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Psychological Rubicon

Open thread

Caesar paused on the banks of the Rubicon

In “Iceland – Normie Land” I confessed last week:

When I lived in Normie Land this was the path, my steppingstones that helped me to cross the psychological Rubicon:

1st stone: Robert Spencer and other online counter-jihadists (late 2008)

2nd stone: Larry Auster, who went beyond counter-jihadism onto stepping a racial and anti-feminist stone (but he was Jewish)

3rd stone: Jew-wise white nationalism, especially the webzines under the watch of Greg Johnson in the late 2009 and 2010 (in the following years I became disillusioned because of some ethno-suicidal traits of Johnson & the broader WN movement)

At the other side of the river I found the very solid ground of National Socialism.

And which was the path of your psychological Rubicon?

5 replies on “Psychological Rubicon”

I was always a racist who was raised by Integral Nationalist expatriates – mostly UPA and 14th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS (1st Galician) veterans – in a Whiteopia with only wagon burners to avoid – the only people approximating niggers were a very few dagos (calabrians and sicilians). At that time I didn’t know that there were White Italians. In those days every town like ours had a family of chinamen who owned a restaurant but it takes a chinatown to develop a real hatred for gooks. My hometown was great – men did not ever wear short pants or sandals,flamboyant queers did not dare show themselves in public and there were not enough hook nosed desert merchants to have a Temple. In those days the grass was greener and the milk tasted sweeter and I didn’t need ‘ diversity ‘ to teach me that I was a racist.

I noticed something wrong in 1981 when Job Ads started to include the phrase ” Women and Visible Minorities encouraged to apply ” i.e. Don’t bother if you’re White.

In 1985 I watched Tom Metzler’s son and his mates bust the kike Gerry Rivers’ nose on national television and thought, ” I’m with the Neo-Nazis! [YouTube link]

1989 brought gooks who were called ‘ Boat People ‘ and the bogan population exploded. It would seem every wagon burner in a 600 mile radius moved to my hometown.

9-11 deflected my attention to muzzers for a time.Reading about their moon cult got me to thinking about what all the old timers and their kids always said about bagel goblins. As doing the dirt on the West is old hat in the western tradition, I sought out someone who had done the dirt on the tribe and found Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s “Culture of Critique”. The comments at Occidental Observer led me to this site and The Daily Stormer among others.

National Socialism was version 0.1 and version 0.2 should be Racial Socialism – I wouldn’t take a bullet for English, French or my mother tongue Ukrainian. It’s Race not language! That’s where the marxist Quebecois race traitors get it wrong. They import french speaking niggers and wogs to keep up numerically with Les Angais Perfides.

I had two German Grandfathers but never met them because jew bolsheviks wiped out my entire family on both sides; in civil war , famine and the Second World War , so I grew up with only immediate family and our cultural community. 1488 !

Hail Victory ,

Ivan Sirko

1. Right-winger without ideology.
2. Libertarian
3. Upon finding that right-wing does differ from left I stumbled upon neoreaction blogs. Reading Kevin MacDonald made me aware of jew and biopolitics.
4. Current: A mix between neoreaction, monarchism and national-socialism.

Stone 1: American conservatism
Stone 2: David Lane’s WN & Nazism (as opposed to National Socialism)
Stone 3: being a loser that used the above as a way to feel tough and resist Christians without appreciating what it really stood for.
Stone 4: Self-betterment, game theory
Stone 5: National Socialism

1: Liberal (15-17)
2: Leftist falling into anarchism (18-19)
3: hedonism/game (20)
4. WN/Altrighter (21-24)
5. National Socialist (25+) [current stage]

1. Military service taught me “Believe nothing you hear and half of what you see”.
2. The web writer “The Birdman dot com”.
3. The books of George Lincoln Rockwell.

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