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Kevin MacDonald

Time to troll the Observer

Apparently, someone has been trying to discuss with MacDonald by email about this devastating critique of his naïve views on Christianity, to no avail. Instead, the retired professor has published an article by a Christian pundit that advances exactly the opposite point of view of this site.
In the first instalment of that piece, the author wrote: ‘Men of the Alt Right can and should recast themselves in the role of Christian cultural (maybe even holy) warriors fighting to regenerate once-Christian nations’. In the last sentence of the second instalment, he concluded: ‘The mission of the Alt Right, should it choose to accept it, is to spark the resurrection of the Church from the dead, not in a Rapture event next year, or in the far-distant future, but rather in the here and now’.
When whites become extinct by the middle of the 22nd century, bewildered Chinese intellectuals will be trying to figure out why these valiant defenders of the white race remained addicted to their Jewish opium. And believe me, this Judeo-Christian cult (‘ethnocentrism for me but universalism for thee’) is opium for the Aryan mind.
Visitors from The Occidental Observer who doubt the accuracy of this diagnosis should read (1) Evropa Soberana’s Rome vs. Judea, (2) Jack Frost’s PDF, (3) the recently published Why Europeans Must Reject Christianity by Ferdinand Bardamu, and tomorrow I shall resume the translations from the Kriminal-geschichte series.
Keep tuned!

22 replies on “Time to troll the Observer”

‘Jewish opium’: such a simple phrase in which to wrap the kriminal-geschichte of the Christ cult, and yet such a brilliantly pithy reductio ad core.

On the one hand, Christianity has always been a world-hating, artificial religion, on the other hand, the common people are as brainwashed as the unmasked of the Pitesti prison, or like Theon Greyjoy from Game of Thrones.
The Chinese are going to die out, too. Their women are increasingly becoming whores.

Since the webzine relocates the comments after a while to an esoteric place, I'd like to reproduce the responses by a Johnny Rottenborough in the two Observer threads:
White Anglo-Protestants remain pitiably passive and apathetic
From my bitter experience of posting comments on a Christian website, Christians of all denominations firmly believe that ‘Jews are our friends’ and that, as mass immigration is part of God’s plan, resistance is pointless. Out of the many hundreds of Christian posters to the website, just two or three showed signs of common sense. If white homelands do survive, it is my firm belief that it will be in spite of Christians.
Many church leaders actively promote the rising tide of colour in every white nation
You let them off too lightly; it should be ‘All church leaders actively promote the rising tide of colour and Islam in every white nation.’ The Church of England’s excuse for betraying its congregations, the people of England and Christianity itself is found in its theological statement Affirming Our Common Humanity [downloads here]:

2 According to Scripture the existence of the different nations of the world is part of God’s providential ordering of human history and the nations will enjoy and contribute the riches of their diversities to the life of God’s eternal kingdom. However, this biblical teaching does not support the idea that any nation is superior to any other,or a notion of separate development involving the segregation of people belonging to different tribes, nations or religions[my italics].
8 It is the Church’s calling to witness to and anticipate the unity of all peoples that will be found in Christ at the end of time.

As the end of time is still some way off, the church could easily wait a while before giving its blessing to an immigration policy designed to make whites a hated and powerless minority.

You are very right that Chechar is now officially a traitor, to the point of telling his audience to attack his only friends. “Time to Troll the Observer.” What a “beneficial” course of action!!

You completely missed my point, as well as what I said in my today’s post:

Keep in mind that not even the vast majority of secular white nationalists have apostatised altogether, as seen in the fact that they continue to preach love for the Jews, whom they want to deport to Israel. Compare such love with the hatred the Jews feel for the Aryans—no ethnic state for them until they become extinct—and we will see how ‘Neo-Christians’ are still those atheists among contemporary racists. The love that these ‘racists’ feel for the Jews and other races is something that the Greeks and Romans of the ancient world would not have understood. Comparing it to chess again, those who have the white pieces but hold Semitic malware in their minds and ‘love their enemies’, the coloured pieces, are doomed to lose the battle.

Instead of deporting them, regulars of this blog know that I support Linder’s exterminationism. So that makes me a ‘traitor’?

Correct. Jesus was the only other individual to expose and successfully mount an attack on the Jews’ structured system of financial control over a host population. During the first century however, the oppressive control was being exerted over Jews themselves.
Rank and file Jews fail to realize that ultimately they too can and will be sacrificed by their elite, just like the goyim. The key to their control is the idea that they are a special people, chosen by “god “to be above the goy. What they fail to realize is that while they are indeed chosen by their Temple “god” to be above the goyim, they are not chosen to be above the elite Temple controllers deciding their fate.
Modern Jews, like their Christian counterparts, still labor under elite Jewry’s system of highly centralized financial control. Only now it serves to benefit a much greater number of Jews than the tiny elite Temple kohanim of the first century. This gives controllers a much larger base of support for their criminal “lone-shark” activities.
Like their first century counterparts, Christians are the victims of the Federal Reserve’s new Temple, comparable to the lower tier of first century Jews like Jesus’ fishermen disciples, whose productive labors yielded a product that fell outside Temple law and therefore was unrecognized by the Temple’s financial controllers. Think “confederate dollar.”
This is what alludes to the “mark of the beast,” the idea that one can neither buy, nor sell, nor trade unless they have taken the “mark.” The first century “mark” was the Temple’s “clean” shekel; subservience to it was indicated by the phylactery, a unit replacing the Tabernacle’s original “blood marking” on the forehead, thumb or big toe.
For modern Christians and Jews alike, the new mark is the “mark” of all currencies controlled by the Jew’s central banking system, ultimately controlled by the house of Rothschild. Under the rapidly emerging “cashless society” this will soon become an inescapable, digitized mark allowing the Rothschild’s Temple/banks to track and tax every financial transaction – the ultimate dream of first century’s Temple criminal class know as the konhanim.
One must remember scum always rises to the top until someone like Jesus or Hitler arrives with the ladle of truth to skim it off and dispose of it.

This guy, William Samuel Schnarr, took the trouble to post two comments on my Facebook page today:

No Jews, no Christianity. No Jews, no 60,000,000 dead in Russia. No Jews, no 40% whites in London. The reason Jews are on your site are because you’re a gadfly effective immediately attacking white Christians as being the sole guilty party. There’s nothing they love more than having one more person hating Christians and teaching other people to do the same. You’ve become useful for them. This is akin to being a traitor.
I rest my case. You’re a traitor. You are telling your captive audience, pathetic though it might be, to attack your only friends.

Some WNsts get really mad when you dare to point out that behind Jewish takeover you find Aryan sins (as in Corneliu Zelea Codreanu’s quotable quote), especially the monos…

Siege Culture (the Twitter account) recently tweeted: “Who cares about Syria? just let civilisation fall already”.
That is what people like Schnarr idiot make me believe more and more. How can our Race be full of so many mindless and contemptible individuals such as this? They seriously make me feel like destroying civilisation just because it does people like Schnarr harm. There Christianity will not save them, and they will wallow in their own idiocy.
It is too early to see if Covington’s NF is going to stand a chance, so perhaps a collapse of society is what we need. People like Schnarr couldn’t survive for 5 minutes.

Naturally he’s not permitted to talk about “our race” when referring to white people. And naturally he is the primary agitator for “Civilization” (chiefly white, I get the impression) to collapse.

Whatever you mean by that, I did not let pass your other (cryptic) comment: ‘I’m no more a “Christian” than Jack Halliday is not a Jew.’
By the way, “Arch Knows Me Personally” = the above “William” commenter.

Ok then, I am not White? You know this how?
Let’s see your face. I want a photo of you, Mr Your Not White Enough To Have An Opinion Of Any Kind.
Give us a DNA test. I notice that people like you, who accuse others of being non-White without any evidence, tend to be projecting an inferiority complex. So let’s see you then.
I call for the destruction of our Civilisation, which is mostly Christian in its culture, and perhaps its layout. If civilisation is destroyed (an inevitability), then we will be back to tribes. That is how the healthier Aryans lived. When it collapses, fuck-ups like you will die, but healthier Whites will finally have their day.
P.S Why are you even here?

Okay, who’s paying this controlled opposition wimp MacDonald to defuse potential White male violence via Christcucking?
It’s hysterical, though, that he and the shady ‘Alt Right’/‘Identitarian’ kosher brigade at TOO turn off comments preemptively whenever they slip in a jew author.
We need to follow the financial trail with this. Swanning around, as all these guys do, to their billionth conference (like ladies hitting the annual charity party circuit) and yet they STILL lack the courage to adopt the views of Alex Linder!
Cucks, one and all!

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