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Two Xtian articles

Viewing the Christian problem larger than the Jewish problem, just as Megalodons were much larger than today’s great white sharks, is something that distinguishes this site from the rest of the racialist sites.
Two articles have been published today, authored by Christians: ‘The impossibility of Alt-Right Christianity’ by Connor Grubaugh, apparently a non-racist Pentecostal, and ‘The compatibility of Alt-Right Christianity’ by racialist Hunter Wallace, a Lutheran.
Grubaugh may a complete goner, but I wonder what impact will the info we are starting to collect in this site—Soberana’s PDF and, more professionally, Deschner’s anti-Christian encyclopaedia—cause in Wallace?
Probably none. The experience I’ve had with Xtians in the comments section of The Occidental Observer is that they simply ignore facts and solid arguments based on those facts.

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A Southern Nationalist said today in one of the articles linked above:

The reason the Alt-Right is fundamentally anti-Christian is that it is made up of jews and crypto jews that disparage Christianity at almost every avenue. Get rid of the jews and their lackeys. It couldn’t be more simple than that.

The opposite is true of course: the reason that Southern Nationalism doesn’t work is because it is fundamentally Christian: it is made up of artificial jews that cling to Christianity at almost every avenue. Get rid of the artificial jews—the Xtians—and their lackeys. It couldn’t be more simple than that.

I couldn’t agree more.
These people love to clamor on about the “Jewish” degradation of “Christian” and “family” values (which in reality are merely largely arbitrary sets of values supported by the bourgeois during the later days of the industrial revolution in order to mobilize the working men against communism)
But in reality it’s those very values that have not only dug us into this hole but will continue to do so in most every society which they ever inhabit. If Wallace and his cronies got their good old C.S.A back I can guarantee that within less than 20 years there’d be whites aplenty clamoring for the abolition thereof under the sign of the cross with a bible in hand.

“The experience I’ve had with Xtians in the comments section of The Occidental Observer is that they simply ignore facts and solid arguments based on those facts.”
This comming from a person who is constantly ignoring 2000 years of history is beyond rediculous. You are a funny guy like all the other paganLARPRS and atheists.

Teehee, he just said “paganLARPS”, that’s so original.
But seriously, if you have nothing important or relevant to add then you there is no point you being here. You speak of “2000 years of history” yet you are making no attempt to explain what you are talking about. If you have truth on your side then show it.

This explains why I am translating Deschner, even if he was a liberal. The fact is, Christians are ignorant of the criminal history of their religion. Completely ignorant. They know next to nothing.
Also, see e.g., what ‘Fr John’ told you recently at OD: that Jesus was not a Jew. They not only ignore Xtian history; they don’t even apply normal historiographical​ methods to the quest of the historical Jesus. Complete losers.

The way I see it is it is the Aryan problem, not the Christian problem, that is larger than the Jewish problem. Christianity is an offshoot of Judaism like Liberalism, Marxism, Feminism etc. The oldest offshoot of Judaism and the most dangerous but still a consequence of the Jews nonetheless.
If/when Jews are exterminated, the leaders of our race must cleanse all traces of Jewish influence from this earth. That will mean the complete removal of Christianity by default. Removing Jewish influence on our race is the same thing as correcting Aryan weaknesses/flaws.
Are you still of the opinion that Christianity was created by Gentiles and is therefore separate from the Jewish problem?

If I remember correctly, in the other thread I didn’t say that gentiles created Xtianity, only that Matthew the evangelist was a gentile because he blamed Jews for the murder of Christ; and that John of Patmos was very probably a Jew because he wanted a New Jerusalem right after the Romans destroyed it.
With the exception of Paul and the author of the epistle of the Hebrews, which were probably Jews, I would like to know a study about the authorship of the other books of the NT. But it’s clear to me that they were not Aryans. At any event, a Judaised gentile was as bad as a Hellenised Jew: something you can see even today with the traitorous elites of the West—jew and white are on the same page.
I see the Xtian problem larger than the JP for the simple reason that there are more Xtians than Jews—Xtians that think almost like Jews as to Aryan preservation.
Removing all Jewish influence means, as Albus said in his letter to me, the demolition of all Xtian churches. That’s why Nietzsche’s ‘law against Christianity’ is so handy.
But then you have all of these Xtians in the WN movement. I could not believe the stupid things they said recently in the comments section of Occidental Dissent.

I have still not had a response to my comment to Lynda:
Proof that evolution is “Jewish nonsense” please.
And I am not discussing with this Thordaddy dipshit. The guy is a nutcase, and I am not getting anywhere with him.
What we will need is to destroy the churches, but keep the important cathedrals, like in Notre Dame, as these have a certain Hellenic spirit about them. I can’t remember who it was that said that they show a people with a higher psychoclass than those who built the Pyramids (I think it was nyuntermensch). Just destroy the statues of Jesus, burn the bibles and replace the crucifixes with swastikas.
Then comes removing Christian malware from the Aryan children’s minds. That is the most important part.

Yes: sparing the cathedrals makes sense. But perhaps we should not restore them in the future (Muslims’ strategy with the Christian churches)?
Although the Xtians at OD look primitive compared to the Xtians at TOO, both are crazy. They really believe that worshipping a dead jew will save the race from Jewish influence.

I think I understand what you are saying about the Xtian problem being larger than the Jewish problem because there are more Xtians than Jews. If all Aryans were like us the Jews would have no power over our race. The source of the Jews power is Aryan traitors, in particular white male traitors who allowed Jews, women and coloured races to have power in Aryan nations. The Aryan problem enabled the Jewish problem.
Synagogues, Churches and Mosques all need to be destroyed, all traces of alien Abrahamic influence rooted out entirely. The Christians at OD and TOO are refusing to see the obvious. A Christian anti-Semite is an oxymoron. How can worshipping a dead Jew save Aryans from Jewish influence? Obviously it does the opposite. But they are addicted to their Jewish drug. An Aryan problem indeed.
On a side note, I don’t think there is any such thing as a perfect Aryan in existence at the moment. All Aryans are flawed to a greater or lesser degree. The goal of future generations will be to bring perfect Aryan Men and Aryan women into existence but for the present the important thing is the continuation of our bloodlines, the survival of our race. Our race doesn’t need perfect Aryans to survive. Our ancestors weren’t perfect. Reproduction is the key to survival like it is for all species.

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