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Carl Gustav Jung St Paul

Jung on Paul

‘Paul hardly ever allows the real
Jesus of Nazareth to get a word in’.

—Carl Jung

2 replies on “Jung on Paul”

glad that your making it know that some well-recognized thinkers had concerns about paul. what’s such awareness portend for the dumbed-down masses who swallowed hook, line and sinker? especially before the internet made finding answers to such questions lots easier? unfortunately, only makes me feel better about paul’s impenetrableness. rather than improving my anti-mythical apologetics. the countless conscious energy i wasted wondering.
now that i’ve chosen to not spend anymore time thinking over questions of “systematic theology,” knowing i’m not the only one at least adds some comfort about trash canning the subject. how much better a professional in my secular pursuits would i have been had i not exhausted precious mental energies on the goddamned subject.
duped by the lasting power of childhood hypnosis.

Francis Bacon said that philosophers are like spiders: you may become entangled in their spider-webs, more so among theologians.
Only idiots like Karl Barth can write dense Christological treatises such as The Epistle to the Romans. As Schopenhauer said, theologians teach us how idiotic men can be.

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