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On Jordan Peterson

In recent posts I’ve been critical of Millennial Woes but this time he has produced a good video debunking a professor who rightly takes issue with the Newspeak in campus but still adheres, as a child, to the dogmas of the boomers.

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As soon as I saw this post, I thought: ‘Millennial Woes make a good video? Surely you jest!’
I loved the moment when he said ‘we won’t get anywhere until his generation is out of the professions.’ Is that Millennial Woes, actually saying something intelligent for once?
Nevertheless, the classic MW who we all know and love came through at times. For example: ‘Charlottesville made me question what our movement is about.’ More effeminate hogwash and disturbing levels of pacifism. Makes me sick. Later he says referring to the 20th century(and I am paraphrasing) ‘the horrors…'(obvious reference to NS)
I personally do not believe he is being sarcastic when you take into account his utter fear of those of us who give enough of a damn to not put their faith into constant skype hangouts.
Peterson asks: ‘how do you define white?’ Common questions like these as well as ‘what have whites done that it so great?’ make me really wish that March of the Titans was far more well known and promoted far more among the Alt Right. Simple books like these have so many answers that can tell us more about Who We Are (pun intended) than listening to a one hour long podcast with Dickie Spence.
Plus Kemps work would shut so many people up for a very long time, members of the Alt Right included.

I’m glad that you mention Kemp’s book. I have complained a lot in this site that WNsts ignore it together with Pierce’s. My guess is that they sold their soul to egalitarianism and treat any Nordicist treatise as heresy.

Which in turn leads me to see them as anti-white, never mind how much they seem to be in good faith. Historically, James Mason said ‘priorities now, perfection later.’
The thing is, is that so many issues in our struggle have made both priorities and perfection the same. Maybe I seem like that type of person who is too squeaky-clean, always looking for perfection in the moment, but Nordicism is most definitely a priority that has to be made apparent now.
This is the point I was making in the ‘Imperium’ post a couple of days ago: if anti-whites are to be executed, a la turner diaries, and Anti-Nordicists are anti-white, then they are to be executed, or at least not excepted into the movement (many will call that a more humane punishment).

Kemp’s work has some brilliant stuff – but he ahem “overlooks” and makes excuses for the Heebs. And do you recall that Kemp denounced “Nazis, Klan members, and Civil War re-enactors (?)” a few years ago? That cooked his goose with many of us.

>Civil War re-enactors
You mean the war between Cucks for Niggers and White Trash who wouldn’t give up on having Niggers as slaves regardless of how little Southern White Americans benefited from it?

@ Jack Halliday:
What alarms me of WNsts is people like Spencer saying he’s prepared to accept mulattos in the ethnostate; Greggy saying that brown skin colour is white for him (literally!) if you’re from Europe, and people calling names the handful nordicist commenters over the WN forums.

He’s already gone on record to concede White Responibility for slavery to some We Wuz Kangz Nigger on television. And also saying that Whites should avoid conquest of the muds.

Whites should avoid conquest of the muds in the sense of not using non-white labour as it’s suicidal in the long run (but yes: unlike Pierce’s book Kemp’s does not promote extermination).

I don’t like Jordan Petersen. He seems to presuppose himself as an authority on all manner of things like marriage and general life lessons.
Why should I accept him as an authority? Psychologists are generally a bunch of rent seeking BS artists. They talk for a living, and I do not trust anyone who talks for a living.

Psychologists are like priests, lawyers and high-level government drones. They make money without doing productive work. Jews have a word for this type of person, one for whom they have high regard, “luftmench” — airman, a person that makes a good living for doing nothing. It’z zoooo Chooish and it’z the reason America has become a third world shithole.
To create wealth, one must create something of material value and sell it to others. Or as someone once noted, “to create wealth, one must dig it out of the ground or make something from that which has been dug from the ground.” Everything else is simply moving existing wealth around in circles.
Today China is the producer. America no longer even cast the slightest shadow of its former industry and manufacturing strength, while China’s wealth production grows ever larger. America was built on work defined by the white work ethic. I defy anyone to explain how early America could have built to its present state on the so-called, much vaunted “service industry”; a concept that was nothing but Jew/African economics from the beginning.
Thank the Jews, for it was their economic and trade policies that fomented this ongoing, American economic disaster. The average, beer-swilling, sports fan has no idea what the store shelves might look like were China to close its trade doors to America. They might get a clue however when they discovered they could not buy a big screen TV on which to watch the “big game.” America today is a luftkopfnation, a nation of airheads.

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