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Kindergarten racists

American white advocates are now discussing what they call ‘optics’ as PR for the movement (two of the most recent pieces by Hunter Wallace and Andrew Anglin: here and here).
Incredibly, Wallace who a few years ago sided mainstreamers against Greg Johnson, is now tolerant of fashy optics in the rallies while Anglin, whose site with acid sarcasm on Jews often uses Nazi imaginary, is now claiming that the movement needs electoral politics and Americanism!
Just compare this with what James Mason said in Siege (this morning I just added one more of the chapters of Siege as a post for this site). But Mason himself has his own problems. He was stuck in the religion of our parents and abandoned revolutionary politics: a religion I’m now debunking with my translations of Deschner’s Criminal History of Christianity.
Wallace seems to have a better grasp of reality than Anglin, but generally speaking their movement is a failure. And it is a failure because all of them are unable to give up Christian ethics. Apropos of the fact that Kevin MacDonald is now accepting Jewish contributors for The Occidental Observer, I responded to Franklin Ryckaert today:

The real issue here is my claim that whites do indeed have a loose screw. Our central intellectual figure in understanding the JQ cannot fathom à la Hitler that no Jew ought to be platformed, especially in a Jew-wise forum.
You can imagine an ‘Anti-Semites Watch’ periodical run by Jews admitting a Nazi contributor! Recently someone said that many white nationalists support Israel because they believe that Jews should have a home of their own, but that Jews don’t reciprocate the favour: they don’t support a home nation for whites anywhere in the world. That was an excellent point!
Christian-problem The Aryan problem does encompass the Jewish Problem. If even secular white nationalists subscribe the Christian commandment to love our enemies, we have a huge problem at home.
I will continue to promote MacDonald’s trilogy as fundamental reading to understand the JP but not only I’ve now removed The Occidental Observer from my blogroll list: I’m more confident than ever that NS should replace WN/Alt-Right (cf. my comment on Strauss/Zweig below), and that the ongoing discussion among them on optics is for Kindergarten racists who have no clue about the history of Christianity.

I was referring to this comment on mine about Richard Strauss and Stefan Zweig in Nazi Germany.

5 replies on “Kindergarten racists”

After decades of his mysterious disappearance in times when he was writing mystical stuff, Mason has returned and is now writing again over racial subjects (for a Mason article published this month, see: here).
Like Mason I also lost decades of my life due to Christian doctrine. But I processed my adolescent pain in two autobiographical books and became an apostate. Conversely, like many WNsts I doubt Mason will ever approach the subject of Christianity from the rational viewpoint, let alone the subject of ‘the Christian Problem’.

Mason will never truly reject Christianity, that I know for sure.
However I don’t think it matters as much as it does with others given that his revolutionary tendencies and the forming of groups like AW is enough to scare away the overwhelming majority of Christians.

Regardless of the nature of his leave (which given what I know wasn’t entirely religious), he is back and arguably more popular than he’s ever been.

However, I stick to my point. He left for decades and that was demoralising for his readers.
A leader should never quit unless he is killed.
A thought that torments me is that if Rockwell had not been assassinated, the NS Party would be more powerful today than any WN organisation for lemmings (as these guys who are now discussing optics).

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