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2nd World War Racial studies

Raciology, 5

Raciology studies continued through the early 20th century, and soon intelligence testing became a new source for racial comparisons. Before the Second World War scientific racism remained common to anthropology, and was used as justification for eugenics programs, compulsory sterilisation, anti-miscegenation laws, and immigration restrictions in Europe and the United States. After the war the anti-white propaganda by the treasonous US and UK discredited scientific racism in academia, but racist legislation based upon it remained in some countries until the 1960s.

Before the 1920s, social scientists agreed that whites were superior to blacks, but they needed a way to prove this in order to back social policy in favour of whites. They felt the best way to gauge this was through testing intelligence.

The Swedish Institute for Racial Biology, founded 1922, was the world’s first government-funded institute performing research into racial biology. It was housed in what is now the Dean’s House at Uppsala. Following the creation of the first society for the promotion of racial hygiene, the German Society for Racial Hygiene in 1905, a Swedish society was founded in 1909 as Svenska Sällskapet för Rashygien as third in the world.

By lobbying Swedish parliamentarians and medical institutes the society managed to pass a decree creating a government-run institute of racial biology in 1921. By 1922 the institute was built and opened at Uppsala University. It was the first such government-funded institute in the world performing research into “racial biology.”

As a result of the institute’s work a law permitting compulsory sterilisation of certain groups was enacted in Sweden in 1934. In the decade after the Hellstorm Holocaust committed by the Allied forces on the Germans, the Swedes inverted their values and the institute closed down.

One reply on “Raciology, 5”

1945 was the year of the total inversion of Aryan values into Christian values. In fact we could mark Hitler’s death, the 30th April 1945 as the beginning of our race’s ongoing genocide/suicide. Even after NS Germany was defeated, the White race was still the master of the earth with its huge colonial empires and ultra-powerful USA and Soviet Union. However Whites began speaking of world peace and human rights with the new United Nations and threw away their dominion over the planet throughout the remainder of the 20th century.

National Socialist Germany was the last real example of Aryan values (though there were lesser examples like Rhodesia and apartheid South Africa). We are awaiting to see if there will be a future manifestation of Aryan morality.

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