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Ethnic cleansing Who We Are (book) William Pierce

Three-eyed raven, 8

Indented paragraph is taken from Who We Are by William Pierce:

The hard lesson taught by the different results of the European colonization of North America, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, India, and southern Africa is that the only type of colonization with lasting significance is racial colonization; and that racial colonization can succeed only when Whites are willing and able to clear the land of non-White inhabitants and keep it clear.

Note: The above quotation of Pierce’s book is contextualized in The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour (available: here).

2 replies on “Three-eyed raven, 8”

I dont think America is a good example to present as being a success of the model one is advocating. There have been deep seated problems in America even before jewish dominance of American society, the extreme level of jewish dominance was able to happen because of cultural problems in The USA.

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