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Women in combat?

This is an update of our Tuesday post on women in the movement. Both Occidental Dissent and The Daily Stormer have published articles today about the subject. I agree with Roosh that ‘Andrew Anglin is the only alt right personality who is 100% red pilled on women’.
I’m not alt right but my POV is analogous to MGTOW’s. But not identical as they are not racists, instead they’re often degenerates (see this section from the 2017 edition of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour).

12 replies on “Women in combat?”

MGTOWs are most definitely degenerate. Turd Flinging Monkey seems like a nice face for that movement, but Cesar believe me, they are the quintessence of misogynist. We may be sexists, but seeing as we care about Aryan female beauty and making sure our women do not suffer, we certainly do not hate ALL women. You should hear the contemporary MGTOWs. They are sickening and they are losers.
I think we should have women in the movement, but their actual influence should be maintained. We should still be able to see them waving flags along with the other men in the crowd.

Of course, but I was referring to ‘combat’ as a metaphor of ‘leading positions’ in the forthcoming Hitlerist Party (precisely what the idiotic Covington did with Corinna).
I suspect that Turd is non-white. He never shows his face and I don’t know why but when I was typing his speeches for the above-linked essay I got the impression that his mother was mulatta or something. He openly says that he masturbates and likes sex toys (!) as substitute for women.
More than pathetic. Just compare him with the Jews’s god who punished Onan for pouring his semen outside the female womb.

Hmmm… masturbation. Hmmm… sex toys.
@Last paragraph.
When the Pharisees themselves are not only less degenerate than you, but have superstitions which enforce a greater level of purity and mental health, than your own rational, male mind, then you are not really in the best of places.
In fact, you do not really deserve to be on this Green Earth in the first place.
This accounts for a great amount of whites, if not most. The time for the extermination of the Neanderthals started a long time ago. It is passed time to end the borrowed time they have all been living on.

By the way, the WordPress software started today to not approve your comments until I approve them. Ironically this only happens with the most intelligent commenters this blog gets. You must be doing something good..

MGTOWs are twisted degenerates. I’ve talked to a few who seriously support replacing motherhood with artificial wombs and robots (who then accused me of feminism for opposing it!). This is obviously and fundamentally opposed to the Hitlerian view of women or any concept of beauty. They would call even the early Romans feminists if they were alive today.

They are the Neanderthalesque humans who deserve to all die. There are just so many who do, especially within our race. A few years ago I would have thought a notion like this reprehensible, but now I understand that what will take the place of this dark hole in the Earth will be something infinitely greater.
Something that will not make the same mistakes.

‘Ironically this only happens with the most intelligent commenters this blog gets. You must be doing something right..’
The comment just confused me a bit, was all.

I don’t comment often because I seldom have the free time to do so, but this upsurge of male feminists jumping to the defense of mongrel whores has left me nothing short of amazed.
I don’t like Anglin much, especially after his American nationalism phase but I’m happy he’s standing up to these whores.

White Nationalism is a fraud.
Even Covington, who in the recent ‘Podcast for Britons’ Walsh considered the best American organisation, is a fraud, as he’s a feminist.
Alt-Right is also a fraud. Yesterday I was watching this video—:
—and stopped it as soon as this heterosexual fag started to pander on women as if we are equals.
WN / Alt-Right is so extremely queer that I am considering starting a mantra for this blog that I’d add between the articles.

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