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Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums (books)

Talking to myself

More and more The West’s Darkest Hour is resembling my racist blog in Spanish La Hora Más Oscura: where I basically have almost no feedback in the comments section. My position is so radical that in Spanish I ended up talking to myself to the point that I switched languages and started to blog in English some years ago.
Even the big intellects in the Alt-Right are not valiant enough when approaching the subject of the religion of our parents. For example, last year Andrew Joyce wrote a decent piece about the ethnosuicidal problems in Christianity (here). But in yesterday’s audio interview he says that Christianity is not for cucks when directly asked (here).
So the elephants in the room—the Holocaust that the Allies perpetrated on the Germans and ethnosuicidal Christianity—are almost taboo in white nationalism.
I can do nothing to break the taboos. I don’t have the economic resources to move to a first world country with good libraries and expand Tom Goodrich’s Hellstorm into something quantitatively more ambitious as for the number of pages, e.g. like The Gulag Archipelago. But at least I can continue to add excerpts from Karlheinz Deschner’s maximum opus: a series of books that have yet to be translated to English by a publishing house.

Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums is the first massive, comprehensive exposé of the real history of Christianity. English-speaking houses are so cucked that they have not even translated Solzhenitsyn’s second non-fictional book…

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You drove posters away with your obsessive promotion of the false “ethnosuicide” meme. We are not committing suicide, we are being killed by Jewish parasites. There is no way out of this except through the smashing of Jewish power. Everything else is secondary.

You completely misunderstand my point of view.
The POV of this site is to criticise Christianity precisely because, due to the ‘mental virus’ of Christian ethics, Aryans are not defending themselves against the (((bacteria))). Did you miss my Monday post?

I have been reading your website for a couple of months now, I just don’t comment since I don’t feel I have anyting to add ( English isn’t my first language so I don’t feel confident writing in English). Don’t think this site isn’t being appreciated by us lurkers.

I urge you not to stop posting, this blog has been for a long time a beacon of light for I myself and others, as well as a source for research on most matters regarding history, race, economics,the coming crash, etc.
This Blog may very well be the last place of sanity and true understanding of the afflictions that ails our Race.
Let not it die, even if we do not comment often, your readers are here, there are many who feed on the knowledge you share here, Sir Cesar.

I love to visit this site and read your new and old material. Very insightful, thought provoking, encouraging and helpful. Keep it up.

It says a lot when one of the best thinkers the Aryan race has is a non-Aryan. It goes to show what dire straits the fair race is truly in. Where are the Nordic thinkers on par with Cesar today?
Back in the days of National Socialist Germany you would have been granted the Honorary Aryan status Cesar.

Sorry for the plain dealing, Mr Walsh, but your second paragraph is a bit indelicate to speak it loud. We all here know damn well what worthy and noble Mr Tort is. There is no need to accent his non-Aryan descent and thus provoke a sort of naive self-importance and pompousness by means of the “sweet pill” of quasi-Aryan status. I believe even if the Reich didn’t took him for an Aryan, he would continue to defend his worldview and wouldn’t stoop to feel some anti-NS “ressentiments”.
Concerning your first paragraph, the degradation and degeneration of the Whites is awfully flagrant, really. Repeating your rhetorical question, where are our Nordic philosophers, musicians, poets, politicians? Nowadays we have no vivifying and groundbreaking project for future, we sadly or hysterically look back in our past only, from Hellas to the Third Reich, and we seem to be desperately hypnotized by that weakening and extinguishing indolent contemplation among the endless squabbles of White Nationalists. But “nothing is lost until everything is lost”, so let our humble efforts be our honour and loyalty to the now-impossible but paradoxically inevitable Aryan history’s coming turning-point: Umwertung aller Werte, Endlösung & Neue Anfang!

@Musik ist Tot I wasn’t intending to disparage Cesar with my second paragraph. I find it symptomatic of the West’s darkest hour that possibly the best thinker the Nordic-Aryan race has is himself non-Aryan and wanted to highlight that observation. I know Cesar would continue to defend his worldview even if the Reich didn’t accept him as an Aryan, that is one of Cesar’s qualities: the ability to face facts even when they are not in his immediate personal interest, unlike the other Spaniards he knows who become angry when Nordicism is mentioned.
Regarding your last sentence, “it’s not over until it’s over”, although the odds are against us and our chances of survival are low at the moment due to so many Whites being asleep, there is still a chance to survive and it is not certain that Aryans will go extinct. I always keep in mind Hitler’s quote from Mein Kampf about the Aryan being able to come back from anything as long as Aryan blood remains pure. With the Aryan bloodline intact, regeneration of the race is always possible.

Thanks for your proper response. I agree completely.
A Race is a Fate. So let our gods will save our race for a great fate!

@Musik ist Tot Our Gods live in our blood. Although Christianity destroyed the old pagan beliefs our ancient Gods survived because they live in our blood and were able to re-emerge in the Third Reich under the guidance of Adolf Hitler. So now Christianity (ultimately the religions creators the Jews) is making one last desperate attempt to mongrelize Aryan blood once and for all to destroy us and our Gods forever. As long as pure Aryan blood survives Wotan-Zeus-Jupiter etc. are always with us!
As of note, Alfred Rosenberg’s works on a ‘religion of the blood’ are very interesting. In the Third Reich there was an esoteric blood worship existing based on the powers hidden in Aryan blood. There is a mystical quality to blood, the blood being the material vessel of our spirit.

@ Musik ist Tot:
I have no problems with what Joseph wrote: he knows me personally. While it is true that my bloodline is compromised, I grew up in a country that, compared to the average looks of the common Mexican, I was called “güerito” (blondish) as a small child:

Incidentally, stay tuned to what I’ll say this afternoon about one of the real heroes of Aryan history.

Oh, I think you were a very nice, very inquisitive and very unhappy boy… Metaphorically speaking, one cannot but wonder what evil wind brought your soul into that gene pool? It is possible that your bloodline’s burden is an uncommon key to those enigmas which now are not available for solving by us, so blond and so blue-eyed but – in some respect like you – very nice, very inquisitive and very unhappy European boys…

I was a happy boy in that house but yes: I suspect that precisely because I come from the country of mestization par excellence, the tragedy of WNsts (who unlike the eugenicists of yore are anti-nordicists) is so conspicuous for me. Precisely because I am not an ‘angelic’ Aryan I can see things like the Nordics’ unbelievable stupidity, as explained in the most scholarly single article of this site:
[White nordid] Psychology, idiosyncrasy and racial character: Love for honour, attachment to order, respect for authority and seniority; warlike and military vocation, courage, altruism, loyalty, racism, heroism, self- control, discipline. Intelligence, thoughtfulness. Highly developed willpower, leaning to sports training. Eagerness to explore.
Also innocent, unable to cheat and useless in diplomacy. This race is not shrewd not because it lacks intelligence but due to an “angelical” way of understanding the world. This makes them vulnerable in a degraded and debased modern society, so that darker and more primitive racial types tend to take advantage of them. This race represents the myth of the unworried and trusting Siegfried and the “stab on the back” archetype.
/end Quote
The above was written by a non-Aryan, a Catalonian. Italics are mine. PDF source: here.

You know it’s a complex topic… Destruction of this “angelicity” can mean destruction of some important Nordic racial foundation. Of course, in the modern world it seems like an “unbelievable stupidity”, but maybe that’s the only way and only chance not to get into this modern swamp by refusing to play the game according the subhuman rules. That puts me in mind of a wonder I experienced in my youth when reading Liddell Hart’s The Other Side of the Hill. In this book the author stated that during WWII the Wehrmacht followed the warfare conduct’s regulations in much higher degree than during WWI, and it was exactly under the influence of Hitler. For example, Fuhrer was indignant at the Soviet tanks which used swastika-flags for a camouflage in street battles. And the Germans were categorically not allowed to apply such methods of war ethics’ violation. So what were that: a stupidity or some Germanic nobleness contrary to all Slavic tricks? It’s an open question…
P.S. That article on races is a great stuff. Definitely a must read.

No need to destroy ‘angelicity’, just follow the NS tactics of placing a non-Aryan (Himmler’s face—non angelic) as head person of SS. The same today. If holy racial wars are to erupt, someone like me would do a good job in exterminationist practices.

You’re right. The top of the Reich was very far from any racial perfection. Though without them, in 1930s all those German blondmen-bourgeoises would go on to gorge on sausages and beer whether under the “red plague” or under the “liberal Weimar”.

You are correct in what you say Musik ist Tot. The SS was an aristocracy of Nordic Ubermensch. But without the decidedly non-Nordic looking supermen of Hitler, Himmler, Goebbels and the founders of the NSDAP, the potential of those German men who comprised the SS would have remained untapped throughout the 1920’s-1940’s. It took the genius of Hitler to awaken the powers dormant in German blood and manifest a caste of men “like unto the Gods” who performed with an unequalled heroism in the Second World War.

Moreover, I’d like to express a seditious thought: there is a significant gap between the artificial (racially indoctrinated) SS Nordicism and, for instance, the natural Scandinavian Nordicism. The latter not only overslept any possibility of the racial awakening, but did exceptional harm to White race during WWII, as well as during all the post-war period. Now the natural Nordics, blond golems, are blind and barren in the godless night of this universe. But ideally they are a reservoir, a soil ploughed and seeded by our gods. I mean the biological survival isn’t enough.
Let me say in some dramatic way. Do you remember the last prophecy from Delphi oracle? – “One day, Apollo will come back, and it will be forever”. Oh, Apollo will return as a forcible and violent structuralization of Being, and His Light will contour all things mercilessly in that Eternal Midday of the fair race.

I’ve thought about the way Nordics (especially in Sweden, in the past racially the purest Nordic land) are today the Whites who are the most self-destructive and considered that Nordics, being thorough, take everything to its logical conclusion. So when Hitler was indoctrinating them they were extreme racialists, now that the fair race has developed an anti-racist death-wish it is the Nordics in which the racially destructive tendencies are the strongest. But that’s just a theory.
I read of the last prophecy from the oracle of Delphi in a book by Guilluame Faye. It was the closing line of his book. I hope you are right about the return of Apollo. I also recall the line from those oldest writings of the Aryans the Sanskrit Scriptures (I believe the founders of so-called Hinduism were Aryans) in which Indra the Aryan Sky God says in the Rig Veda “I gave the earth to the Aryan”. If Cesar’s wishes are fulfilled that statement shall one day become a reality.
I like your use of Eternal Midday. It is from the darkest hour that the Golden Dawn is conceived, to usher in the Great Noontide of the Overman.

The false ‘holocaust’ testimony and the christian emphasis on universal compassion are indeed inherent stumbling blocks to the re-animation of of our indigenous appreciation of ‘white folk’.
Do not doubt yourself for a moment Cesar; your clear and iconoclastic thinking is more than a candle in the dark, but tinder to fire the world. Be strong and continue to speak; where would the world be now if Adolf Hitler had decided that the motley crew he first inspired were not worth his time? Bolshevism would have conquered Europe had Germany not rearmed under his leadership …
Now we are in a situation where ‘Liberalism’ with its malevolent belief in the ‘Equality of Mankind’ is disemboweling higher civilization to be replaced with ‘The Camp of the Saints’. As this generation dies the new generation will be surrounded by aliens and immersed in insidious behavior that their genetic quality will naturally reject. Your words will bring enlightenment to the ‘feelings’ they have to compel them to revolt.
Because those of us who read you now will have the intellectual ammunition to arm them.
The Hero Caesar, is always alone, for only in his isolation can he discover the depths of his character that causes him to surmount the challenges he faces. Keep cleaning the Augean Stables friend … it is our minds you are emptying of trifles.

Do you have the ability to see the statistics of your blog’s visitors?
It’s interesting that you admitted that Slavs might keep Christianity. In the news, Poles have celebrated the battle of Lepanto. Basically, Gates of Vienna IRL on the scale of a 38 mil. country.
Sure, the situation in hopeless in the US and Sweden, but not everywhere and not completely. A lot of mild “white nationalistic” concepts are still self-evident in the post-socialist Europe. It could give a bit more time before the midnight.

@ adunaithethird,
In the present case I don’t think so. Look at those pictures on the link. In the main there is no youth and males. There are only “babushkas”, the pious grannies whose Christian faith is largely an oblique way to anabolic overcoming of their fear of approaching death and other emotional troubles like purely vegetative anxiety concerning Islam. Strictly speaking, this folk belief is related rather with a sort of morbid shamanism or religious fetishism – all these rosaries and riverside gathering refer hardly to rigidly rational “kerygmatic” Christianity, while even subversively charging by subconscious “heathen” primitive atavisms of the most low grade.Though this indicates too what bottom the White race has touched and there’s no farther to go.

When we realize that Jehovah, Apollo, and Indra were kindred spirits that bred the Aryan as the replacement for the other failed races of the Earth … THEN our time will come!

I have never commented solely because I’ve been reluctant to login for fear that I’d forgotten the information to do so and because, being in high school, I seldom find myself with free time (not to mention all the other horribly stressful endeavors which I currently endure).
However, I have to say everything you’ve written, which I’ve yet read, has revolutionized how I envision “the movement” and the current state of the Aryan race and of course my own religious feelings.
This comment is awfully hastily written but I assure you I typically speak in a far more composed fashion and would genuinely like to correspond with you should such an occasion ever arise.

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