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'You look rather white to me'

I have been thinking about the implications of the facts that Deschner tells in his criminal history of Christianity: things that have barely been discussed in the movement of white nationalism. First of all, let’s remember what an SS pamphlet says in an article that should be known by all the racists in the world:

The Roman Empire experienced considerable racial mixing, which encouraged the rapid spread of the doctrine of racial equality. Anyone could become a Christian, whether Roman, Greek, Jew, Negro, etc. As Christians they were all the same, for the important thing was that they belonged to the Church and accepted its teachings.

Recall now what was said in ‘Kriminalgeschichte 25’. Shortly before Constantine won his first battle, at the time when Maxentius was still in charge of Rome, ‘there were more Christians in Italy and in Africa than in Gaul’.
Demography is destiny, and if we connect the dots we should not be surprised about what happened after Maxentius lost the battle: the demolition of the statues of the Greco-Roman world—just what we now begin to witness in the United States even before non-whites reach majority!
What worries me is that these issues are not addressed well in white nationalism. It is not only taboo to talk about the history of Christianity. It is also taboo to speak, as was spoken in the times of the 20th century eugenicists, of the need to consider the Nordic type as the standard of the white race.
I will illustrate this with an example. On YouTube I see a recent video of Spencer, a video translated into Spanish, like ranked up if I look for ‘Richard Spencer’ on YouTube. Well: in that interview Spencer tells a Puerto Rican, clearly a mudblood, the following: ‘You actually look rather white to me’.
If we look at the image above, a recreation of the miscegenation in imperial Rome—miscegenation that eventually led the empire to its downfall—, we cannot remove from our minds the fact that Spencer thinks today as the imperial Romans thought: who practiced mass amnesty to the ‘Puerto Ricans’ of their time, granting Roman citizenship to non-Aryans.
In other words: the racial ideology that led to the fall of the Roman Empire and the racial ideology of a large part of the white nationalists is similar: they are not protecting their race properly.
As a side note, Hadding Scott has said on Carolyn’s site that Kevin MacDonald now has two Jews as contributors for The Occidental Observer. Is that true?

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In Germania by Tacitus he describes the Germanic tribes as being unmixed, this indicates there was likely racial mixing among Romans.

Cesar, you say above: “It is also taboo to speak, as was spoken in the times of the 20th century eugenicists, of the need to consider the Nordic type as the standard of the white race.”
The English and Swedes are both predominantly Nordics, AFAIK, but they are the worst when it comes to embracing mud people. Yet you put them on a pedestal and claim they are the best that Europe has to offer, because they are Nordics.
AH was an Alpine, not a Nordic, but according to you a Nordic, like Claus von Stauffenberg, the would-be AH assassin, is somehow more valuable to Europe and the World because he’s a Nordic.

It looks like you have missed my Nth response for the same observation in the comments section. Why?
If all whites suffered a psychotic breakdown 1,600 years ago (Christian takeover) and the Chinese didn’t suffer it, does that mean that I must renounce the 14 words and become pro-Asian instead?
If a loved one suffers from a psycho breakdown does that mean that I must repudiate her and embrace a mentally healthy Negro?
It’s the same with the current mental breakdown that whites are suffering now. Yes: especially the Swedes. Does that mean that Swede women are less beautiful to me eyes or that I must try instead that a wise Latina attracts me? That would be loonie reasoning.
Regarding your other point, have you read Madison Grant or any of the classic writers on race of the last century? They would consider Hitler nordish even if he was not Scandinavian blond. The point is to distinguish Austrians like him from, say, Italians. Was that not clear enough in my dozens of posts under the category of ‘Nordicism’?

Cesar, just because you say that Nordics look best to you, that doesn’t make them the best that Europe has to offer.
I prefer to judge the different European peoples by their concrete actions. And in my lifetime, the English and Swedes both look like, in terms of their concrete actions, the worst that Europe has to offer, not the best as you claim for reasons of dogmatism.

That’s fine: that’s what you believe.
What I believe has a long history from the Spartans and the Thebans, the patrician Romans (who in Republican Rome didn’t miscegenate with the non-nordish plebs), the Visigoths who burned at the stake the miscegenators with the meds, to Gobineau, Chamberlain, Darwin, the American eugenicists of the next century and even the National Socialists.
I consider myself a priest of a certain phenotype of humans—and that phenotype is certainly not what I see among the Sicilians or today’s Greeks.
From this POV I am still a defender of the English or Swedish phenotype (English roses; Aryan female beauty) but not of, say, most women from Andalusia, Lisbon or the Puerto Rican woman that interviewed Spencer.

Cesar this is a brilliant analogy describing why one should stay loyal to the nordic type, speaking of it as a christian induced mental breakdown. This analogy you are using I am going to use to justify my continued loyalty to the European race. I am not a nordicist like you. I respect your right to be a nordicist though. I am nordic looking, I have blond hair and blue eyes however I prefer to not divide Europeans into nordic and non-nordic. But I respect your right to do so and I love your blog.

Perhaps it’s better to divide Europeans as white populations and off-white populations. Are you familiar with the most erudite post in this site (abstract: here)?

box456 — You do not know that AH was an Alpine, but you read that somewhere; it was someone’s opinion. Stauffenberg came from South Germany yet you think he represents Nordic – how do you know? I’m sure you’re throwing around 2nd and 3rd party hearsay, which is common on this blog, with no one qualified to correct you.

Carolyn, I’m basing my claim that Stauffenberg is Nordic based on his photos, which show that he has the long, thin face typical with Nordics.
AH has a more rounded face, thus the claim that he’s Alpine is more believable than any claim that he’s Nordic.

In a booklet published by the NSDAP in 1935, and republished as late as 1942, Dr. Rudolf Frercks tells us that the racial core of the German people is constituted of Nordic and Phalian persons, whose main area of habitation we find around the basins of the North and Baltic seas, and in Lower Saxony and Westphalia, with branches extending into all German areas.
He wrote: the Nordic share of blood even today is the common bond that ties us all together and determines the essence of every manifestation of our life. He mentions as well the Alemannians and Tiroleans, the Dithmarschers and ‘all other German tribes’. The point is the Germans are a distinctive MIX of several Germanic tribes, with the Nordic being the foremost.

Cesar – That post you call Himmler’s Worldview was not written by Himmler. It is from a pamphlet on N-S Racial Policy put out by the SS Propaganda Office or Department in 1943 for use in the schools. It’s been translated by Randall Bytwerk, who placed at the end, as I did with the Antisemitism speech: [Page copyright © 1998 by Randall Bytwerk. No unauthorized reproduction. My e-mail address is available on the FAQ page.]
Everyone can find it here: http://research.calvin.edu/german-propaganda-archive/rassenpo.htm
It is both ignorant and misleading of you to have placed Himmler’s picture above it and to suggest these are Himmler’s personal thoughts. He may have been in agreement with it, but that is another matter.
As to Kevin MacDonald having Jewish contributors at TOO, yes it’s true, and more than two. And he’d like more.

You’re mistaken. I was not trying to mislead anyone. While the source I used on April 21 of 2013 is broken—:
—and now it re-directs to another page, five years ago it said exactly what I posted above, claiming authorship to Himmler. (When I discovered that the original link was broken, I just removed the hatnote link.)
This means that I have now to research who actually wrote the text. You prematurely decided that I was trying to ‘mislead’.

I don’t believe you. I’ve been familiar with Bytwerk’s pages for longer than 5 years — for many years, and nothing has changed. Good luck with finding the “real author.” It was put out by the SS Office, as I said, not an individual.
Not to start a fight, but you do a lot of this misleading — I have a list of items.

Carolyn says to Cesar: “Good luck with finding the ‘real author.’ ”
I got a laugh from that when it reminded me of OJ’s statement that he would find “the real killer”.
Also, Himmler’s position was way too high in the government for him to be writing school texts. Also, Himmler is not known as a writer. Does he have even one book to his credit? I’m no expert, but if he had written a book I think I would have read something to that effect by now.

@ C.Y.
Now you are calling me a liar, but I perfectly know that I was the one to have been misled five years ago by believing that that piece was written by Himmler himself.
If you persist calling me a liar be sure that you’ll be banned from commenting here.

I understand now that you say you found this on a site called GermanCross.com. I think I have been to that site. But it was the type of “blog” that took things from wherever it found them. Not a good idea to believe whatever they say. And, it’s hard to believe you didn’t do a search on this title. But, in that case, you can claim ignorance rather than “misleading.” I’ll accept that and won’t say anymore on the subject.

The original source I read 5 years ago said:

The source: Der Reichsführer SS/SS-Hauptamt, Rassenpolitik (Berlin, 1943 [?]).

I picked the word ‘Reichsführer’ (Himmler I thought) and at that time was unfamiliar with the word ‘Hauptamt’, OK?

The “Grand White Race” includes honorable ‘edge people’ who have been on the skirmish lines of racial warfare throughout history.
They have unfortunately acquired some tainted genetics along the way, but still they want what is best for humanity and understand that this means the best of our White Race must be promoted.
Cesar Tort is one of these. We need such people. Note the lack of them in the realm of our primary ‘pure genome’.
We need all of the Grand White Race, to survive!

To clarify: We need such thinking. Note the lack of it in the realm of our primary ‘pure genome’.

> ‘but still they want what is best for humanity…’
Listen to your own words. These people don’t give a shit about the Aryan race but ‘about humanity’ as you say. (I on the other hand believe that most humans must be exterminated; not only for aesthetic reasons but to put a screeching stop to animal torture.)
The point of my post was that even white nationalists like Spencer suffer from an unconscious death wish. Spencer is OK with mixing Aryan blood with the mudbloods. He dreams with another Roman Empire where, what remains of the Nordic peoples, will mix with the mudbloods as if the latter were truly white.
In the above video for example he says that a Sicilian with Moorish blood is white not because of his genes, but because of his mind. His stance is typical among white nationalists, whom I consider ethnosuicidal in many ways.

Spencer is likely an operative of the WASP establishment, which is attempting to retake its power of political dominance from the Jew. These people are worse enemies than the Jew because they have a choice in the matter, but have chosen to enslave their own folk for personal gain. The Jew is enemy #2 in comparison, and after the Jew problem is resolved this much tougher issue will become our ultimate test of survival.
True White Aryan power, once regained and enhanced, will make any necessity to exterminate lesser beings a moot point. They will fear us and avoid our presence, just as other creatures do when we are strong.

The essential point here is that eugenics is the primary means by which a society improves itself, as the SS pamphlet observes: “The environment does not form the individual; the individual forms the environment”. This is the classic argument contra-Marxism, the Jewish insistence that the individual is a prisoner of a system … That argument is prosyletized to inhibit by false sociology the importance of genetics. It’s basic proposal can also be found in the Christian delusion of the ‘equality of mankind’ – so properly criticized by the SS pamphlet’s inquiry asking if the souls of different races are the same. I lived thirty years in Hawaii, and my personal experience has verified to me that the different races are instinctually different from White People.
European culture masterminded organization,technology, and economics to conquer the daily assault of nature. It stands to reason then that our gene pool is special, as we did this within some few thousand years, with a tremendous burst of creativity when we asserted individual freedom and market economics. No other race, no other culture, can even begin to assert such a claim; they are all heirs to our development, given freely through education and trade. We created the modern world – free of disease and hunger, with economic development, vast trade networks, and individual liberty.
So, if genetics is the key to understanding history, then it stands to reason that we should ask about our origin. If Darwinism is valid, then evolution fostered in us superior attributes. But no ancient lineage or history asserts the primordial development of ‘us’ from primitives. They rather state profoundly that humankind was the product of the interference of other people’s with ‘nature’. The Bible, the Hindu Epics, the Aztec Codex, the Nordic and Greek beliefs, the Chinese and Japanese mythologies all assert this. Humankind was created – and since we stand at the pinnacle of this creation, we have to ask “Who created the White Race?”
The best clue we have is in Genesis in the Bible. It plainly says that Adam was created ‘from the dust of the Earth’, after all the other peoples, with his descendants, like Noah, being white, rosy-cheeked, with light eyes.
I believe we are the descendants of a dead culture that proliferated through the whole world before natural disasters and war humbled them. They left in us specific qualities of genius and individualism that no other race has.
But there is also a natural enemy to this superior gene-pool that has always bedeviled us – and all ‘humanity’. It does its best to inhibit all human development, but particularly us because we hold the torch that lights the way for all ‘mankind’. It does not want the development of the spiritual nature of the individual which our ascendancy promotes for all.

“…because we hold the torch that lights the way for all ‘mankind’.”
The well being of non White Aryans should not concern us. We must first insure our own survival, and then secure for our progeny their advancement to the stars.

Thank-you for the inquiry as to “Why I think that most characters of the Hebrew bible were Aryans”.
I don’t know that they were ‘Aryans’ – although emotionally I would like to think so. But it is obvious from the testimony that they were White. Genesis makes it clear that Adam was created from the dust after the other races, as said. It was Jehovah’s or some set of former people’s attempt to re-create a better human – and it is obvious that they would have wanted the new being to largely replicate themselves. My impression is that these now lost people and culture had a disputation amongst themselves as to whether to have a slave personality in ‘mankind’ or individual character as in White people. In creating Adam, that dispute engendered the corruption represented by the seduction of Eve to impregnate an alternate personality to confound the Adamic progeny, i.e., Cain, and his off-spring, who became the modern Jews, through the Sephardic and Ashkanazic progression.
I believe this Adamic seedline is best represented by the bloodline of Rh negatives which is ‘outside’ the normal process of hominid evolution. That bloodline is the remainder of the race that fostered the Whites generally, and probably representative of the Nordics whom we all feel are the best examples of the White Race.
This all comes back to my belief that Christian Identity is right in its analysis of Genesis, and that the New Testament is fundamentally an attempt to abridge and corrupt the understanding of the importance of the genome that Christ represented. I do not believe in concepts of ‘salvation’, etc. Nobody really knows what ‘Jesus’ was about because there is so little information not polluted by the Pauline insurrection. But it is obvious he was himself a racist who plainly condemned the Priesthood as the Satanic bloodline that had displaced God’s own.
I do believe that our Genome represents a superior racial profile that allows a spirituality that comports readily to individual ‘Enlightenment’ – whereas the other races are part of a ‘general soul’ as in the animal world. This is the distinction the Elohim in Genesis were attempting to propagate as their race died out …
I say again that once this truth is recognized, it will bring about a revolutionary ardor in our kind. We are the Children of God – the other races are merely the result of a slow evolution. We do not have the right to harm them – but it is certainly not our duty to allow them within our homelands with the resulting miscegenation which is an insult to God. Our first duty to God is our own health and propagation.

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