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James Mason

Siege, 32

Later on we’ll conspire

A comrade sent me a pamphlet issued by a bunch of idiots who happen to be the proud owners of some professional printing equipment and who thereby imagine themselves qualified to speak on the subject of revolution. In this pamphlet they darkly talk in grave tones about “conspiratorial activity”. At that point my suspicions of them which I’d had since the mid-70’s were confirmed: they are children playing with matches!
The term conspiracy is not now, and never has been, part of my vocabulary. It is DANGEROUS! I should say UNNECESSARILY DANGEROUS! For conspiracy means TALK and talk is counter-revolutionary. Talk is what the System and its pimps LOVE most of all. In case you didn’t know it already, you can do big. Federal time for merely “conspiring” to do something. You need not take any action, only TALK about it to a circle of three or more (including yourself), and THAT constitutes conspiracy! (And one of the favorites of the System is to charge people with “conspiring to violate civil rights” which sometimes doesn’t even require the discussion of any action.)
But of course you figure that you are too careful for that, eh? You think you know and can trust the people you deal with, right? Let me quickly relate the story of how two brothers were framed by the Feds and who are now serving a six-year term for conspiracy. A hired pimp was sent into their group in Columbus, Ohio, in 1977 to first gather information and, later, to act as agent provocateur. He spent two years building his credibility before he began to get a little bold with his suggestions. It doesn’t matter how “tight” your imagined security is if it includes one professional pimp. This agent kept bucking for some kind of “action”, something “solid” as a strike against forced bussing in Columbus. Finally he got around to the idea of bombing a school. Then came the brothers’ big mistake: they did not at that moment say to the pimp, “Get thee behind me!” They listened, they discussed the pros and cons. And later, in the Federal courtroom after their arrests by an army of FBI agents, they saw and heard themselves on wide-screen motion picture “conspiring” with police agents to bomb a school building! The all-White jury didn’t take even thirty minutes to return a verdict of “Guilty”!
Rockwell in 1965 conjured up that exact scene of one day having to sit in a court of law and watch yourself on film. Well, gang, “1984” arrived a long time ago. This Big Brother System is held in power largely through pimps—both professional and amateur. Actually it is a pimp system, a whole society of loose-lipped blabbermouths! Law enforcement would nearly shut down without its pimps, who are in most cases not even “agents” in the true sense—just babbling idiots.
The professional, hired pimps are one thing. Loose talk and stupidity are another. But they both lead to the same, disastrous result. And they both are defeated the same way: don’t conspire; don’t talk! In effect it’s only illegal to get caught, only illegal to trip up. You don’t NEED to ever enter into a conspiracy! You don’t NEED to ever deal with persons who might later let loose with fatal talk! We must have acts of revolution, the sooner the better, the more the merrier. But these are all of a nature that they can and MUST be carried out by INDIVIDUALS and that removes all requirement for talk, the possibility of “conspiracy”, and the danger of a leak! The lone wolf cannot be detected, cannot be prevented, and seldom can be traced.
For his choice of targets he needs little more than the daily newspaper for suggestions and tips galore. But it is necessary that NSLF begin again its program of systematic infiltration of the Reds, the unions, local Democrat and Republican cells, etc. (even the local NAACP… you need not be colored to join). We do have need of privileged information and will have greater need in the future. For his training the lone wolf needs only the U.S. military or any one of a hundred good manuals readily available through radical booksellers. Equipment is still easily available (and I caution against possessing illegal weapons as they aren’t necessary) and even though the System may be expected to enact more anti-gun laws, this will only serve to stimulate and ever-growing black market for armaments (thus producing an ever greater pool of human resources for us to recruit from). His greatest concern must be to pick his target well so that his act may speak so clearly for itself that no member of White America can mistake its message.
If you can’t do it, leave it alone. Forget it! Don’t try and talk someone else into doing it and ESPECIALLY don’t hear of anyone else trying to talk YOU into anything. Don’t talk, period! However it can’t hurt to begin now to learn, to train, and to have materials ready.

Vol. IX, #5 – September, 1980

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True, talking about something can be hazardous to one’s health and freedom, but it’s naive to think that it’s really necessary to even do that to fall afoul of the system. Those who have dealt with the system and have become its targets know from experience that if it can’t convict you honestly of anything, then it will use whatever means are necessary, including suppressing evidence favorable to you, and manufacturing “evidence” of your supposed crime out of thin air. Yes, the police and prosecutors are quite good at framing people. (Hard for the right-wing badgelickers to believe, I know.) There’s many an innocent man locked away in the dungeons of the regime right now. But recall that Hitler himself was locked up at one point; and as Mason says at another place in Siege “It has been observed that the road to the palace leads through the dungeons, and Commander Rockwell changed that to read that the road to the White House leads through the jails.” There’s a distinct possibility that the future savior of the white race, if there is one, may even be experiencing the hell of one of the system’s jails right now. You can’t really ever hope to totally protect yourself from a thing so hungry for blood it will even turn on its friends. All you can do is keep as low a profile as possible, while at the same time living in accord with your beliefs.

The other day I was looking though photos on line and discovered a series of mug shots of well known people from all walks of life. Apparently the American police state that protects and serves Jews, have arrested just about everybody outside perhaps the chosen few politicos.
But what else might one to expect from a nation crushed under the weight of a byzantine legal structure imposed by Talmudic Jews? There is no justice in America as Jews consider all goyim guilty from birth. Therefore one is always guilty, even when proven innocent.

All you can do is keep as low a profile as possible, while at the same time living in accord with your beliefs.

Amen to that brother. What else can one do when their only potential allies are bought and paid by their enemy?

Even though my comments are not passing through on CC, I am getting Emails of what people are saying on the thread where Greggy admits to deleting comments.
Well, suffice it to say that the majority of the people there actually agree with Johnson when it comes to sucking off the judges and the law-enforcers who are putting Robinson in jail and trying to silence.
So, yes, it does seem that these Whites will be pro-law no matter what the circumstances. They admit that the West is run by Jews who are trying to exterminate the Aryan Race, but that we must do all we can to follow the very laws that they have enacted and be on the side of the Blue Honey badgers even if they are very clearly doing the work of the Enemy.
If I got myself a six shooter and tried to blow away one of those sicko, child-abusers who work for the fashion companies, those at CC would treat me like the scum of the Earth, when I really deserve to be praised for the massacre of Goblins.

If Greggy would not be deleting the flow of comments from opponents, it would be interesting to see the percentage of conformists vs. non-conformists.
What I have been able to surmise is that the younger whites are, the better. People of my generation and even those in their forties (and quite a few in their thirties) really sold their soul to the devilish System. Those in their twenties, the kind who went to Charlottesville, are better and the teenagers that comment on the Daily Stormer, the best axiologically speaking. It’s like a yawn in the morning: as if the race has finally a desire to wake up.
We will see. But those whose comments Greggy is letting pass are establishment goners.
I’ll confess a fantasy.
Once the balloon goes up the choice will be: Are you with us or with them? When MSM anchors start to die in the revolution, no WNst will have the option to criticise (I hate the Newspeak word ‘counter-signal’) the freedom fighters. You will see how easy it will be to shut up those WNsts stagnated in the middle of the river. A single, non-violent warning and these fags will either remain silent or join the cause.
The fantasy I’ve been harbouring is myself paying an unexpected visit, in revolutionary times, to one of these bourgeois WNsts that dared to criticise the fighters in a MSM outlet. Like in the films, in the visit you’ll see the fear in his eyes. If revolution finally explodes, many of these, the bourgeois types, will be silenced even without reaching the point of dispatching them.

There are many different targets I fantasies about executing: Media Anchors, Politicians, Jews (blowing up Synagogues), shitskins (like these rape gangs), and WNsts who stir shit and won’t keep their mouth shut (my mind verges more toward Andy).
However, the people who enter my world the most are the executives of model/fashion industries, like the company called Louis Vuitton. From my own humble observations, a lot of sick shit goes on in these industries and they have been around for very long times. So they are free game as far as I am concerned.

In the beginnings of the revolution, healthy hate should be laser-focused on the media. Otherwise, the MSM will portray such actions as monstrous; it’s like feeding the troll (the media). After they are silenced the next target could be, say, politicians.

Robinson was in contempt, but the media behave in an exactly similar way in other high-profile cases when not under reporting restrictions. The man goes to prison and all Dr Johnson can do is criticise him on a narrow legal aspect, completely missing the big picture that the system works against us and facilitated the problem of the Pakistani Moslem racial-biological colonisation of England. Indeed, the system endorses the ‘problem’ and merely provides pacification through adjudications on the narrower issue of de jure consent, using the medium of an English criminal trial, which is essentially street theatre. So what if Robinson was in contempt? I should think he is contemptuous, an entirely natural response.
I think nationalists need to be more intelligent than Robinson, but at least he stands up to be counted, he doesn’t hide behind a computer or speak in echo chambers or just rant about Jews. And you do have to be unreasonable and disruptive sometimes – indeed, the most difficult people often make the most progress politically, precisely because they are difficult.
Fuck ’em.

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