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Ernst Zündel (1939-2017)

A true hero passed away over the weekend.

Ernst Zündel died Sunday, according to his wife Ingrid. He was found unconscious by his sister Sigrid in his home in Germany.

He was 78.

Zündel spent his whole life fighting for the truth and exposing the idiotic Jew lie that is the six million invisible murdered Jews.

He worked distributing truth materials in Canada, and was repeatedly sued by the Jews. He moved to America with his wife, hoping for free speech, but was deported on a visa infraction to Canada. Canada then deported him to his native Germany, where he was charged with denialism of the greatest hoax.

He ended up doing 7 years in a German gulag, as an old man.

Andrew Anglin

6 replies on “Ernst Zündel (1939-2017)”

Speaking of Anglin, in “Andrew Anglin and Richard Spencer: Top Notch Podcast” where Christianity was discussed, Spencer failed to rebut Anglin’s misrepresentation of history.

Fruitlessly I have iterated over and over in the WN forums that miscegenation with non-whites on a genocidal scale started right after Christian takeover in Constantinople. WNsts have not responded to this fact because they really really love to remain blue-pilled about the history of their race (which is why I’ve started to comment on Pierce’s Who We Are on Tuesdays).

And the same can be said before Christianity was purportedly “cucked” as WNsts erroneously claim. I refer to what the Iberians did with their blood during their colonial adventures—and also with converted Moors in Spain and imported blacks in Portugal: let’s marry them!

Keep ignoring your own history folks…

Didn’t Pierce himself explain the sin of Iberians on the basis of their already mixed blood instead of Christianity? First, whiter English and Dutch did not interbreed even though they were Christians. Second, [less?] whiter Poles and Italians did not interbreed either, and they’re not just Christians, they’re Catholics, exactly like Iberians.

But it’s such a confusing topic. French revolutionaries gave citizen rights to Negroes and beheaded Christian priests. Same with Bolsheviks. Whereas in the American Constitution, they wrote about equality, yet owned their Negroes as slaves. It’s a mess.

I’d say, if you want to paint Christians evil, don’t recall Nueva España, but talk about the 1960s instead. Dylann Roof had the right idea.

I don’t follow you.

Iberians were not evil, just stupid. Precisely because the Visigoths had miscegeneated since the 7th century, Iberian whites miscegenated again a thousand years later.

And the Greeks & southern Italians miscegenated too. They were whiter in pagan times.

R.I.P. Mr. Zündel. Poor man. He was a true martyr. He is yet another example of a life, distorted and destroyed by the vile kikes – Spawn of Satan.

Let’s continue his work. He was and is a true Hero. He feasts in Valhalla, now and forever.

I first became aware of Ernst Zündel back in the 1990s. Calling him a hero is no exaggeration. Many Germans want to know the truth of things, and he was one of them. But unlike most, he stood up and fought against the liars.

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