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Blacks Intelligence quotient (IQ)

Letter to the SI editor

May 17, 2018
Kendrick Frazier, Editor
Skeptical Inquirer
Dear Mr. Frazier,
In 1994 we met at the Seattle conference and in the following year you accepted an article of mine ([Full name], 1995. “Bélmez Faces Turned Out to Be Suspiciously Picture-like Images.” Skeptical Inquirer 19. 2, Mar/Apr: 4).
Although I no longer subscribe to the magazine, today I saw the articles on the CSI page about a number for this year, “A Skeptic’s Guide to Racism.”
As far as I could read online, none of the contributors seem to have a notion that, in IQ studies, both Asians and whites are ranked above blacks.
Since the publication of The Bell Curve by Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray, people interested in science know that IQ studies on races are not pseudoscientific. The late scientist Philip Rushton even found other very fundamental differences between Asians, whites and blacks.
Why was none of this mentioned in Skeptical Inquirer? Is it that the contributors to the magazine do not even know what Charles Darwin himself wrote about blacks?
[Full name]
Mexico City

CC: Benjamin Radford, Deputy Editor

6 replies on “Letter to the SI editor”

I was so shocked by this that I’ll interrupt my series in this site about the Turin Shroud. As far as I know, since 1976 the Skeptical Inquirer had been silent on race, until now.
Surely there are more serious pseudosciences to investigate than the Turin relic—such as the egalitarianism endorsed even by the Inquirer.

As if any 10 year old with half a brain needs a scientific report to tell that blacks are retarded. I honestly think that congoids are only slightly above apes. Some people would argue that there are plenty of blacks who behave well, dress well and lead decent lives. They are forgetting that that is just blacks emulating whites and it is just as out of place as whites running through the jungle with bones through their noses chasing their next meal, which would not seldom be another white.
You can dress up a chimp, let it wear a watch and learn it to ride a moped in a circus as well. It doesn’t mean it is a human.
Real nigger behavior emerges when they are left to their own devices. Take a look at any black neighbourhood aka getto.

A polite, ‘civilized’ black is just a black that has been trained since birth to behave like whites.
Training a black to be white through black proxies (his momma et al) results in a monkey theather.
I tried having intelligent conversations with blacks years ago. Every time, their inferiority complex kicked in and their defense mechanism activates: change the subject/end the conversation.
In Darwinian terms, blacks are practically extinct. A superior race caught up to them, and Nature will run it’s course. It’s only been delayed a few centuries. Africa will be drastically reduced of talking monkeys in the coming collapse. If the black gene survives, it will be partially in mulattos, quadroons and octaroons, themselves also in the extinction timetable.

the “broken states” invisibly sponsors 2 religions/ pseudosciences/ dogmas/ beliefs:
– egalitarianism
– holocaust
and as group collectives impose, they are guilty of mind rape, the precipitant of evil.
thx for adding these religions to the list. (actually, like xtianity, their precipitants of the JP.) as the roman empire showed, i guess religions are what destroy nation-states. i.e., all group collectives grow old and die. like humans, it’s in their dna to die off. thankfully. sadly, countless new ones fill the voids.

What a bait and switch! Nobody writing for this issue of the “Skeptical Inquirer” seems to be a skeptic. One guy starts off his article by characterizing racism as a “thorny, age-old problem”. Another leads with “Racism is abhorrent.” They’re not skeptical at all! Instead, the writers are all true believers, deeply committed neo-Christian anti-racists. If these people are supposed to be the voice of impartial reason, reason needs new spokesmen.

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