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Constantine Karlheinz Deschner Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums (books)

Kriminalgeschichte, 64

Editor’s note: Is this the nose of an Aryan? St. Augustine was, in the world of the ideas of the decaying Roman Empire, what Constantine was for the State. Below, an abridged translation from the opening page of Karlheinz Deschner’s chapter on Augustine in Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums:

______ 卐 ______


Chapter 20: The Father of the Church Augustine

‘Augustine is the greatest philosopher of the patristic age and the most brilliant and influential theologian of the Church, full of ardent love for God and selfless altruism, surrounded by the soft glow of infinite goodness and the most attractive affability’.

—Martin Grabmann

‘As a brilliant thinker, acute dialectician, intelligent psychologist, of a rare religious ardour, at the same time an affable man, Augustine was already during his life the great guide of the Latin Church. For the later time, his importance cannot be greater’.

—E. Hendrikx

‘The force that moves me is love’.


‘Hidden vengefulness, petty envy, became master! Everything wretched, intrinsically ailing, and invaded by bad feelings, the whole ghetto-world of the soul was at once on top! One needs but read any of the Christian agitators, for example, St. Augustine, in order to realise, in order to smell, what filthy fellows came to the top’.

—Friedrich Nietzsche The Antichrist § 59

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“The force that moves me is love”
“That is why I ordered the deaths of thousands of ‘my fellow White people’ because they did not worship a dead Jew on a stick”
By the way, there are many Aryans with noses like that. Is there any actual evidence for Jewishness in his ancestry?

I wonder what Evropa Soberana himself and his pal would say about noses like that. Surely, Constantine was not purely Aryan in the sense of White Nordid and Red Nordid ancestry. Judging from that notorious Aquiline nose I’d say he had Armeind ancestry.

Here is an interesting take on Christianity from a friend.

Jonas E. Alexis (a Veteran’s Today staff writer) has an article criticizing Lasha Darkmoon’s understanding of Darwin in E. Michael Jones’ latest issue of CULTURE WARS. Xtians across the board are are marshaling their intellectual forces to fight the JWO (Jew World Order) behind Jones’ understanding of the Greek work Logos. The road to Athens, or the road to Jerusalem? Jonas Alexis is a Xtian. I’m assuming Lasha Darkmoon (because he finds her understanding of the Theory of Evolution incomplete) does not identify as Xtian. This could be just a Catholic brush-fire, or it could be “a line in the sand.” Pagans (occultism) vs Xtians.

As for the “line in the sand,” here is an excerpt from Chapter I of The Conspiracy of Man
According to the Roman historian Livy, “After receiving the submission of the inhabitants of Memphis and of the rest of the Egyptian people, some submitting voluntarily, others under threats, Antiochus marched by easy stages towards Alexandria. After crossing the river at Eleusis, about four milliarium from Alexandria, he was met by the Roman commissioners, to whom he gave a friendly greeting and held out his hand to Popilius. Popilius, however, placed in his hand the tablets on which was written the decree of the senate and told him first of all to read that. After reading it through, he said he would call his friends into council and consider what he ought to do. Popilius, stern and imperious as ever, drew a circle round the king with the stick he was carrying and said, ‘Before you step out of that circle give me a reply to lay before the senate.’ For a few moments he hesitated, astounded at such a peremptory order, and at last replied, ‘I will do what the senate thinks right.’ Not till then did Popilius extend his hand to the king as to a friend and ally.”
This is where the the “line in the sand” originated.
Read more at http://www.conspiracyofman.com

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