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This Time, 9


A passage from This Time the World
by George Lincoln Rockwell

Without anybody coming out and saying it, the mad scramble for ‘democracy’ has been extended to the sexes and the natural dominance of the male, and the passive submission of the female, which are basic to both natures and absolutely necessary to their happiness, have been scorned as evil carry-overs from our animal natures. A ‘modern’ girl cannot avoid the impression that it is somehow ‘inferior’ to be ‘just a woman’ or ‘just a housewife and mother’, and the corresponding idea, therefore, that she must try to ‘be somebody’ or ‘do something worthwhile’ by having a ‘career’. She receives all sorts of ‘education’, particularly in college, which is not only useless if she becomes a wife and mother, but which irritate and frustrate her natural capacities.
It is not a question of ‘superior’ or ‘inferior’, but a question of possibilities. A girl will grow up to be a woman, a female, no matter what education, ideals, ideas and training she may get. Perhaps it is ‘unfair’ that she was born a woman, physically weak, less able to reason, coldly burdened with the inexorable cyclic functioning of her reproductive system and blessed with the soft, warm, emotional, understanding and patient nature of the machinery designed by Nature for motherhood, above all things.
The effort of feminists and liberals to ‘correct’ what Nature has decreed, whether the effort is ‘good’ or ‘bad’, can lead only to misery for those who attempt to fly in the face of a cold and merciless Nature, and a social agony for a world which is deprived of warm and submissive females and mothers.
It is a mark of insanity for an individual to ignore reality and act as if he were something which he is not. It is no less insane when women pretend that their female natures do not exist, that they are not only the ‘equals’ of men, but the same as men, except for a slight physiological difference. No matter how a few of them manage to succeed in the poses of engineers and steel-workers and fighter pilots and business executives; women today, as a group, are fundamentally acting in the manner of the insane: defying and ignoring reality.
The results are frightfully visible in our whole civilization. The women are becoming masculinized, while the men are getting feminized. One has only to look at a crowd of our teenagers to see how things are going. They wear the same tight pants, the same jackets and the same hats—even the same duck-tailed hairdos. We are breeding and training up a generation of jazzed-up, negroidal, neutered queers.
Our whole approach to women today, as with most of our social attitudes, is that of the Soviets who have women in the army, working in the streets and even in firing-squads, just like men. God save us from such women!
Women are indeed the equal of men, as a group, only when they fulfill the task for which Nature equipped and made them—motherhood. Man was designed, even in the creative process itself, to supply the spark, the drive and the aggressive push of life, while woman is designed to supply the basic building material of new life; nourish, treasure, warm and guide it, until it can sustain its own life. There is no escape from this fate, even if it were bad, which it is not.
If a man is to be honored for making cigars or building bridges or making beer, as our great businessmen are, then surely we ought to honor those who make our people! But the trouble is that our insane ‘liberal’ attitude toward motherhood and homemaking has given women an impossible inferiority complex and frustration about their possible and real achievements in life. We train our girls by the millions to be anything but successful wives and mothers, lead them to believe they are to be an ‘equal’ part of a ‘man’s world’, when the truth is that it is only Nature’s world, and man’s share in it is no greater or more glorious than that of a female-oriented woman who produces, brings up and gives to society a family of happy people.
If our girls were brought up from first consciousness to realize the absolute and total inevitability of their mission in life, but above all to be proud of that mission; train for and then fulfill it joyously, there would be no more talk of ‘achieving’ equality. They would find that Nature has already given them equality in generous measure, if only they will accept it. There can be no sense in discussing the superiority of negative or positive electricity in a battery; they are merely different forms of the same thing, but the difference is vital if there is to be any current. When the male and female potential or voltages are permitted to become ‘equal’, they must be strongly opposite or the current will stop…
It is not women who are at fault in the growing madness of our family and our sexual frustration, it is the men who have permitted it. The women are still born passive and submissive and if our fathers and grandfathers had not failed them as a group, as I failed my first wife as an individual, they would still, as a group, be enjoying their birthright and the honor owed them by society for being the most exalted manufacturers and executives in the world, the manufacturers of Our People!
Upon achieving power, one of our first tasks will be an all-out public relations drive to help our entire population—men and women—to see that ‘motherhood’ is not the silly, sloppy thing which is made of it today.

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Oops! I had written a hatnote that I just removed—:

Note of the Editor: Recently I listened two interviews by Lauren Southern to two notable figures in the Alt-Light; in one of the interviews, she even traveled to Japan.
I confess that I felt uncomfortable, not because of the content: but because of the inversion of sexual roles. If a woman like Southern is interested in preserving Western civilisation, please go ahead: have lots of kids! But it’s not Southern’s fault: it is the fault of normie men (and also of men in the Alt-Right & Alt-Lite that allow women to make careers).
If sexual roles are not reversed back to normalcy, the white race will go extinct later in this century.

—because this bitch is probably Jewish (see her Wikipedia page).

“If sexual roles are not reversed back to normalcy, the white race will go extinct later in this century.”
The number of Aryans has been declining since the mid-1960’s as that is when the birthrate of the race began to fall below replacement level (after the so-called ‘Baby Boomer’ generation, the last healthy sized generation of Aryans). But even if current trends continue our race won’t go extinct later in this century. For example, of all the white children born this year, some will live until 100 i.e. 2117. And they will have children themselves. At a guess, I’d say if current trends continue the last Aryans will die out in the 2200’s but any chance of survival for the race will be over by the middle of next century, 2150 or so.
White women need to have more children but the chances of such a revolution of the sexes happening in our Jewish-controlled societies is out of the question. Before the declining birthrate of Aryans can be halted (by raising the average birthrate to the replacement level of 2.1) it will be necessary to overthow the ruling Jewish power in enough White countries by the beginning of the next century.
If enough Aryan males don’t deal with their primary enemy the Jews in the next 100 years it is probably over for the Aryan race.

You say ‘jewish power’ but I’ve just read the last appendix of SIEGE and Mason says that it’s the traitor Anglos, as they far outnumber the kikes in the US.

The source of the Jews power is Aryan traitors, especially white male traitors. Ultimately the Jew is just being a Jew, the real blame falls on the white males in governmental power who allowed the Jews into white countries, worked with Jews etc.
An example of pathological hatred of their own race among traitor Anglos is in England where the Left-wing Labour Party has many supporters of it who hate the Jews (primarily because of Israel) yet they want uncontrolled immigration into the UK. They are anti-white but they also hate Jews and want both Whites and Jews to be destroyed to make way for a Muslim, Third World UK.

You and I have been thinking about such mentality for some time. From my viewpoint, it is so similar to the character of the High Sparrow (the ‘Pope’) in Game of Thrones: a sort of powerful Franciscan monk who wants to equalise human beings.
Since equalising everybody is impossible, his strategy was to destroy the noble class, and he succeeds until one of the nobles blows the High Septon, the ‘Vatican’, with the High Sparrow and all his henchmen of the Faith Militant inside.
As I have said elsewhere, those of us who know something of Church history cannot fail to see the parallels between this fictitious character and the Dulcinians or Dulcinites: violent fanatics under the spell of the movement’s leader, Fra Dolcino of Novara (ca. 1250-1307), inspired by Franciscan ideals.
There are a couple of pundit commentators on the Alt-Right beside me who have seen similar parallels. But generally white nationalists ignore that the suicidal ethos that has taken possession—like demonic possession—of the collective unconscious of the race has very old Christian roots. As you know, I’m 59-years-old and for someone of my age who has been reading for some time it’s kind of amusing to see, in the movement, clueless people about the history of their religion.
I know that most visitors of this site find it rather eccentric that I am now dedicating most of it to the translation of Deschner’s history of Christianity. But it is fundamental in spite of he fact that Deschner, who abandoned Nazi ideology, was writing from a liberal point of view. If I manage to arrive to the description of those Christians who took the gospel message in all seriousness, I will be correcting the author’s POV and spin it toward the POV of those in the uniform he used when he was young.

“the suicidal ethos that has taken possession—like demonic possession—of the collective unconscious of the race has very old Christian roots.”
This pathology is something peculiar to Aryans. Jews may have invented Christianity but they are not influenced by its anti-racial, egalitarian message. Likewise, other races that have become Christian have not become suicidal (and the East Asians seem largely immune to Christianity as a whole). It is only Aryans who become hypnotized by fantasies of a utopia of equality and world peace. It is perhaps a fatal weakness in our race.
Those Left-wing Whites in the UK Labour Party are an extreme example of the Aryans love of egalitarianism; they not only want to abolish the White race but destroy the State of Israel too because it is an ethnostate! They are not even trying to protect Jews like older forms of the Left did.
It is a pity that the race that could potentially be the most dangerous and brutal also has an addiction to hallucinatory fantasies that avoid seeing the real world as it is.

Jung said that a man’s psyche can be literally possessed by an archetype, and that that is a catastrophe.
The archetype that has taken hold of the Aryan mind is the Judaeo-Christian ‘Seventh Day of History’ which finds its inspiration in a famous Isaiah verse: ‘The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.’
Thus psychotic whites are enforcing all of these creatures live together under the wise guidance of this apparently benign ‘child’, the progressive State.
It’s not only the State. As I have said elsewhere, whites are currently suffering from a folie en masse that cannot last long. Anything can trigger the chain reaction of the domino effect for the collapse. I guessed that the first domino to fall will be a dollar crash but history cannot be predicted (just listen what this idiotic US president said yesterday about North Korea).

Jung also said that Hitler was possessed by the collective unconscious of the Aryan race, which Jung symbolised as Wotan, the ancient Germanic god. Jung said Wotan was an archetypal creation of the Germanic folk-soul. David Lane developed this further by making W.O.T.A.N. an acronym for Will Of The Aryan Nation. When Hitler was possessed by the ‘furor teutonicus’ of Wotan, he was possessed by the collective unconscious of his race.
What’s interesting to me is that when Hitler commited suicide the Aryan collective unconscious seemed to switch to suicide mode also, like the death of Hitler was a lethal blow to the soul of the race.
Instead of being possesed by our native racial soul as in National Socialist Germany, Aryans become possessed by the Christian archetype that you allude to.
If Aryans are to survive the Christian archetype that drives Christian ethics will have to be overcome. The question is, will Aryans overcome the mental disease or will it destroy them? The coming century will tell.

@ Cesar and Joseph “the suicidal ethos that has taken…demonic possession….of the collective unconscious of the race has very old Christian roots…….this pathology is something peculiar to Aryans….it is only Aryans who become hypnotized by fantasies of a utopia of equality and world peace. It is perhaps a fatal weakness in our race..”
Is this pathology a result of Aryan/Faustian Man’s pronounced capacity for metaphysics – the search for the reality behind (material) reality. Good when it’s a search for the universal laws of the cosmos:- mathematical principles, the laws governing the planets and stars. But then this universal aspiration goes haywire when it descends to earth. The pre-Christian Stoics were blabbering about the universal brotherhood of man. Plato in The Republic was blabbering about the equality of men and women, albeit only for those women selected for the Guardian Class.
By contrast there is next to no metaphysics in the OT, what there is, is stolen from Babylonian hymns or the Egyptian Book of the Dead. The OT is really the first draft of the Protocols, a blueprint for Jews’ acquisition of worldly power over all gentile nations.

It’s not the Anglo’s, not all Anglo’s are Christian. It’s not White men, or Anglo’s, the root of the problem is where all liberalism comes from, xtian ethics and morals and those dunderheads who promote it. Jews can only thrive in xtian countries where they are allowed to by the culture.
Everytime you blame White men, a feminist cheers, because that’s their agenda. The same cam be said about xtians.

@Joseph Walsh “the East Asians seem largely immune to Christianity as a whole”
More than a quarter of South Koreans profess Christianity. Their women have become whores (like in non-Christian Japan), and their birthrate has fallen to 1.24 children per woman. In comparison, in the besieged, impoverished, totalitarian and anti-Christian North, the birthrate is still at healthy 1.97.
The DPRK really reminds me of David Lane’s Kinsland.
@Cesar “Jung said that a man’s psyche can be literally possessed by an archetype, and that that is a catastrophe.”
I know, it’s not really important, but Ukrainians are an excellent example of such a possession, albeit on different grounds. They’re obsessed with Russophobia, and their nationalists measure everyone with how much they hate everything Russian. On the one hand, they will invoke the memory of the SS and ethnic cleansing, and on the other, they will gladly work with Jews and Negroes, provided those speak Ukrainian. The beauty of civic nationalism!
An example of thinking in useless abstractions such as language and “culture” rather than in the matters of blood?

@ adunaithethird… “More than a quarter of South Koreans profess Christianity. Their women have become whores…..”
But neither South Korea nor Japan – both first world countries – have opened their borders to the Third World. Yet.
“thinking in useless abstractions such as language and ‘culture’ rather than in the matters of blood?” So true.

‘Is this pathology a result of Aryan/Faustian Man’s pronounced capacity for metaphysics…’

What you say is most interesting.
As an adolescent I wanted to study philosophy but I didn’t expect to find such obscurity of language and obfuscation of the spirit everywhere, especially since the times of the German idealists. It took me many years to realise that Francis Bacon was right that the metaphysician is like a spider who spins cobwebs where his readers become entangled.
Just think of Kant! Instead of studying reality, many Germans ended up trapped in this Big Spider’s cobwebs! And even great scientists like Newton succumbed to a similar nonsense.
The following is from my book Day of Wrath:

Isaac Newton is the paradigm par excellence of scientific genius. He invented calculus, discovered the law of gravity, enumerated the laws of motion and showed that light is a mixture of colors. His findings not only revolutionized physics but also finally cracked down the pedestal on which Europe had Aristotle. Europe discovered her genius in Newton: a psychoclass comparable to that of the best Greek minds began to evolve in the 17th century.
The self-esteem that the European scientific mind recovered after Newton is difficult to overestimate. But very few know that after his third year of life Isaac’s mother abandoned him to the house of the grand-mother: something that borders on what deMause calls the “abandoning mode” of childrearing. Newton’s biographers know that the child suffered this betrayal greatly. In order to burn his agony, in his early twenties he turned his mind into science. At twenty-six Newton had already discovered all of the mentioned above and even more. However, since at that time there were no survivor forums to vent the anger he felt for his mother and stepfather, Newton suffered a severe depression.
When he recovered he lost his mind: he dedicated the rest of his life to alchemy and fundamentalist theology. His manuscripts on these topics sum millions of words: incomparably more than the Principia Mathematica that Newton had written in his youth. He collected a hundred and fifty books on alchemy and tried to turn metal into gold.
Newton “always believed in a personal God—nothing like the God of Spinoza—; in the literal narrative of Adam and Eve, the existence of the devil and in hell.” From this fundamentalist point of view Newton estimated the age of the world in some 3,500 years before his age and invested a huge amount of time to interpret the books of Daniel and the Revelation of John. He thought he had cracked the cipher of both books just as he had deciphered the laws of planetary motion.
“It is sad,” writes Martin Gardner, “to envision the discoveries in mathematics and physics Newton might have made if his great intellect had not been diverted by such bizarre speculations.”
When Newton died, it was found in his body large amounts of mercury: a poisoning resulting from his alchemical experiments.

@ Cesar. Aryan Man’s capacity for metaphysics is also the wellspring for his philosophic and mathematical speculations and artistic creativeness. He is also the discoverer of empirical science, and a quester for the truths of Nature. These potentialities should be kept in equipoise; that is, Aryan Man’s flights into metaphysics have to be re-anchored in the concrete, into Blood & Soil, Natural Law, or else there’s a tendency towards the Stoics’ universal brotherhood of mankind; and Newton’s flights of fancy.
Jews have little metaphysics. Jews maybe intelligent but they are not creative. Their lack of cultural achievements compared to Classical Greeks haunted them at the time even. Their minds are a sterile landscape of Talmudic hair-splitting. But they have a predator’s capacity to read the minds of their prey.
Chinese are intelligent too, but they are an anthill sub-species of homo sapiens; adaptors of others’ ideas and technologies (German). No metaphysics in Confucius. His ideas are a body of social ethics.

If Aryan Man goes extinct I’m certain all further development of science and technology would come to a standstill. The Earth would enter an intellectual darkness. Additionally, the knowledge we have acquired and technology we have invented may be abandoned by the East Asians and Jews, certainly Africans would lose our scientific knowledge and technological capability.
The Jews lack of a metaphysical nature is serving them well, we can learn a lot from our enemy. Their race is their God (YHWH=Jews), they live by the logical ‘eye for an eye’ code of ethics, remembering everything their enemies have done to them and never forgiving them, and they enact gigantic genocides against the goyim such as the Holodomor, the genocide of the Germans during and after WWII and the genocide of the Palestinians. They remain “faithful to the earth” in the Nietzschean sense and don’t believe in an afterlife. They care for power only. There’s a revealing part of Mein Kampf where Hitler says of the Jews:-
“Suddenly there rose up in me the fearful question whether inscrutable Destiny, perhaps for reasons unknown to us poor mortals, did not with eternal and immutable resolve, desire the final victory of this little nation. Was it possible that the earth had been promised as a reward to this people which lives only for this earth?”

>No metaphysics in Confucius. His ideas are a body of social ethics.
Schopenhauer would beg to differ. As can be seen in his exploration of the Thëen concept in On the Fourfold Root of the Principle of Sufficient Reason, the Chinese undoubtedly have a metaphysics and their religions are not atheistic.

But they don’t become slaves of abstract ideas (and Confucius did criticise the obscure language of metaphysicians).
Joseph says above that Jews genocided whites in WW2. Only in the sense of film and media propaganda: the actual perps were mostly whites.
The problem, and here’s the crux why I disagree so much with WNsts (except intellectuals like Sunic), is that nationalists simply don’t want to see that whites have behaved in a most crazy and traitorous way throughout history.
For example, what I liked most in the histories of the white race by Pierce and Kemp is that it’s all too clear that using non-white labour has been at the root of white decline since the beginnings of history. Most WNsts ignore the history of their race simply because it breaks their little paradigm.
Once you introduce history, for instance the history of Christianity, you also see that whites have embraced the most evil doctrine of all time: eternal torture. St Augustine, and many other theologians even in times of the Reformation (like Luther), maintained that non-baptised babies would go to the eternal flames…
You have to be an idiot not to see that since Constantine took over Rome whites have succumbed to Evil.
Naïve WNsts seem to believe that once whites abandon such religious ideas, the next generation of secularists would be simply sane. That is basically the message of the French philosophers of the Enlightenment and of Sam Harris✡ today. Such naïve understanding of Man has been criticised these days even by normie academic Jordan Peterson.
In reality, once you abandon the monstrous ideas of Christianity your mind still keeps residual monstrosities and lunacies—residual and mutated viruses for the Aryan mind. Are you familiar with my ‘Schweitzer’s niglets (Or: The superiority of Nietzschean apostasy vis à vis semi-apostasy)’?
What eccentric Schweitzer did once he gave up his belief in the historicity of the gospel narrative, is exactly what nowadays millions upon millions of whites are doing around the globe (Jewish subversion—only a secondary infection).

The problem, and here’s the crux why I disagree so much with WNsts (except intellectuals like Sunic), is that nationalists simply don’t want to see that whites have behaved in a most crazy and traitorous way throughout history.

If we place Whites as ultimately responsible for everything that happens to their race, especially White Men, (who are responsible for Feminism taking root for example) which I believe is the point you are trying to make Cesar, then it has to be seen there is a dual nature to Whites just like there is to most individual people; Whites have done both good and evil throughout their racial history (and what that good and evil was varies depending on the values one holds). I don’t think this will change anytime soon. Whites will always have negative aspects that need to be overcome, the Aryan Problem won’t get solved just because the Jews have been exterminated.

Whites cannot be 100% responsible of the mess because we can imagine a world with no Semites since Antiquity, something which would have been a much better world for whites in my opinion.
But they have sinned since they accepted the horrible religion of the Semites. Of that I blame them because of the facts we can read in Deschner’s book—they’re unequivocal. Whites could have avoided both mestization and the eventual takeover of a mudblood cult but they didn’t.
The Aryan problem without Christianity is manageable. The Aryan problem with Xtianty = suicide. As much as I dislike the way Conservative Swede got mad with me he was right about this later point (cf. ‘The Red Giant’).

@Joseph… “YHWH = jews”.
As with all jewish ‘truths’, yes, quite the reverse of OT divine revelations – jews actually created Yahweh in their own image, a psychotic, destructive, genocidal monster. Amazing to realise that with Western Civilisation tottering on the edge of the abyss and with the internet to distribute citizen researchers’ investigations and analysis, at this moment in time people at our level have access to a degree of esoteric knowledge that has been hidden for millennia. Still, only a relatively few have the eyes to see it. And much of it is hardly esoteric. The power of jewish mass media and mass education to scramble healthy minds. We see what we are told to see.
“The jews lack of a metaphysical nature is serving them well, we can learn a lot from our enemy”. Sure, but up to a point. jews are not a creative race, and I think that this is because they don’t have a metaphysical nature. It’s good so long as Aryans “don’t become slaves to abstract ideas”.

The god of the Jews is certainly ‘ungood’ (Zeus/Jupiter on the other hand was good). But the god of the Christians is infinitely worse. Hell is eternal for every mainstream church and only eccentrics like Jehovah Witnesses, Christian Scientists and Seventh-day Adventists have rejected that dogma.
If the Christian god is worse than the Jewish god (there’s no eternal torment in OT theology), that corroborates my point that it’s Whites’ surrendering their will to Evil 1,600 years ago what has being causing the mess (rather than having been hypnotised by a subversive tribe, what WNsts believe).

@Owl of Minerva Yes, YHWH is created by the Jews in the image of the Jews. The Hebrew word Adam means, among multiple meanings, mankind, and the Jews have made it clear that only Jews are human “made in the image of YHWH”, while all other creatures are goyim, cattle to be exploited, herded and slaughtered. The ‘special relationship’ Jews claim to have with God is due to the fact that only they can understand a God created in the image of their tribe. Indeed, Jews think that if the Jewish people were to go extinct then ‘God’ would perish as well, which indeed God would if God is nothing but the Jewish people.
I said “we can learn a lot from our enemy” as a provocative statement to get people to think, I believe the Jews do have useful traits that are worth emulating but of course I know they have not got everything, they are immensely lacking in many areas compared to Aryans and their ethical behaviour is simply evil.
Interesting point you make about Aryans being a creative race because they have a metaphysical nature. However, Aryan creativity still continued when Aryans rejected metaphysics, for example scientific thought began in Greece in the 7th century BC when Thales rejected metaphysis for physis and attempted to explain the world in terms of Nature (physis is Greek for Nature) rather than the supernatural.

@ Joseph Yes, man creates God in his own image. The Abos have their Dreamtime, jews YHWH. The disaster for much of humanity for the past 2,000 years has been the imposition of the jews’ barbaric god on other peoples, so alien to their spirits.
I agree we can learn much from the jews. Revilo Oliver ‘admired’ how they would readily put up their money for the collective cause. Rockwell experienced the opposite.
I see metaphysics more broadly than just religion. The best of Aryan-Faustian-Promethean Man has striven for the higher values, knowledge, The True, The Good, The Beautiful, produced sublime art, literature, music. East Asians play Classical Music. Their music has no universal appeal. Classical Greeks did endow the world with a new rational way of thinking, philosophy, natural science, empirical history. Later on Western Man introduced empirical science and technology. I don’t see broad metaphysics and rational thinking being mutual negations. Socrates had his daimon. The Greeks saw artistic creation as divine, the Muses, the Divine Feminine. There was no more rational, detached thinker in late Republican Rome than Caesar (he saw himself in the third person in The Commentaries) He still believed in Fortuna. Hitler in some ‘providence’. Ditto Napoleon.
The jews are not a creative people outside mind control and destructive ideologies. They were haunted in Hellenistic times at their lack of cultural achievements. Hideous pottery, Herod rebuilt the temple along Greek models. No achievements in the plastic arts, certainly not in painting. Some in classical music. How much of their Tin Pan Alley popular music was stolen ? Why? Because their collective unconscious = YHWH.
Part of the reason for the jews’ unrelenting hatred for Hitler is that he spoke the truth, nothing but the truth; especially about Aryan Man being the creators and builders of civilisations. This hatred applies to more than the jews, too.

If you want to psycho-analise YHWH as the projection of the Jewish psyche, don’t miss Answer to Job (German: Antwort auf Hiob), a 1952 book by Jung: the first critique of the character flaws of “God” I’ve ever read!
Incidentally, Answer to Job shocked my father but I loved it and quote it in my latest book.

To add to my previous reply: an article on Confucius by a Christian apologist Zukeran underscores some interesting things:

“Confucius himself stated, ‘To devote oneself earnestly to one’s duty to humanity, and while respecting the spirits, to keep aloof from them, may be called wisdom.’ (Analects 6:20) ‘Our master’s views concerning culture and the outward insignia of goodness, we are permitted to hear; but about man’s nature and the ways of heaven, he will not tell us anything at all.’ (Analects 5:12)”
“Confucius occasionally mentions the ‘Mandate of Heaven.’ He appears to interpret this to mean the natural law or moral order within things. Men must seek to live within this order. One must be careful not to violate the will of heaven.”
“In the Confucian system, a divine being does not have a significant role; his philosophy is man-centered and relies on self-effort. Man is sufficient to attain the ideal character through education, self-effort, and self-reflection. In contrast, Christianity is God-centered.”
“It is built on a relationship with a personal God who is involved in the world. Confucius focused on life here on this earth. Jesus focused on life in eternity.”

What Hitler was doing with National Socialism is essentially similar to Confucianism. In each of these aspects, it ran in direct contrast to Christianity. He was not vouchsafed to publicly formulate how his fate operated, he equated his god with the laws of nature, he proclaimed self-realization through the use of the Greek axiom “God helps those who helps themselves”, he rejected the idea of a man-like god concerned with everyone’s lives (supported by Wagener’s memoirs, Bormann’s June 1941 letter, Kurt Eggers’ quote compilation), and he focused on this life considering himself as a materialist who said it did not matter whether catholicism or protestantism triumphed over the other.

@ jerpar. Interesting stuff on Confucius and his ethic of the need to conform to Natural Law, mirrored in National Socialism. Hitler believed in providence but not in a Christian personal god. He had a deeply artistic nature, and really, did not have enough lightning in him to deal with the JP. If he had one big failure it was his lack of appreciation of the extent and depth of jewish power in Britain and USA. I’ll follow-up with Kurt Eggers’ material.

@Owl of Minerva: I agree with you, but at the same time who did have sufficient appreciation of the depth of jewish power? Hitler had more than most and as much as anyone, but since Hitler was a ‘doer’ and a positive force, he couldn’t let that stop him from acting.

@ Carolyn Yeager Well, you’re right. We are only now catching up to the depth of insight National Socialists and Hitler had of the JP. For all those many, including truth seekers, who keep repeating the canards that the jews/Rothschilds funded the Nazis, funded both sides in WWII, Prescott Bush, Standard Oil, the Hegelian Dialectic (an hypothesis in search for Nazi facts) – simply do not understand the nature of jewish power. Hidden Power. Still today, they go ballistic when attention is drawn to their control of the media, finance, Israeli lobby, etc. They instantaneously reacted with fury to the election of Hitler in 1933 and his party, which from 1919 had exposed jewish usury, pulled the international curtain open on all their nefarious activities. jews already had the trigger for fomenting world revolution and their eventual control – Bolshevism-Marxism, country by country – starting with the French Revolution, Russian Revolution, Germany post WWI, Hungary, Spain. jews do not gamble everything on Red at the roulette wheel, ever. They own the casino.
I think that Hitler and Hess thought they could negotiate with the Peace Party in England (around Edward VIII?) and didn’t fully appreciate the degree that The Drunk and The Cripple were the total puppets of jewish power. Fascist parties were gaining everywhere in Europe. Populations in these countries were intensely war weary. Polls at the 1940 US elections were over 80% against American involvement in another European war. So it’s not surprising Hitler under estimated jewish power. This you know.

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