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Shakespearian Molyneux

Watch the theatrics and lyric rant of Stefan Molyneux after the 7th minute of this clip. He passionately champions ‘the truth’ but, in thousands of videos, he hasn’t properly tackled the JQ.
Recently Spencer re-tweeted ‘Stefan Molyneux & Richard Spencer: Have a discussion gentleman. It’s time’. But the only open racialist that Molyneux has invited is precisely a philo-Semite: Jared Taylor.
I doubt Molyneux✡ will cross swords with a Jew-wise intellectual in the near future. If he ever does he will immediately be challenged, as Spencer recently did it with Jordan Peterson.
The Alt-Lite (Molyneux, Peterson) are stepping stones for normies. Those who have already crossed the psychological Rubicon do not need them. Personally, I hate those who get stagnated on a stepping stone in the middle of the river.

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peterson strikes me as the typical dummy xtian, plagued with the usual cognitive dissonances that result when serving both god and mammon. like billy-boy johnson whose bethel church has wrecked the northern california city of redding, taken with his own popularity, these fukers simply can’t function at the level of the german personality.
and ns germany was neither totalitarian nor authoritian, as the western liberal wants to define the terms. rather, as hitler well understood, that german ns was simply an example of “rule of law” at the national level. something amerika don’t know nuthin’ about. and yet corporate by-laws are a good example of “rule of law” at a micro-level. hell, i live in a co-op and its corporate by-laws define the corporate behavior for us tenants, the stockholders. still, though at the time of our stock purchase granting us long term leases, we signed to respect, uphold and live by those by-laws, it’s the constraints of those same by-laws that result in chronic little pissing contests and larger slug fests.
the latest exhibition of public misbehavior in our ‘hood is the sorid nigger underculture that has its adolescent pants-downers walking the streets shouting profanity non-stop. (its not in their black momma nigger ass culture to know what respect of others is or what it means to not make one’s presence known.) so what’s an ns “rule of law’er” to do, since the local police force is emasculated and at all levels in this nation, “citizens” can neither define nor live by “rule of law?” should an ns’er take his rule of law into his own hands and exact his own law enforcement? since statistics show only few adolescent sordids — like most seed production in nature — will even take root and establish a life of semi-worth.
with certainty, the NS’ers have a long way to go as a group presence in practicing what they preach. and the alt-righters and WN’ers, too. how did the joo movement get off the ground. how many individual followers of a dogma must choose on their own in their own contexts tolay down their life for the cause? before generations later the cause roots and the tap root begins to establish it?

I can’t stand this Molykike’s metaphor-riddled prose. He’s a fucking waste of time. And to think I used to listen to his effeminate ramblings before I took the Reich pill…
Like you said, he’s just a stepping stone. Alex Jones, Ramsay Paul, Jordan Peterson, Styxhexenhammer, Davis Aurini, The Golden One, and every Trad-Thot out there (I could go on) are stages of awakening.
The litmus test is the JQ. Pass that, and we’re on the same chapter.
Then comes the CQ (Christian Question). Pass that, and we’re on the same page.
WDH has been the top of the staircase for almost a year now. I wonder what comes after you, CT…

moly’s rant defines mental masturbation. fuk. moly’d never throw a fist in the an enemy’s face for whatever his truth cause is. jesus h christ, how can folks tolerate his shit streaming. he defines the ultimate status transactor, which he did an ok job defining in the first 5 minutes of the video. still, buy keith johnstone’s impro if you want to get a better presentation of hominins’ need to establish rank upon entering the presence of others.

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