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¿Me Ayudarás? (book) Psychology Sword

No sword!

This is a postscript to my two previous entries. Next, the translation of two different passages of the book whose syntax I find myself reviewing:

Remember that [my father] baptised his cantata La Espada [The Sword]. Now that I have buried my mind into the texts of white nationalists, I could not help remembering when I read something that, rephrasing Dominique Venner, Michael O’Meara wrote: ‘The European of history is best seen as a warrior bearing a sword, symbol of his will’, and he added that the Hellenes made their debut in history by refusing to be slaves. Nothing can contrast this old European Aryan with the Shakespearean evasion that has sealed the character of my father. [page 116, a reference to the 1948 Hamlet film epigraph after minute 1:45]

The above quote was taken from a section, ‘Caballero sin espada’ (knight without a sword) in reference to a dream while sleeping that plagued my father’s youth, when he dreamt himself fighting an obscure force without a sword. The following is taken from page 11 of the Introduction:

The objective of my writings, in which I include what I write in my private blog Hojas Eliminadas, would be to show that the evil that afflicts the white man is exactly the same that destroyed my tree and the morals of my beloved family… If I could unravel the evil that destroyed me, I will probably unravel the evil that destroys the white race around the world, including the mass migration of people of colour into the West that I witnessed on my last trip to the United Kingdom. In other words, the evil I saw in my parents, acquaintances, psychiatrists and the evil I see in Westerners who commit ethnic suicide could be, ultimately, two sides of the same coin. There is no qualitative difference between my father’s ‘comfy’ mind and that of millions of Europeans, Americans and Australians. In times of bread for all and all kinds of circuses, the passivity of Westerners [no sword] before the elites ran parallel to the sociopathic passivity of my father before my [disturbed] mother. I confess that, in my [winter] soliloquy to warm my feet and hands, I told myself that those millions of white males were exactly like my father. For decades I had imagined that people outside my family were better, or in other words, less depraved; less destructive or less crazy. The truth is that those who are allowing their beautiful race to die out (note in the image of Missa Hercules[1] that the female above the young Greek is no longer Aryan) are as wicked as my father was. I do not think they are any less bad than the central character of my two volumes. What I could not understand in the Internet forums of those who complain about Aryan decline, we can ponder by reducing a complex problem—the character of millions of Westerners—to a problem that I am able to address: the character of my father. That deserves to venture into a new literary genre.

[1] This is a reference to a previous passage from the Preface where I reproduced this image: something related to the tragedy of the transition from the Classical World to the Christian world. As a teenager, I often listened to the music of this mass by Josquin Des Prés: an LP record that my father very much appreciated.
Of course, in-context the above-translated paragraphs are more comprehensible.

16 replies on “No sword!”

So oft it chances in particular men
That for some vicious mole of nature in them,
By the o’ergrowth of some complexion,
Oft breaking down the pales and forts of reason,
Or by some habit grown too much; that these men–
Carrying, I say, the stamp of one defect,
Their virtues else — be they as pure as grace,
Shall in the general censure take corruption
From that particular fault.

Yes: he never decided to put a screeching halt to my mother’s extremely abusive ways of childrearing—a Hamlet-like adolescent ‘indecision’.

Lately, I’ve been rereading your entries on the topic. Why can you never imagine that children hating their parents may be a good thing? Even my [high psychoclass] mother started her independent life trying to escape her abusive [towards her mother, not towards her] alcoholic stepfather.
Every time I read or hear stories of children hating their parents, it all ends well (aside from a few schizophrenia cases). You yourself are an example. Whereas children of high psychoclass parents become the worst generation in history.
Maybe, there is a threshold for how high a psychoclass can get before it breaks down?

What deMause calls ‘Helping-mode’ parenting actually produces a spoiled adult child, like the spoiled women of today. From my POV, the best has been NS-form of childrearing, which of course deMause hates. We need a Golden mean between the Spartan ways and the licentious Athenian ways.

“Every time I read or hear stories of children hating their parents, it all ends well” –
– “Whereas children of high psychoclass parents become the worst generation in history.”
Yet people of past generations hardly ever expressed hatred of their parents, notwithstanding the severe abuse which was common in past times.

Sorry to butt in, but I think that the reason why current generations are hating their parents more and more is because a part of them understands that the way they are being raised is detrimental in the long run. For example, an extremely moddycoddled young boy is most likely to hate his parents when he grows up because his brain can feel that it isn’t being nurtured properly. He is more likely to grow up feminised and weak. It is one of the most unnatural things in the world.

That’s interesting; but the abuse children suffered in past eras also tended to be detrimental to them in the long run. Yet people didn’t tend to express antipathy toward their parents. So there is still a question as to how child-rearing has anything to do with this being the “worst generation”. Anyway, it’s not always the case that people who think ill of their parents are well-integrated. One of the greatest mass-murderers ever, a serial killer/Mafia hitman named Richard Kuklinski, never made any bones about hating his parents, in fact after he was finally imprisoned he stated that his biggest regret was never getting around to killing “Stanley”, his father.
In my own view, any parent or would-be parent who is sub-“Helping mode” is an exterminable neanderthal, insofar as “Socializing mode” parenting can still engender torture and death in a minority of cases. My attitude wouldn’t be inconsistent with billions of humans dying, as Cesar advocates. I myself make no moral distinction between the “Infanticidal mode” and any subsequent, non-Helping mode form of child-rearing. I also couldn’t care less about making moral distinctions between Medieval Spaniards and Aztecs, Romans and Carthaginians, etc. What’s the point? They all tortured children. Infanticidal mode societies are even arguably better than other societies insofar they made no bones about who they were.

Anyway, it’s not always the case that people who think ill of their parents are well-integrated.

Speaking out about our abusive parents is no automatic passport to mental health. You need to process the pain: an almost impossible task for those who end up as serial killers.
I think it’s fair to say that we would prefer being abandoned on the street as Roman babies than being burned alive by our Carthaginian parents as children, as an offering to Moloch.

@peter “Yet people of past generations hardly ever expressed hatred of their parents, notwithstanding the severe abuse which was common in past times.”
It doesn’t matter for my point. They did suffer a lot of pain, and they did have a lot of unbearable hate in their psyche. And even though César might call them devils, they were “good” enough to maintain a civilization (while killing millions of fellow Aryans in religious squabbles).
It’s funny that people started hating their parents when those became kinder and kinder in the recent centuries.
What if most suffering in the lives of children is necessary? And any tendency to reduce it (which can be seen in history) will inevitably lead to degeneration? Can you keep the psychoclass at the level of the 1930s indefinitely?
By the way, who should Aryans hate when 7 billion are exterminated? Hating nobody is death.

What if most suffering in the lives of children is necessary? i don’t see how one can make only children the rule. if suffering is necessary — iron sharpens iron b.s., then i must conclude, the intelligence behind all of this is psychopathic.

If 7 billion are exterminated, it’s time to hate the orcas, the hyenas, and the arachnids among others, for example, the horrible animal of your avatar.
> ‘What if most suffering in the lives of children is necessary?’
What do you mean? The mass psychosis that the West is suffering nowadays is unrelated to children not suffering, but rather to a second round in the old Judea vs. Rome, exterminationist takeover.

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