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Mantra question

Why white nationalists do not nuke the anti-white narrative with the most powerful weapon at their disposal: the book about the real Holocaust in which the Germans were victims of the Allies?
I will be asking this question over and over in-between my longer entries. In this initial post of the new year my tentative answer is that ‘white nationalism’, as a movement of Aryan preservation, is fraudulent. But I am open to other answers of what will become the mantra question of this site.

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This reminds me of that conversation Oscar Yeager had with agent Ryan, in Pierce’s novel Hunter. Yeager suggests they expose the truth about Jews by distributing articles with library references to the public, to which Ryan laughs and retorts that Americans, in general, don’t read history books. You could pay them to read certain books, but they wouldn’t internalize the facts, they wouldn’t discuss it with friends, they wouldn’t care. Europeans aren’t much different.
WN may be a fraudulent movement due to laziness. I estimate the majority of so-called White Nationalists have educated themselves through Youtube videos and TRS podcasts. Their information format must be at least auditory, or else they won’t bother to turn pages.
I say this because I’m a ‘literary slouch’ myself; even though I’ve watched the Hellstorm documentary, and listened to the West’s Darkest Hour episode 3, I have yet to purchase Goodrich’s book.
We young whites need to read books. Sometimes, it may seem like reading is ‘too slow’, considering the large body of indispensable literature, so we resort to audio. However, reading allocates the factual data more firmly in the mind, which must be easily and quickly retrievable when debating alt-righters, alt-lighters, skeptics and other types of normies.
P.S. Happy new year Cesar.

They’re too busy yelling about the Holocaust not happening and being that desperate to show how Christlike they are. Conceding to the premises of the enemy (that massacring your enemy is forbidden).

Jews have a morality that says it is right to genocide goyim. Aryans have a morality that says genocide is wrong. And people wonder why the Jews are winning?
Many people point to how ‘noble’ and Aryan the National Socialists were in WWII compared to the Allies but they seem to overlook the fact that that contributed to Germany’s eventual defeat. Not crushing the British Army in Dunkirk was a big error by Hitler for example.
Many will acknowledge our race is in a war declared upon us by the Jews. The purpose of war is to kill your enemy. Jews cannot defeat our race in open combat, they fight using methods appropriate to them. Many chide the Jews for being cowards for not fighting as Aryans do. Yet how many Jews have these brave white males killed. Near zero. The real coward is the White Man.

Nationalism, it was us and we were incapable of doing something like that especially since that (1940’s culture) is what they want to get back to.

First, Americans don’t talk about history (not nearly as much as Russians, for example).
Second, because “Germans deserved it!”
Third, the Wirtschaftswunder – West German economy completely recovered, and the German worker has been eating his hard-earned sausages for over 70 years in ever increasing peace and prosperity.
Plus, was the destruction even that bad? Wikipedia says, 650k dead at most due to firebombing, 7.5 mil. homeless. That’s not a lot. That’s nothing compared to the USSR or China.

Notice he says ‘the German worker has been eating his hard earned sausages for over 70 years in ever increasing peace and prosperity.’
I won’t go into how utterly ludicrous and disturbing a statement like that is, especially the ‘peace and prosperity’ part, but it is precisely because the Germans have their sausages that they do nothing. This has been made clear a thousand times by this blog and William Pierce, but this badger can’t see that for some reason.
I haven’t read Hellstorm (and I should), but even I know of the rape of the females of all ages and of the near genocide of the Germans as a whole.

And yet, @Cesar, I did read Hellstorm. I also read Berlin 1945 by Antony Beevor.
@Jack Which of my words are incorrect? I suggested the general high standards of living as a reason why Americans don’t talk about the destruction of Germany in 1945-1947.
Do you deny that Germans have been living in immense prosperity (e.g., compared to the USSR or Yugoslavia)? Up until 1969 (FRG) and 1971 (GDR), they even had a positive fertility rate!
The rapes committed by the Soviets are mentioned quite a lot by everybody in the West. They are no secret and no taboo (unlike the firebombing campaign or the details of the Western occupation).
P.S. It’s super CONTROVERSIAL, but I would call Churchill quite merciful. He could’ve bombed Germany with anthrax (see Operation Vegetarian) which would’ve made the land uninhabitable for decades.
P.P.S. The Thirty Years’ War was far more devastating to Germany, yet it did not turn Germans into feminized faggots.

‘Which of my words are incorrect?’
How about when you unashamedly claim that the Germans deserved it!
Skip to the 25 minute mark, where the rape is described, and tell me that they deserved it. That any human being deserves that.
Winston was merciful? So in your fucked up view of the world choosing to bomb thousands of civilians whose country is already losing a war is merciful? David Irving talks about how Churchill chose to bomb indiscriminately to provoke a war that Hitler made clear he did not want.
‘Do you deny that Germans have been living in immense prosperity?’
Perhaps you missed the memo, but I mentioned that it was precisely because they have been living in prosperity that they are faggots who have no purpose, and no hope for the future. In fact, this should be so obvious. All forms of Mammon worship should be discouraged. You are a materialist, as evidenced by your ‘LET’S NOT TALK ABOUT THAT BECUASE PEOPLE STILL HAVE SAUSAGES!’ attitude.
Nobody talks about the rape. My very conservative family accept the firebombing (and agree with it), but they know nothing of the rapes.
P.S perhaps you haven’t noticed the obvious difference between the Thirty Years War and WW2. The Thirty Years war was not a war centred around racial ideologies, the sole purpose of which was to destroy the soul of the German people.

@Jack “How about when you unashamedly claim that the Germans deserved it!”
Quotation marks? Did you not see them? Can you please pay more attention?
About sausages, you’re missing my point. I was talking about how an American won’t really think about the destruction of WW2 when he ponders at why Germans are going down. Germans had a luxurious life up to 2015, and still mostly have.
Hellstorm would’ve been more applicable if Germany had been an uninhabited desert for the last 70 years. But no, they rebuilt it completely, with factories and schools. That’s what an observer would see.
“All forms of Mammon worship should be discouraged.”
Was Hitler serving Mammon when he was rejuvenating the German economy in the 1930s? This is getting ridiculous. And I thought I was the only one who loves North Korea for NOT serving Mammon.

Hitler & the NS men never worshiped Mammon. Have you not read Yockey’s The Enemy of Europe?
> “Hellstorm would’ve been more applicable if Germany had been an uninhabited desert for the last 70 years. But no, they rebuilt it completely, with factories and schools. That’s what an observer would see”.
You COMPLETELY miss Goodrich’s point: The Allied forces were the ones who perpetrated the real Holocaust, and this piece of historical datum potentially could shift the paradigm if only whites pay attention to it.

musing on mantras: reading your louis.pdf “dying in a louis xvi style bedroom.” you’re the first to propose the paradigm shift that will take us naked apes to the next level: hyper-empathy to all sentient creatures of the planet. we ones gifted with the best neocortex can/ will lead the way.

@Cesar I am not arguing against Hellstorm at all! It all started when I tried to give some reasons for being oblivious to it from the American perspective as I imagine it. After all, you asked for opinions?
And about Mammon, Jack called the post-WW2 Wirtschaftswunder “serving Mammon”. Which I do not understand, because Hitler brought German economy from ruins, too. Or would Germans had better starved to death like North Koreans in the 1990s?

I understand your point a bit better now. It is hard to understand sarcasm on the internet.
I did not call post-WW2 Germany ‘Mammon serving’, What I said was is that it is ludicrous and disturbing to claim that Germans have nothing to worry about if they have food on the table and enough money to afford two Diamond Jaguars. Caring about and securing the economy is one thing. Spitting upon the memory of your ancestors, as Germans do today, because you can pack up and go to a nice beach in Attica any time you want.
Perhaps this was not your point, but you still say ridiculous things.
‘Winston Churchill was merciful’ For one.
P.S It is nice to see that someone agrees with me on North Korea.

Don’t forget that some countries are a complete opposite to Germany but with the same results – for example, Belarus which is far more confident in its past than either the US or FRG, but is far poorer, so they end up having equally as few children. Of course, they’re sick with feminism, too, and they’re ignorant about their place in the world and about their potential, but that’s beside the point.

And about Mammon… Which I do not understand, because Hitler brought German economy from ruins, too…

No, you don’t understand what Mammon is. Let me remind you: click on the painting of Mammon on the sidebar.

Yes, Eastern Europe is slightly less fucked than the West… slightly.
This is obvious to anyone who knows their arsehole from their earhole, yet you still get arrogant morons like Varg Vikernes who think it is some beacon of hope.
The thing is, there is no point in trying to revive nations and their cultures which have not contributed to the White race as a whole. What is the point in trying to keep Polish identity or Belarusian identity alive if its contribution to the Aryans is debatable? British culture? Certainly not. This is why I think we can safely call Hitlerists Germanophiles. Pre 1918 German culture was the height of Europe (intellectually, artistically, militaristically), and NS Germany was an amalgamation of every healthy Aryan culture that came before it.

White Nationalism and related movements suffer from an undercurrent of egalitarianism and relativism. All these movements whether they admit it or not subscribe to egalitarianism and human life’s sanctity by itself.

So true: that’s why I call them Neo-Christians (“human life’s sanctity”) and why Nordicism, which was taken for granted in the eugenics movement of other time, is anathema for them.

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