupid things like release a virus or a thermonuclear bomb.

Thanks for using the correct version of Kipling’s poem. The one I usually see on right-wing websites, with their typical crap scholarship and phonied-up quotes, is a forgery titled “THE WRATH OF THE AWAKENED SAXON” (usually in all caps; I guess that makes it look more violent) and, beyond the title change, is the same as the original except that it replaces the word English with Saxon .

You probably don’t need it: but white nationalists badly need it!
For them, it’s settling accounts with their Xtian past, in which we include the ethics of secularists like KMD, Greggy, and Richie Spence: handicapped intellectuals because they don’t want to hate.
Potentially this site could be good for them, but only teenagers are willing to revalue their parents’ values to the point of seeing genocide as the most natural and moral thing—if we are going reclaim the West.

That sounds about right. The thing is: If a Normie, Liberal or Conservative, was to see what was going on in my brain, and what my ideology was, they would say I was the epitome of hate.
The Alt-Right would also call me a hateful lunatic, or they would at least be put off quite easily.
So, by that, I do in fact hate, but I always feel inadequate in this regard. I feel like I do not hate enough. I don’t know.

Spartacus 's followers are crucifiedDon’t worry. Your hate will increase with time. When you reach my age you’ll probably impart justice on the day of the rope.

When it comes just remember my last wish: the corpses must remain on the crosses for 160 years: to make a point for the liberated generations that those brought to justice had committed the sin against the holy ghost.

‘What our liberal elites fear the most is hate’—because it’s hate what will dethrone them. What leftists know, rightists (even WNsts) don’t want to see.
And Murros chose well the music. Even with so few compasses I recognised the Prelude of Wagner’s Parsifal: what WNsts should be listening instead of the degeneracy promoted by you know who…

It is a mystery as to why WHie Americans an Whites of the UK and also Ireland are somehow neutralized and unaware of the monstrous nature of the plan beingdeployed against them. Problem is somehow no White leadership emerges and tht is unnatural; another is that their actual elected leaders appear White but probably man of them ar crypto jes. It is a secifically jewish genocidal scheme deployed on White Europen peoples. Also the media is controlled and the populations are misinformed and uninformed but do not realize it. Also WHite people are not allowed to organize and their efforts are sabotaged.In the US, such events as No More Wars For Israel, and Am Ren have been sabotaged by the hotel venues lined up fo the events which at the last minute cancelled, after the ADL intervened. That should be illegal in the US.Also the removal of the manufacturing machiner, mosg of it and ongoing -to foreign locations, called ‘de-industrialization’ has been ongoing for 4 decades devastating the US White Middle Class. ANd again jewish control of the mass media seems to have deployed sophisticated unrelenting mind programming that has neutralized the White peoples’ capacity to see jewish power and how hostile it is to them. To find different info one muct use the internet and search for different info about what is real. Most people do not seem to grasp that they are lied to by a psychopathic control eniy that is in reality difficult o conceive of and cloaks itself in para moral motives and eternal vicgimhood. The Holocaust hoax is a symbol of what jewry can do; make a big lie contradicted by the forensic evidence and facts abd logic,
become the official tuth backed by prison terms for doubters in much of Europe. That is just one jewish project.White people need good leadership. Hate may not be as important as inteligence, clarity of vision as to what must be done to correct the situation adn as to the true nature of the adversary. Loyalty and mutual trust -shared racial heritage -is bonding. ALways there will be the danger of infiltrators even to seek to be top leader of the goyim. The nacxi leader of teh SKokie IL national Psycop thatg introduced the holocaust to America duing a year of mass media coverage of the nazo group led by Frank Collin but whose real name was Frank Cohen whose plan to march on Skokie Il the locagion of many jews from German camps who were not exterminated but relocated after the war to America. The media never revealed that the nazi leader was really a jewish infiltrate. In the year between te 1978 April ppresentation of the TV Mini Series “Holocaust” and the 1979 announcement that the President had appointed a commission to arrange for the building of a Holocaust Memorial museum on 1.9 acres of prime gov owned land in Wash. D. C. and 400 million dollarhe project was the year of education the pblic across ghe land aboutthe jewish suffering narraive updated to become the only story of WW II. We are dealing with a genuine psychopath race devoid of morality and by nature an intra-special predatoor parasite whose most natural genetic character is predisposed to mendacity, manipulatipn, deceit, treachery and who have a compulsion to control/dominate their target prey/demographic. Emotional peoples are their favorites, and Europeaans have a fll rich emotional capacity. Psychopaths proably have no emotoinal capacity at all but do have a menal intensiity most often exprssed in power plays to intimidate targets. And the expertise to imitate emotiional reactions at least with jews who have regular contact with their host peoples. So can’t escape it, the jews are key and it is likely the intentional actions of jwry that has kept WHite leaders from emerging.

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